How much equipment do you keep on hand?


@Jesse. Did you join with a membership?


No I did not, I guess it is good if you purchase enough to justify the annual fee.

Additionally, I always search other sites/ vendors for promo and better price.
A piece of advise do not go for cheap, read reviews and always purchase brass casing (FMJ).


I carry a 20qt cooler everyday, everywhere. It’s got a two IFAK’s including everything that I would need to patch up minor scrapes to gunshot wounds. Also a Glock Combat Knife, two extra mags for my G45, Pistol Cleaning gear, flashlight, sharpening equipment, iPad, etc. it’s basically my “Go Bag”. People at work just think I eat a lot as they assume it’s my lunch box.

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@Dawn, my 20 year old twins don’t shoot, though one is getting interested, but I feel ya in the food and especially milk department. We buy them a gallon a day! Not quite as expensive as ammo, but it feels like it sometime. :slight_smile:


My boys shoot, have cars and motorcycles that they work on, @Shepherd. They’re very occupied by all things mechanical and I’m great with that. Keeps them out of trouble - mostly. :wink:


Enough that I won’t say publicly.:grin:

I think as a general rule one is wise to keep at least a thousand rounds in storage for each caliber of defensive firearm they own.

I also think it is wise to have at leas 10 high capacity (where legal of course) magazines in addition to your regular carry and practice magazines for each of them.