Can You Carry too Much Stuff?

There are a lot of options of what to carry: firearms, knives, IFAKs, magazines, BUGs, Kubaton, tactical pens, tourniquets, and more.

A lot of people carry a firearm, magazine, knife and backup knife. Some carry more, some less.

Can you carry too much stuff?



I think so. Keeping carry simple means I’ll do it. I also think too many things will mean clutter and disorganization.

Having too much could lead to forgetting something (like your wallet with permit or phone). I like to keep it simple and compact. For example, my phone has a flashlight, so I’m not going carry a flashlight.


A flashlight sure comes in handy some times.


YES! I am living proof of that. :rofl:


I think some folks tend to overdo a bit. I personally always (Always!) have a handgun on my person, and have for decades. I train with what I carry and am comfortable with it. I feel I can cope with any “likely” scenario I may encounter. It’s important to address likely situations, as nobody can prepare for every potential situation that could be encountered. If I knew I was going to war I would be better armed (7.62 rifle). Since I’m not, my small 9 will do. At night a flashlight is handy, and a small pocket knife is always there as well. Carry what makes You comfortable…


I’m a minimalist with my EDC (firearm, spare magazine, pocketknife and a first aid kit in the car), but it’s still evolving. It also depends on where I am going and how I have to dress, not to mention the time of day.


In addition to my firearm, a carry a Surge Leatherman, Streamlight Station DS HL, and a spare mag with the first 2 rounds the CCI snake shot.

I use the Leatherman and light for something everyday.

Someone mentioned, to many things and trying not to forget something.

I used to be terrible at this until I started doing my “lucky 7 pat down check”. I count and audit my 7 items when I leave the house. In addition to the 4 above, my cell phone, keys and wallet. I have never forgot a thing since I started this counting, years ago.


My firearm, kershaw, and 3 magazines. I figure if that doesn’t take care of things, I should have run.


I never leave without a knife, “Ya-Wonda” :rofl: and extra mag.
I’m one to believe too much stuff is just that…Too much!

Now, I would not mind carrying another firearm but it would have to be something extremely small like the .25 that was my dad’s that my grandfather gave me[Had extra, extra value] but stolen out glove-box (My fault in truth but was only 19 and common sense was lacking). :confounded:


I carry in layers. In a backpack I’ll have a magazine(s) and blowout kit along with a small bumps and bruises kit, larger flashlight, some snacks and water. If I’m weather requires a coat I’ll also have gloves and cold weather head gear in the pockets. On my person is just small flashlight, pocket knife, gun, and spare magazine.

Basically I use my layers to compliment what is on my belt. I only feel you’re carrying to much if you either don’t know how to use what you’re carrying or if you’re carrying so much weight it inhibits your ability to fight and move.


After working in law enforcement, where you had things you were required to carry and some other optional items and various miscellaneous personal preferences, YES, you can carry too much stuff. When you’re heading to the beach and you start to melt because of the clothing you need to effectively carry and/or conceal all you have with you, you are probably carrying too much.
Of course, there is always a balance. What will you need versus what might you need and what would be nice to have. And then there is what can’t you carry but can be kept relatively close by if needed.


I was watching this one study[At this point, I’m not sure why was watching] but the study suggested law enforcement officers who carried all their equipment on the waist were more likely to have back pain thus surgery being more likely among retired law enforcement.

Whereas the study determined the vest with sized pockets for everything except gun (as seen and I’m sure you wore too} was the best thing for law enforcement to have and keep equipment results said it would help keep a healthy back. What do you think? [My suggestion would be back pain just comes with physical in general]

[Sorry guys not trying to change the subject but was seeing if study proved true for him]


Yes, carrying everything on a belt was excruciating at times and has long term effects that I can vouch for. Tac vests help distribute weight much better but were never an option when I was there. Now even the court bailiffs wear tac vests in court.


It makes perfect sense!

When considered police, even took the civil but failed by ONE point in 2017[My life luck] I thought about all that stuff required to carry. Not to mention being tazed with prongs and gas chamber Oh don’t forget pepper spray. I even applied the end of last year, but when the recruiting officer called, I declined and said maybe would reconsider. (12 hour shifts and job weight could effect my studies)

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For Sheriff Office a deputy must work at Caddo Correctional Center as a guard for three years before you are placed on a list to even be considered for patrol.

When I worked there for a short time under Trinity Service’s, I did not like the fact one guard was in a pod of 300 inmates. I even heard one say as they were in my line for commissary “We could all just riot and take the guard

My supervisor said one guard was jumped in the closet but lost his job afterward for testing positive drug screen at the hospital(Seemed more like a rumor than true but seems logical)

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If you fall into a creek and go straight to the bottom, chances are you’re carrying too much stuff!
Avoiding a confrontation, or winning a fight may require moving quickly—why be weighed down? Why willingly put yourself at a disadvantage?


Yes! It’s a balance that’s still evolving with me. My must-haves: My EDC 9mm, tactical knife, tactical pen. My wanna-haves? Flashlight, pepper-spray.

The thing I struggle most with is, I’m right-handed. Therefore, the preferred location for this stuff is on my right side. Things get pretty busy over there with all this stuff in holsters/pockets/belt. I don’t want to be walking around like some lopsided Quasimodo. How do folks deploy their stuff on their person to avoid this?


@Paul1 Dual mag holder and flashlight on left side. Gun and knife on the right side.


Brian, I’m living proof that common sense isn’t so common! Great suggestion. Right now my mags are right there with my gun. When fit hits the shan, I’ll be inserting them with my left hand anyway. Much appreciated friend!


I wear my firearm on my right at between 2 & 3 o’clock. Before I lost weight it was at 4 or 5 o’clock as I stored my stomach at 2 or 3 o’clock.

The only other thing I get on my right, as being right handed was OC spray if I was going to potentially be in a situation where I may have to deploy the spray. NOTHING else was on my right as I didn’t want to have to fumble trying to deploy lethal or non-lethal force.

On the left from front to back was a multi-tool, flashlight and lastly for easy grabbing and use was a magazine pouch.