EDC “System” for non- firearm items - any suggestions?

I have been concealed carrying for about 3 years now, and I’m fairly comfortable with my carry / holster system for my gun and a reload. However, I also like to carry other items (pocket knife, flashlight, pepper spray). I have found various ways to carry these, but struggle with finding a way to rapidly access and deploy these items (especially the pepper spray). I don’t like having a bunch of items on my belt (or in my pocket). Does anyone have any tips or product recommendations on how to carry these items? Thanks!


I use 5.11 Edge Chino pants which comes with 7 pockets on the hip level. These are perfect for carrying stuff like pepper spray, knife and flashlight and makes them very easy to access when needed.


Offside front pocket: Flashlight clipped where it can be readily grabbed and stays in place + pepper spray loose in pocket (and nothing else)

Strongside front pocket: Pocket knife clipped + keys loose

Strongside cargo pocket: Thin wallet

Offside cargo pocket: Phone

Wildcard either cargo pocket: Anything else, like first aid kit

Optional/as desired: Offside OWB/IWB spare mag holster


If you are willing to trade pocket knife for a neck knife, it frees up a pocket.


I think a lot of it depends on how you have to dress. I work in an office, and my company has a policy against any kind of weapon on site. For that reason, when I’m at work, all I have on me is my J frame S&W in a front pocket holster. Its all that I can totally conceal while wearing business dress pants and a tucked shirt. Out of work I’m pretty much always in cargo shorts or pants. Then I can have a larger semi auto IWB, along with a spare magazine, folding knife and a light in the cargo pockets. I make it a point to buy pants and shorts that always have the same pocket arrangement, so I always know my spare magazine is in the left thigh pocket, the light in the right thigh pocket, and keys/phone in the left front pocket. My right front pocket is always reserved for the little revolver, even if I’m carrying the semi auto in an IWB holster. I feel like I’ve developed such muscle memory of that pocket being my revolver that I won’t ever put something else there, and if the SHTF and I needed a gun, I know what I’ll find there.


Oh, one more thing, my light and my knife both have clips on them, and I clip them to the top edge of the cargo pockets before closing the flap. It keeps them from jumping around in my pockets. The only thing I don’t like about my arrangement is that the spare magazine or speed strip is still flopping around in my left thigh pocket. I haven’t gotten a solution for that, but feel like I need one.


Thanks for the comments and recommendations. Currently, my EDC is a micro 9 pistol (either IWB 4 o’clock or pocket carried) and spare mag (IWB on left side). I also carry a folding knife and pepper spray in a repurposed mag pouch (next to the spare mag), and a mini flashlight clipped in a pants pocket. For the most part, I like this setup, because it can be used for a variety of clothing choices. My only concern is that it is hard to access the pepper spray quickly. I guess I am looking for a better way to carry it, maybe a better pouch or method.
Regarding the knife, I carry it more as a tool than a defense item, so I would rather stick with a folding knife instead of a neck knife.

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This sounds like a great setup. I often wear cargo shorts / pants (but not always)


It does but I pocket clip a knife for regular daily tasks and using a neck knife for that may stand out. I’d say in that case a pocket knife for daily and neck for emergency use


I like the idea of same, same everyday also, muscle memory is part of my belief system and carrying the same way every day work or play. The only real change out is semi auto (Springfield XD 10mm) or wheel gun EAA Windicator (then also dbl. mag holder changes to dbl. speed loader–same clock positioning on the waist. I collect money now @ all the ‘stations’ in the Dining/bar(s)/party central areas of my club. I have been fortunate to be able to ‘train-up’ my new bosses in the Open carry department. I bought this beautiful new rig from "1791"Belt, dbl. mag pouch, snap closeable OWB holster all Black-gorgeous leather work ! That sets the tone from the previous Guard who got his ass handed to him (twice) semi-retired now. Stream light in holster on belt next to OC spray in identical holsters, CRKT “Bugsy” knife (all black-beautiful) in sheath over right side back wallet pocket (also keeps wallet more protected from an idiot trying to lift it). That would be foolish. Small pouch (small of back) w/ micro 1st Aid kit: Quik clot (2), tourniquet, Israeli bandage (2) , scissors/gloves. Completing the ‘ensemble’ is black Tac pants , black (3) button (tucked) and a Spartan Armor Tee w/ Level3 + panels (including ‘stabby’ side organ protecting panels) Light weight/ moldable to body (nice). then ‘Doc’ Martins w/ huge heals (If ya gotta STOMP!)
I look ready for Battle but that’s the point. I came from Sportsman’s Warehouse where I had to lock up my hardware before starting shift…Nope! unarmed Sheep is not for me. An active shooter happens I didn’t see myself dashing across the warehouse shooting gallery floor (I don’t dash anymore) I kind of lumber… It made me feel too vulnerable. To walk the dogs just the XD, extra mag, knife, jeans, tee (I don’t like showing off my Titanium legs in shorts). I look like a Stork…


If you don’t want things on your belt or in your pockets, you won’t have many options. I get it, as sometimes I’ll go as minimalist as possible, however sans pocket and belt space you’re basically limited to bags, fanny packs, and/or specialty EDC undergarment carry. I might argue that many of these might take longer to access than pocket/belt carry.

