September Is National Preparedness Month 2023


Add, government overreach, inflation, deflation, devaluation, supply shortages, wars and pestilence. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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I’m adding the most destructive natural disaster of our times!

Hurricanes, tsunamis, earthquakes, pandemics, fires, tornadoes, floods including the great flood, come and go.

This one has been around for more than 50 years!
Sustaining itself like a Jupiter storm!
Amassing more death and suffering than Mother Nature!

Nothing could have prepared us for this!


That was covered under “PESTILENCE”. :slightly_smiling_face:


Three days food and water my butt. :thinking:

HORSESHOE BEACH, Fla. (AP) — The worst of Hurricane Idalia left residents of a region of tight-knit communities trying to find places to live as they rebuild — if they decide it’s even worth it — and waiting potentially weeks for electricity to be restored after winds and water took out entire power grids.

Idalia came ashore Wednesday in Florida’s sparsely populated Big Bend region, where places to fish and paddle are connected by swamps.

The scope of the disaster came into sharper focus Friday. A power cooperative warned its 28,000 customers it might take two weeks to restore electricity. Emergency officials promised trailers would arrive over the weekend to provide housing in an area that didn’t have much to begin with.


Over the last 20 years we’ve been through two power outages that kept us out of power for a week at a time. One after a hurricane. The other after an ice storm. Thankfully, in both of them our workplace got power back and we were able to use power, showers, etc there. Local grocery stores, etc. also got power back before we did. A wide spread outage like this one is a different animal.

Our recent preparedness efforts were to pick up some additional accessories for the Ring home security system and stock up on/restock some basic supplies for home. We also bought some food for the freezer due to recent sales.

Little by little…


It’s gotten more expensive to prep for anything.

Having a defensible fire zone should be a lesson learned from the Maui fire as well as having multiple escape routes from your neighborhood.

For city dwellers, survival is a lot more complicated. If the power grid is disrupted for any reason, there goes the water since most systems use electric pumps, cooking (if you’re Biden energy czar obedient) and lighting. If you want to evacuate, stand in line behind everyone else on the road—no traffic lights!


I started in 2005, I’m pretty happy with where Nancy and I are. :us:


Water and the ability to collect good water.
Food and the ability to collect food and the ability to cook food. Bacon doesn’t grow on a tree!
Medical supplies.
Bomb shelter.
Contingency plans. A, B, C, and D.
A support group, A group of likeminded people serving one purpose.


location is a BIG prep issue
every place has its +/-
ill take snow over hurricane’s


And, what might have been a good location in the past can turn useless for survival when everyone else discovers how besutiful the nature there is, then bulldozes said nature so they can all build their estates and dream homes.

That’s my little corner of Florida. It used to be considered a backwater redneck haven, which was fine with me. I had a lake to supply fish and there was plenty of acreage nearby to provide meat. Now there are no fish to speak of in the lake and the acreage is 10,000 new houses for the fleeing New Yorkers.


we have a deterrent its called SNOW
300’’ worth
The Keweenaw Snow Thermometer


I will post this again. :slightly_smiling_face:

I found a better link, much easier to read. You can download this one for free.

LDSPrep-V8.pdf (


In my mind, prepping involves…

  1. Distance from population centers. NY, LA, DC, Atlanta, Miami, Seattle, are not good places to attempt to hunker down. Too many people competing for the same resources.

  2. Water storage and collection. You cannot buy enough plastic water bottles to make a dime’s worth of difference in an extended crisis. This means wells, cisterns, roof top collection systems.

  3. Food production. See item #2. You cannot buy and store enough canned food. Gotta develop systems (e.g., build a greenhouse, raise chickens, live in an area where hunting is realistic) to produce food.

  4. Electricity production. Pumping water from a well, cistern or keeping toilets functional requires electricity, as does running a refrigerator. Individual electric self-sufficiency means installing and operating solar panels and/or wind turbines. It also means investing in an EV (charged by your solar panels) or a bike if you want to get anywhere without walking and battery powered tools (e.g., a chainsaw, 'cause firewood ain’t gonna cut itself). I am always amazed that people will debate at length the merits of centralized power generated by nuclear, coal or natural gas plants while claiming to be a prepper.

  5. Security. Got cameras? Do they require a cloud-based server to monitor your surroundings? Got a way to recharge batteries for things like flashlights, your electric bike, your bug-out vehicle, your cellphone loaded with apps that you use (e.g., my cell phone is loaded with a ballistics calculator, a necessity for long range shooting). How about lights to see when things go bump in the dark? See electricity production in #4.

  6. Health maintenance. Been puttin’ off that knee replacement? 30+ pounds overweight? How quickly can you walk or bike 5 miles with 40 pounds of gear? How deep is your stash of necessary prescription drugs, antibiotics, serious pain killers, wound dressing (e.g., duct tape & super glue actually work when/if you can’t stitch up a wound)?

  7. Barter Goods/Services. What will you have to trade with others? Those gold coins an investment “advisor” sold you are simply bits of shiny metal with some dead man’s face stamped on one side, and probably not worth anything in trade for a rancher’s 1/2 beef.


You forgot all of the cities in CA. It is hard to tell if LA is worse than SF which in my opinion includes most of the cities surround it. Oakland is a cesspool and that is being kind. Fresno, Bakersfield, Modesto, Sacramento all have become unlivable unless you are a multi-millionaire.


This is where I buy most of my long-term food from. :+1:
And, yes, everything is more expensive now. Glad I stocked up long ago.

Emergency Essentials | Food Storage, Emergency Preparedness Supplies – Be Prepared - Emergency Essentials


also have protean on the hoof :pig:
[[it goes better with freeze dried]]


In Florida two weeks or more is SOP after a hurricane.

If anyone in Florida isn’t prepared to make it that long without power they get no sympathy from me.


Damm Yankee’s.


You ain’t charging a EV off of wind or solar unless you have an acre or so of PV.

And will those resources be around after a storm or will they be laying all around the county all smashed into scrap.