Every Day Carry Gear Recommendations

I was curious what peoples EDC gear is like.
Do you only carry a firearm or do you have anything else added?

I was wondering if I should add to my EDC. I carry a Springfield XDs 9mm and was thinking adding mace/pepper spray. For in-case scenario of someone who is unarmed coming at me and I need to duty to retreat I could likely mace them and run without needing to pull my firearm. Is that a good idea or would that be a bad idea? In a situation of an unarmed man yelling, threatening he is gunna beat me senseless etc and showing signs he wants to throw punches. Even though I know MMA I dont want to risk getting physical and he gets a good hit on me and gets a chance to grab my firearm and end in a very bad way. I figured in a situation like this trying to get away is the best idea and if I had pepper spray for example I could spray him which will stop him and give me chance to run away and call 911.


You are exactly right. I have 2 mags, window smasher/ seat belt cutter, mace, and a multi tool. Oh and a bright flashlight, but it’s more for work.


I always carry a good knife, 800 lumen flashlight, two extra mags. In my vehicle I have a get home bag with four mags, trauma kit, extra flashlight, 4 energy bars, 1 pair of socks, gloves, another knife and a water filtration straw.


Well, I kind of took a page from Jethro Gibbs (on NCIS tv show). Below I carry on me at all times outside the house.
Quality pocket knife
Zippo lighter
Spare magazine
Sprgfld XDs 45acp IWB Kydex
Tactical pen


Besides my EDC firearm I also carry an extra mag, flashlight, tactical pen, and always a decent knife and a multi tool. If you go to the magnifying glass and search “What is your EDC you will find more comments on this topic. Be blessed.


With my EDC. I have 2 mags, 2 different kind of knives. Window breaker and flashlight with a taser.


I know it might be obvious, but don’t forget your ID, permit and phone. All three are also important EDC. Your phone can be your best friend or your worst enemy depending on how you use it. :slight_smile:

Carry on! (pun intended)


I carry my weapon, taser and OC spray. My job can put me in situations more than the average person. I would rather go with non lethal as a first result. And use lethal only if necessary. Most of the areas I have to walk through are mostly low life little thugs that do not carry. They like to sucker punch or whack skateboards over your head. If you are vigilant of your surroundings, you can be ready since you know where they are and if they start coming your way. However, with that said, I asked the IL Atty General about the option of carrying taser/stun gun, OC spray and a weapon, with the idea of non lethal before lethal. He looked at me with a pissed of look and said, you get caught with OC or taser and/or stun gun, both illegal to carry in Illinois. I said, so you would rather I use deadly force, even if it is to stop a threat than to try and use non lethal first. His answer, that’s the law. I simply don’t understand that at all.


Depends how you classify EDC.

On my person at all times? Wallet, phone, keys, firearm + 1 spare mag, knife/multitool, flashlight.
Usually on my person? Pepper spray, trauma kit, 2nd spare mag.
Sometimes on my person? Pen, pencil, notepad.

Depending on where I am going I will usually have a backpack or a fanny/waist/shoulder pack with duplicates of the above or an expanded/larger version of my on-body carry. Like not just a trauma kit, but an expanded ouch pouch with bandaids, etc. Or a larger multitool with spare bits. Or power banks and cables for charging things (usually in the backpack).

Posted this pic in another EDC thread a while ago (use the search at the top, there are several threads many with pics).


My EDC…gun 9 mm, mag, nitecore 1,000 lumens flash light, POM pepper spray and a pocket knife with clip.

Phone, Wallet and Keys

  • 1 or 2 spare mags depending on how I am dressing, and the gun I am taking with me.
  • Pepper spray (POM)
  • A folding knife, and sometimes a fixed blade (again how I am dressed knife regs etc)
  • A 300 lumen flash light
  • A ankle cuff IFAK

Nice EDC brother @Harvey. Carry on.

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My man @Cobra always ready to strike. :+1:


If the fecal matter hits the high speed impellor blade. I intend to be one of those that makes it home.

And this in car safe with 1 mag loaded and 2 back ups.


Need to think, but it appears you do not deserve the head smack :slight_smile:


In addition to what everyone said here, I also keep first aid kit in left cargo pocket, gloves and a tourniquet. You may have to stop your own bleeding!


Gibbs rule #9 never go anywhere without a knife.

My wife would disagree with you, I think she Gibbs’ed me at least once today! :smirk: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :crazy_face:


That is just the SOP for wives… :laughing:

And mine will know I said it and I will pay.


I carry Pepper Spray in a pouch. Depending on what dress is required, I’ll usually at least have a MT with me. With jeans, I carry a belt pouch with odds and ends, as well as a dedicated flashlight. I usually carry a bandaid in my wallet (use them more often in the summer), but have a few more minor scrape things in my Maxpedition AA battery belt pouch. Additionally, some things I tossed in there include a mini Bic lighter, pen, the file from a LM Surge, the whistle/firestarter from a LM Signal, and a few other things.

Since I use an attache or backpack for different things throughout the year, I will keep certain tools and supplies in different bags I use. Then there are kits for the car, etc.


I wear a ball cap at most all times and inside the sweatband between the side panels, I carry two 8" zip ties. One on each side. Never know when you’ll need one and, when you do, nothing else seems to work as well.