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Everyday carry … what’s in yours? What are you thinking of adding or removing? Whose do you envy? Whatever your answer, we want to hear from you.

Used to carry an H&K P30SKS V3 10+1 “cocked and locked” in an IWB AlienGear SportTuck using the AlienGear belly band and a couple of 15-rounders as spares (I know I’d be a lousy shot under stress)

Unfortunately, I lost all my guns in a boating accident and now I have to carry my shame :frowning:

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I am older with no butt… have to wear suspenders to keep my pants up. So I carry as little weight as possible. My everyday carry is my defense sidearm in my right pocket, cell phone in my left pocket, compact yet very bright flashlight clipped to my left pocket (cell phone also has a flashlight mode but no where near as bright as the separate flashlight), ID/wallet in my left back pocket. If I am going somewhere I an unfamiliar with I will add a small folding knife and extra magazine wherever I can fit them comfortably. I will almost allways wear a light shirt over my regular shirt so that could be considered part of my everyday carry if off my property. The shirt helps with concealment and also storage for that extra magazine and pocket knife.

I guess you should consider your keys part of your EDC also… in a bind they could be used as a weapon. I am older and fragile, I am not going to get into a fight. I totally avoid any such situation including being sure when I have to walk, I stay in a populated, well lit area.

Browning Hi power 4 mags, sig 238 3 mags, leatherman tool, tactical pen, 3 pocket knives, flashlight, nail clippers, change one 1925 silver dollar, snap caps, snuff, magnify glass, clean handkerchief, paper and pen, comb.

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Springfield XDS 4” in.45acp. Slim fit and shoots great.

It seems there is a rash of boating accidents lately, bummer. Mine accidentally sank in a river. Wink, wink, nod, nod.

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Apparently I clicked the wrong reply…oops. Welcome to the community. There’s lots of good stuff to read, watch and learn here.

Welcome to the community Eric. Hope you enjoy the educational parts of your membership.

Oh, Boy!! I love the High Power… My envy is now rising to the sky!! :slight_smile:

I carry 3 different Pistols. Beretta 92G Elite LTT, Beretta 92X, and a HK P30 with a light LEM. Also I do have a Glock 26 that stays in my go bag and once in a while I’ll carry that.

My EDC is a Glock 43X or Glock 48 and some type within reach in every room at home.

For the most part during the cooler and colder months here in the midwest. I live in Wisconsin so pretty much from September to about April or May I can my Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 Sheild (occasionally the shield plus) with 1-2 spares. I keep one in my bag on me or in my car and the other spare on me. Then from May to September I switch between my Glock 19 gen 3 or my M&P 2.0 compact. with 1 or 2 spare 15 rounders. I carry all my firearms in the Alien gear shape shifter iwb. I will occasion open cary if I am hiking. But I also carry a folder pen flashlight and I know its a bad habit but my dip can.

I have been carrying a Ruger P85 in 9mm for almost 20 years in a Galco High-Ride FLETCH OWB leather holster. I don’t advertise it if I can help it, but I don’t go out of my way to prevent printing or it being shown if my shirt rides up. I have found that to walk softly and carry a big stick you have to let the stick show sometimes.

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Take the extra step to top off your EDC with a custom made holster > call >
JOSHUA * 1-860-372-3174

Bought a Sig P365 XL last fall and I love it! Its what I’m usually carrying. I have a S&W Shield EZ. It too is a fine weapon. Been looking at a Hellcat PRO. I rented one at the range. That will probably be my next purchase. But I really like my P365 XL!

Senior person carrying a Sig 320 compact 9mm IWB with one spare mag, pocket knife and light. H&K 45 on nightstand cocked and locked. 5.56 pistol on standby.

Being a little long in the tooth 65 years of age Young, I try and keep my EDC to a minimum. My pistol of choice now is a Springfield hellcat that I proved at the range with a thousand rounds no failure. I carry it in a TT custom leather owb snap retained pancake holster behind my left hip. I carry one 15 round spare mag horizontally my front left cross draw position. Yes I’m left-handed. I carry a O light clipped inside my right pocket. Of course my wallet with my permit my cell phone and keys are along for the ride. Well a knife would be utilitarian but at my age with arthritis I just don’t see it for self-defense. If I had to defend myself with a knife I’d be in way too deep. On rare occasions I may also have a Sig 238 in a pocket holster left side.

Ruger SR40c

Sig p365. 380

I used to carry a Glock 17 Gen 5MOS with a red dot and two extra mags. After building on my collection some, I brought my new Canik TP9 SF Elite to the range and now that is my primary carry with just plain old irons.