Pocket Dump: Not Everything but the Kitchen Sink

I’ll admit, I’m a bit of a minimalist in my carry. I know I should be carrying extra magazines and a tactical flashlight (I rely on my phone flashlight :woman_shrugging:), and probably an IFAK, but I keep my carry list pretty small.

I was surprised to find out that @KevinM does too!

My car carry bag continues to get larger, though. But when my destination most days is the USCCA headquarters, I don’t carry too much on my person. There are a lot of people here who are much better prepared to deal with a threat (think veterans and our very experienced trainers). I’m no slouch in training, but these people have been extensively trained. So I’m very lucky in that aspect.

What is your minimum pocket dump?

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I carry my XDS 45, extra mag, Kershaw knife and some times a small tactical light. If not able to CC due to job the it the knife, light and tactical pen.

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Today was the G26, 1 spare 12 rd mag, Benchmade auto striker and an Anker Bolder P2 light. That is usually the minimum unless I’m going to get mail where the knife and light aren’t with me.


Mine isn’t usually, like 359 days a year(360 on leap years), my M&P 45C, a spare mag, and a knife(that varies). The other 6 days, it’s my Ruger GP100, a pocket cartridge holder with 18 spare rounds in it, and a. Buck 110 Hunter, and a mini led flashlight.

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As to what I carry, you can see what I carry (although I should be doing an update soon) here on my channel.

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Typically the Glock G30 or the G19, 1-2 spare mags, either the Benchmade TSEC or the Kershaw Olive Blur folder (4" vs 3"… 4" not legal everywhere). Occasionally a tactical pen.

I don’t love the flashlight I have so not carrying it… working on resolving that. IFAK in my desk and on my range bag. Big get-home kit and big medical kit in my truck.

I haven’t found an on-body IFAK strategy that works for me yet, working on that too.

Thought this was interesting:

You can be loaded down like a Ranger on patrol or you can carry only a derringer in your vest pocket…

My hubby (special forces Vietnam) says the first time he went out he carried ABSOLUTELY everything… but that was the only time he ever did. After lugging it all for that first trip, he got very minimalist.

I guess I am pretty much a minimalist.

Gun, wallet, knife, keys, lighter, smokes, phone.

I have enough “stuff” in my truck to get me home even on a very bad day. I used to run a huge medical bag as that was my given profession but have since gone to a personal “blow out” pouch. In general I don’t carry a spare pistol mag but have one or two in my truck, the thought being. If I need a spare mag I don’t need to be going there. I have a PDW well hidden in my truck and that conforms to transportation of a firearm laws with two 60 rnd Surefire mags full of green tip that should get me out of most ugly situations.




It depends on what I need to wear for that day for work and for the weather. Typically, my EDC includes (not all in pockets):

  1. Single stack plus reload
  2. EagleTac Ti AA Clicky flashlight
  3. Notepad
  4. Keys with nail clipper
  5. Wallet
  6. Phone
  7. BT ear piece
  8. Folding knife (for utility)
  9. Maxpedition AA battery belt pouch filled with-
    a. Band-Aids and alcohol swipes
    b. Small Pen
    c. Mini tape measure
    d. Bic lighter
    e. Lip balm
    f. LM Juice S2