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If you’re looking to discuss how to improve your ability to defend yourself, the Training category is the perfect place for it!

Guns & Gear

Guns & Gear is the home for all conversations about the tangible items for concealed carry and your self-defense.


This area was requested by Community members to discuss current and proposed laws. Gun laws can cause a lot of tension and debate. We welcome all viewpoints as long as they’re expressed respectfully.

Community Information

You’ll find all the details about the Community here - Community Guidelines, Terms of Service, New Users: Start Here, How to use the Community, and more.

True Self-Defense Stories

Share self-defense stories you’ve seen in the media here. It’s a great way to mentally train (what would I have done here?) and to learn from others. You can see more True Stories on the USCCA Blog.

Community Recommendations

We post a lot of recommendations throughout the USCCA Community, so this will be a place to put those recommendations you post or someone else has posted. Please only post the recommendation and the link to the original thread to keep this area as succinct as possible.

Regional Conversations

Want to meet people in your area? Talk about political issues that are close to home? This is the place for you! As the Community grows this will break down to the state level, but we are starting with regions of the country.


Welcome to the Miscellaneous Discussion Group! Does your conversation not fit into the Guns & Gear or Training categories? Then the General Category is the place for you! If it’s related to self-defense and shared respectfully, it’s welcome here!