Proud Of What I Put Together

My EDC is in two categories. The first is armed EDC while the other is unarmed EDC.

A small military shoulder bag is used most, but not all times, to carry some of the EDC.

Would have liked to post a photo here, but alas, that option is not available.


S&W M&P 40 AIWB carry
S&W M&P 380 Bodyguard ankle carry backup
Ruger LCP II 380 back wallet pocket carry as a third backup
Tactical pen with light and DNA collector

Carbon fiber key and credit card and cash holders which hold handcuff key, P-38 and credit card size emergency tools

Duct tape home-made pouch for emergency house and car keys ALWAYS in back pocket. ALWAYS.

NATO watch, large and small military P-38 openers
Survival Frog waterproof electronic orange lighter
Olympia multi-tool with box cutter
Maratac right angle LED mini light
Spyderco pig sticker
Mini 800 zapper

Wallet and separate belt/neck badge to identify me in a shooting so that I’m not mistaken for the bad guy

USCCA clear placard holder
Body cam and two mini backup cams
Drop neck Karambit knife with holster sleeve
Electronic language translator
Level 4 category sunglasses
Pouch to carry medical nitrile gloves
Pouch to carry pepper spray wipes


Combat Application tourniquet (CAT)
Baofeng BF-F8HP emergency HAM radio
County Comm GP-5/SSB single sideband emergency receiver
Orange mace gun
Yellow ZAP gun
Kimber Pepper Blaster II
Bushnell 8x21 mini binoculars
County Comm CERT emergency gas shutoff and pry bar

Not included in the above lists but with me in vehicle are a complete medical bag
and all of my belts have inside hidden compartments holding a razor blade,
handcuff key, paperclip and spare cash for bribes.

*I understand the issues with badges and cuffs, and fully understanding those issues through extensive study and legal counsels, but I still carry because the benefits outweigh the negative possibilities.

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Nice, but is this really what you “carry”? I strongly suspect your definition of EDC radically differs from mine. Unless, of course, you are saying you carry ALL of the above with you, every waking hour, everyday? To me, that is the definition of EDC-the items on your person right now, and everywhere/every time. I’ve carried (legally) for >25 years. I’ve “got” lots of toys and cool stuff, BUT I have only two “EDC” weapons, both 9 mm, similar operating systems, a compact and a subcompact. ONE or the other is with me every waking moment, with the SOLE exception of when I’m in the shower or going in a Govt building where carry is illegal. No exceptions. That, friend, is EDC. I may on occasion add something else, but that’s an extra, not an EDC. The items you “may” or “sometimes” carry don’t count. If I knew I was going to have to use a weapon it would be an M1A, BUT since I don’t know, and since I try to avoid places where I feel trouble may be, I actually “carry” something small, reliable, and accurate. I suspect 99.9% of folks do the same. What do you ALWAYS have with you, when mowing the lawn, going to the store, sitting in church, or at home watching TV or fooling around on the computer? THAT is your EDC. Don’t mean to get on anybody’s case here or put anybody down in any way. Just want folks to think about what EDC really means. More times than I can count I hear folks talking about their “EDC” but when the discussion gets going it turns out that they actually don’t have anything with them at the moment. Think about it. A little NAA .22 that is ALWAYS there beats the crap out of the 500 Magnum that’s back home when you actually need it. Again, no offense whatsoever intended. If someone actually carries all this stuff, good on you. I know for me it simply wouldn’t be possible.

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WOWZERS… that’s a bunch of stuff for EDC.



I completely get what ur’ saying. When I go out, I carry what is listed, and I can do that because I carry some of it in the shoulder military bag as mentioned. That carry list for going out is not sometimes. It is every time and it is every time because like you, I too have been carrying for a very long, long time and I’m so used to it that it is a part of me and I feel absolutely ‘nekked’ being out without it.

Your definition of EDC is not as much EDC as you have stated though. Right now I’m lying on a daybed typing this in gym shorts and that’s it. But right at my reach down is a 45 Khar and straight blade knife. And I have that same setup but with different pistol models at every turn in the house, on every couch, bedside, under office desks and hanging on the back of my doors in bedroom and bathrooms. Excessive? To the average person, of course it is. Yes indeed. To me? It’s normal to be within an arm’s reach of a weapon anywhere in my home or vehicle because I am alone and all that goes away should my grandchildren or strangers are ever to be known to be coming to my home.

I said your definition of EDC is not as much as you define it to what it really is and should be because every situation you asked me about is different and doesn’t require the same gear. That alone does not mean each situation is still not a true EDC. EDC does not mean the same exact carry in every single situation.

I’m not going to mow my lawn with all of that, but I will mow the lawn with a 9mm AIWB and a 380 in back wallet pocket.

So does that mean my list is not true EDC because my full list is not used when I mow the lawn? Does it mean I have no EDC in my home because I personally decide not to physically carry on me within the confines of my home? Does your decision to physically carry on you at all times within your home make things more secure for you than my choice to have firearms within arm’s reach anywhere I am in my home? Of course it does, but by how much degree is impossible to answer UNTIL an altercation happens and can then be disseminated to what degree a speedier access to a weapon would have changed things. But the point here is does MY method for in home or lawn mowing mean my EDC list is not a true list then?

I say it still is a true list. Where you and I differ is that your regiment for EDC is fixed while mine is not fixed because it would be extremely implausible to have such a fixed, regimented term of EDC because EDC is dynamic and ever changing and changes with the situation and environment.

I think it is remarkable that we can all meet here and share our ideas. I have carried for some time but have gotten some awesome hints from the members here. I am putting together an aid bag like I had in the Army that I will keep in the car from now on. Maybe an individual kit that I could carry. Good stuff from the Community here.

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LOL. Not sure if that’s a compliment or a clipping, but thanks for the review, as I appreciate and welcome all acknowledgements.


Completely agree Virgil. That’s why I stated that I welcome all acknowledgements because I learn from others and the process is dynamic. It never stops. As I learn, I learn there are some things I’m doing correctly while other times see the error of my ways alerting me to make changes, which is why I say that EDC is a live, ongoing process that never, ever ends because the only constant in life that is a guarantee is change itself.

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No intent to be negative here. My only point being that if a person “carries” they should always carry. If you’re actually toting all that then it’s cool with me-you’ve got to do what you, as an individual, are comfortable with- just carry😏

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Like I said earlier as well Dwayne, I fully understand what you’re saying and my responses are also not meant as negative. I’m just expanding on the conversation is all.

As I also stated, the differences in our responses lie solely on each of our own interpretations of EDC, which is where we differ, but that by itself doesn’t make for either of us right or wrong. I don’t believe our differences are right or wrong. They are just different expressions, so therefore there is no right or wrong here to me as far as I’m concerned, which means I also respect your responses.

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Just curious…Do U carry all this on your person (body)?

Well, like I stated Dennis, if I’m not in my house or cutting the lawn, then yes.

Pistol on hip and ankle and one in rear wallet pocket.

Tactical pen, knife, wallet, translator, money/bankcard clips, watch, neck drop knife, stun device, etc all pretty much fill in my pockets and around my neck and wrist as well as items inside my gun belts.

The few remaining larger items fit in a very small shoulder military pouch that is carried in sort of Jason Bourne style. Not always, but most times. I have fined tuned it over the years to the degree that works for me.

But as I stated, each outing can be different and slight adjustments are made depending upon that outing, which is why I call EDC a living, changing event.

ok thanks Fox.

You’re welcome Dennis. And thank you for your acknowledgements as well sir.