Pocket Dump: My Everyday Carry (Kevin M.)

What do you carry that Kevin M. doesn’t carry?


I carry a multitool, a tactical pen, and a zippo lighter.


I’m pretty sure that this guy also has a cell phone and wallet, too.

Although different circumstances often make my options more limited, I usually EDC:

  1. Wallet, Cell phone, BT headset, keys
  2. Flashlight
  3. Knife (utility purposes)
  4. MT (w/ scissors and pliers)
  5. Notepad and pen
  6. Limited First Aid supplies
  7. Lighter
  8. Mini tape measurer (needed for work)
  9. Firearm & spare magazine
  10. Pepper spray (relatively new)

Interestingly enough, the most used items (not including #1 above) are in order:
-Knife or MT
-Notepad and pen


My “always on me” EDC. If you randomly bump into me there is a 99.9% chance I have all of these on me. I wish I could reduce this somehow, but this seems to be the least amount of stuff I can carry

  • flashlight (Olight S1R II Baton, 1000lumens)
  • Either a folding knife or Leatherman Skeletool
  • cell (Pixel 2)
  • minimalist wallet (Trayvax)
  • keys (USB drive, small pry tool)
  • carry firearm (where legally allowed)

My “usually on me”. If I’m out & about without a backpack/sling then I probably have this on me.

  • spare magazine
  • mini trauma kit

My “usually nearby me” EDC. In a backpack or sling bag. I take advantage of the extra room and pack a lot of stuff I dont use frequently but may come in handy.

  • larger med kit (ouch pouch + meds like sudafed, tylenol, pepto, etc + epi pen)
  • larger multitool (Leatherman Wave)
  • larger flashlight (Olight M2R Pro, 1800 lumens)
  • “nerd bag” with powerbanks, cables, USB drives, headphones, etc
  • Notebooks (personal & work notebooks for notes, day-to-day logging)
  • Assorted pens/pencils. Several are attached to above notebooks, some are with the backpack
  • pepper spray & taser
  • spare magazine
  • IIIa panel made for backpacks

My “walk the dogs” EDC. Carried in a fanny pack. The fanny pack has several places to attach a carabiner which I sometimes use to hold leashes if I need to go hands-free for a minute.

  • spare slip leashes (in case I run into strays)
  • treats (for my dogs, and in case I run into strays)
  • pepper spray (in case I run into an angry stray)
  • spare poop bags
  • small folding knife

I recently purchased a pocket organizer (hasn’t arrived yet) that will maybe help me add a field notes size notebook, pen/pencil into my “usually carry”.


I carry most of what Scotty lists but being in Arizona where a rock pachtblend is found in various places I also carry my Geiger counter, you see it has the properties of low grade radiation which is usually not a problem when walk by it but if you choose to set up targets you may be there to long and it may very well effect you in a negative way, so I check the area that I would like to shoot. Not too many hot spots out here in the desert but it’s one of the things I do for situational awareness and that keeps me out of harm’s way. Rule of reason Know your surroundings.


That is definitely the first time I have heard that, but if you are near radiation hotspots, that would be a good thing to know!

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My edc is pretty much the same. Most used are the light and Benchmade Auto Stryker. Add retired/LEOSA credentials the pistol and spare mag.


James it good to hear that I’m not the only one that carry a Geiger Counter, my has come in very handy when I was in the Military and later in the desert I was checking out the very south end of the white tanks where I10 runs very close to that area my unit started beeping so I shoulder my rifle and pulled it out checking the ground and rocks but that wasn’t what was causing the my unit beeping as I approached the I10 freeway it’s beeping grew in indicating beeps, then I saw a truck from south of the border with a load of rebarr as I got closer the beeps became a growl meaning something was very hot the truck was off the side with a flat tire. I removed myself to a safe distance and used my CB to notify the Arizona DPS they ask if I could stay in place and report if the truck moved I said I could they where sending Hazmat teams ask well as LEO’s they got there in about 10 minutes and took over closed the freeway for awhile, later they told me the rebarr was made from a breeder reactor that was long time ago deactivated down in Mexico and was allow to be recycled. Who knew that was happening down there, now all of our borders crossings have the device’s to find them before they can cross.


I also have a weak side Kabar TDI for weapon retention–thanks to the USCCA and the CRSO I work with for the education on this.