Here is my EDC, Whats in your EDC and why (Every Day Carry Bag)

  1. asp tri fold restraints, case, and scarab cutter

  2. Hyfin Vent Chest seals

  3. 1"9" by 1" 9" forest/camo handkerchief

  4. pocket size by Redi-Tape “Duck Tape” 5yds by 1.88 in Pocket size is 5" long 1/2" thick
    1)set 5 star gear us government issue ear plugs with case

  5. set safari land in ear impulse hearing protection ear plugs (on key chain)(chk dcb rtngs)

  6. rite in rain all weather field interview FI no 104
    1)FT Lab Smart Geiger (FSG-001)(plugs into your smartphone *really Good Many capabilities

1)Pack IOSAT potassium iodide Tablets (14 tablets)

1)RadTriage emergency Dosimeter
1)extra set 600mAh Garberiel batteries for flashlight , set=2 batteries)

  1. Recon Medical tourniquet (Kevlar,metal windlass
  2. tieable skull cap (soft clothcovers head and ties tight in back
    1)Hellytec OTF knive
    1)Leupold Thermal 600 yd LTO Tracker
    1)portable emergency sleeping bag (5" x3"x1.5" when folded up/similar to space blanket in look)
  3. 6" pressure bandage for trauma wound
  4. Pens
  5. xml-t6 CE flash light (good illumination)
    1)vortex solo r/t 8x36 Monocular with reticle
  6. Spool military trip wire (green and yellow 2 wheels each color)
  7. manual(non electric)outdoor perimeter alarm used with specialty flash bang 12 guage shells they are 1 1/8" in in height. the perimeter alarm sets them off when trip wire is tripped.

1)pckg American specialty ammo flash bang 6 little shells
1)Can bear spray

  1. swat stretch tourniquet
  2. countrycom GP-5/ssb FM stereo/MW/SW-SSB DSP RECIEVER (Govt prdcts Grp)
    2)High content 25yr food bars
  3. Thomas Glover pocket reference
  4. American camper multi tool with case and bits

This is an urban problem/suburbs EDC naturally EDC’s differ based upon need and usage. My in the country EDC is very different. what’s in your EDC and what comments do you have to change or upgrade this one. It is also understood that I have my CCW with me at all times so that may be an addition but it is already on my person, plus two extra magazines

This is not my go bag,or my SHTF Bag this is the throw it over my shoulder and in the car every day bag and if civil unrest is keeping me from home, or I have to be in it late but can hike it home etc bag.

Assumptions are:

I grabbed hydration from my car or on the way(also have life straw in car)

Lets hear wht your thoughts are??

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just a note to all
I had quantities listed but when I posted this, the site software made it a list sorry about that. my Bag is 9" by 8" also

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