Everyday Carry List


Lets talk “EDC” (Everyday Carry) and what is on your “EDC List?” My EDC varies slightly according to what I am doing mostly. I work at a Federal Installation so I am not allowed to be armed at work. Off duty, I am always armed. I carry a sidearm, one extra mag, a knife and a small tactical light. Whats on your EDC list? Do you train with these items? I train in normal and low light. Target identification is imperative as we all can agree. Lets get this conversation going, what do you think @Dawn?


Great question, DStubenrod!

I’ve always got my carry on me (I love working at the USCCA :heart_eyes:) I usually have a few other tricks up my sleeves - a knife and an extra magazine are usually part of the EDC - depending on where I’m going.

When I get all dressed up it’s usually reduced to a knife in my clutch. Luckily for me, I’m usually surrounded by those who believe in self-defense and carry concealed as well.

I love my USCCA Tactical Flashlight when I’m out walking the dogs, but it’s a little big for concealing for me.

Wait, can the dogs be considered tactical? :smiley:


:grin: Of Course your canine friends are a tactical asset. I am buying a home soon and as soon as I do, I will be adding a canine to our family as well. I am looking into bringing home an Alaskan Malamute as I have always been a huge fan of the breed. I live in Maine and its a COLD state right now. (Currently 6 degrees F)


I like how you differentiated when you are dressed up as well. When I am wearing a suit, my EDC is configured differently as compared to when I am dressed in jeans and a t-shirt. People should always consider when they are needing to adjust their EDC and how to adjust it. I am always happy to help.


We just adopted a German Shepherd puppy last weekend, @Deril! Love the puppy playfulness. We’re looking forward to doing a lot of tactical training with him after potty training!


The Shepard is another really great option. Family friendly and dedicated. The Malamute and Shepard are tied for #1 on my list of favorites.


I usually carry the M&P Sheild .45 with 2 extra mags, if I’m wearing a suit, I have a Smith 4516-1, with 3 extra mags in a shoulder holster, it’s an oldie but it’s never failed me. There are so many others, I suppose it depends on what I’m doing and how I’m feeling. :sunglasses:


It’s awesome to hear that you have multiple options, Steve-G!

Do you guys (@Deril and @Steve-G) have specific guns for summer carry? And do you carry in different places (appendix, shoulder holster, kidney) depending on the gun or is it always carried in the same place?


I carry the same way when wearing regular clothing, 3:00 IWB, when I wear a suit, I usually wear a shoulder holster, but not always. Appendix carry is awesome, it’s just not comfortable for me at all, and I don’t like the idea of where that barrel is pointing. :sunglasses:


LOL! I’ve heard that concern from a number of men regarding appendix carry :blush: They don’t want a gun pointed at their femoral artery! :wink:


My EDC is pretty small when I work. I go into people’s homes to do massage (by word of mouth recommendations only) and don’t always let them know I carry. And I’m pretty limited for what I have on me when I work.

I have my carry on me and a tactical pen which never gets noticed :wink:
In my bag, I’ve got two extra magazines, a knife, and my carry license.

Is there anything else you’d suggest I put in my bag, @Deril, @Steve-G, @Dawn?


Marie, that is an excellent list you’ve got there. I can literally only suggest one additional item for you. I always carry a small tactical flashlight. Great for walking through low lit parking garages and stuff like that. What are your thoughts @Dawn?


Hi @Dawn, @Steve-G,

I carry my 380 in an ankle holster when I am not wearing a jacket or a suit. I am NOT a fan of off-body carry. I carry off-body when I have no other option - like at the gym. I am looking to buy a 1911, but that is just because I carried one in the Corp. 3:00 IWB is preferred, but I also dont mind a shoulder holster either.


A flashlight is a great idea, @Deril! Love that Marie carries a tactical pen! I’m looking at getting my sons each those for their birthdays :slight_smile:

I’m not a huge proponent of off body carry, however, I have had some training experience with it. I was lucky enough to do a Proving Ground for the USCCA’s Live Training Broadcast last year and had to carry off body. It was a different mindset.

I’m glad people have that option. And I hope everyone is as safe as possible when they exercise their right to carry, no matter how they carry.


A flashlight can be very important, you can always add some pepper spray to any situation, I believe it comes in a gel now to prevent spray back,


A coworker here at the USCCA volunteered to be tased and pepper sprayed (which was a gel) for a demo. (We’re really passionate about helping others learn about self-defense options! :smiley: )

He said that the taser wasn’t fun, but the pepper gel was horrific! The gel was harder to get off and burned a lot.

I think it’s time for me to upgrade my pepper spray to gel!


@Steve-G, @Dawn, when it comes to EDC, I am always an advocate to having options. That is also why I am heavy into Boxing as well. I believe that self defense it at its core, a layered process. You may have a situation that may need pepper spray, but not necessarily a firearm.


So true, I use to kickbox and studied martial arts for years, I’m pretty confident about being able to defuse a situation without a firearm if I had to, but having my .45 with me just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. :sunglasses:


First off I want to say that I wear my gun when I wake up to when I go to sleep. For me it’s just easier that way.
I work as an independent contractor and my boss has no issues with me carrying concealed. So I thank God for that.
My main EDC gun right now is a Security 9 and I usually carry a spare mag with me (the aliengear mag holster is too bulky for IWB carry so I’m forced to do OWB when I wear it). The rest of the things on my EDC list is a 5.11 penlight (doubles as a light for work), a Steel River folding knife with a glass breaker and seat belt cutter. I just ordered myself a boot knife as of yesterday and that’s going to get regular carry as well.
So far the only thing I train with is my gun. I’ve not had the ability to try and shoot in low light.
I’m looking into krav maga classes this week too. If it’s affordable for me, I’ll start taking Krav Maga classes. That way I know that if I’m forced to engage in hand to hand I know I can handle myself (or should be able to).


My 45c, when not at work(against company policy) and a spare 8 round mag, a pocket knife usually a Buck 450T, or a good old Buck 112, or a pocket clip assisted opening knife of some kind. I’ve carried a knife of some kind since I was 8 years old, in fact it’s the same Buck 112 I’ve had for 32 years. Where I live, every farm raised county boy type carries a pocket knife of some kind. When we travel to somewhere like St Louis, I add an extra 10 round mag, making a grand total of 27 rounds of 230 grain +p hollow point .45 acp on board.