Personally, I keep pepper spray in a Swiss Army Knife belt holster, pocket knife on back right pocket next to my wallet, and flashlight in back left pocket. I especially chose the knife and flashlight location, as I commonly access those throughout the day and appreciate the quick access.

Side note: I reduced the size of my wallet (Secrid Wallet) to be able to comfortably fit a decent sized knife, and usually limit my flashlights to 14500 versions (i.e. Streamlight Macrostream USB).

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I ran into a pack of wild coyotes the other day, while fishing.

I made the mistake of not planning enough for being out in the dark, I had only planned to be out briefly and arrive back to my car before dark, but I didn’t.

I was carrying my fishing pole in my hand, with a small flashlight, and was also CCW.

As I was hiking back to my car in the dark, I coughed, then heard a rustling in the bushes about 30 yards to my right; I shined my flashlight towards the direction and noticed 5-6 coyotes all still and staring at me. I kept my light fixed on them as I kept walking, and the walk back felt like it took forever, finally getting inside. The engine didn’t start. Second turn, it started, and I got outta “Dogde”.

Things I wish I’d a had:

  • A bigger and brighter flashlight
  • Pepper spray (long distance stream version)

Things I wish I’d a done:

  • Gotten back before dark
  • Tied up my gear on my slings and straps over my back and shoulder so that I’d be completely hands free.

It’s not that I don’t want things on my belt. I was mainly looking for tips on how to carry EDC items that allow rapid access. Thanks!

Makes sense to me. I don’t often go into the city but when I do I travel light. My G43 IWB abdomen and my cell, wallet and keys in my adjoining pockets. Since I normally where an outer garment - a long sleeve dress shirt - I feel comfortably concealed.

Sadly, the Victorinox belt holster I bought was either changed or DC’ed… luckily I bought four of them back in the day since I liked them so much for some of my knives (before going back pocket) and they were very affordable. This newer one looks like the ones I have except mine have the Vic logo on the button. I can’t attest to the quality of the newer ones (I don’t know if even this newer one is now DC’ed):

Victorinox Swiss Army SwissTool Nylon Belt Pouch (Old Sku 33232) - 4.1099.21

Many of the new ones are Velcro. IMO there are pros and cons to button vs velcro, as long as they are quality buttons/velcro. I haven’t tried my other Leatherman or Vic pouches since I’m happy with the Vic pouch I use. Low quality buttons can break after a few uses, and low quality velcro will need to be replaced after not many more uses.

One example, once the button is open, it stays open until you snap it shut. If the flap is loose enough, velcro can self shut. This is more of an issue when going through bushes and brush, or walking/crawling around confined/cluttered spaces. Depending on your usage it can be a pro or a con.

The only big disappointment I had was with Gerber’s “Custom Fit Dual Sheath.” It’s good quality, but adds a LOT of bulk compared to carrying capacity.


This might fall into a different subject/post, but when I go out fishing, hiking, I worry I’ll drop my phone and lose it.

Found a pretty affordable yet extra sturdy double locking phone case, listed below. But I suggest measure yours twice as they come in different sizes.

I don’t have advice for boaters, unless there’s a floating case and a cord which attaches to a phone so it doesn’t fall overboard?

Good stuff in here. My EDC self-defense knife is in a sheath that clips to my belt like my pistol holster which frees up pocket room.

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I’m in the same boat as far as work reg’s go. They don’t have day security and we have a few crazy people in the building that make everybody uneasy, so I’ve been keeping my EDC knife on me anyway. I should look into a pocket pistol.

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I received an email from Firearms and Freedoms, Regarding the XL Shockwave Torch. A tactical flashlight, stun gun and billy club. Sounds interesting, but like always I won’t invest in it without research. And real life opinions. Has anyone heard of or tried this?

I am not familiar with that product, just going on your description, my initial reaction is:

Not a fan of a “billy club” or similar, as use of objects fitting that description risk being considered lethal force, and my opinion is that if lethal force is necessary and justified, a firearm is a significantly more effective tool for a number of reasons.

Not a fan of ‘stun guns’ either, as they (unlike an actual taser when it actually works) rely on pain compliance, and pain compliance is notoriously unreliable for stopping an attack/threat from a determined attacker. It can also be particularly risky/dangerous to rely on a tool that uses contact as you necessarily must be within arms reach of the threat.

Me? Make my flashlight a good flashlight, make my non lethal something that goes beyond pain compliance and can be used beyond arms reach (pepper spray, in the eyes, and not lethal force), and bypass the “club” type entirely (unless you are formally trained in the use of such a weapon and know both physically and legally exactly what you are doing and getting into)

Okay, I googled it…that product does not in my opinion look like a serious piece of gear to me. Looks like a, how do I put this…gimmick