EDC “System” for non- firearm items - any suggestions?

I tried googling it and only came up with reviews from people selling it. One of the ads was the same as the email from Firearms and Freedoms. Although the interviews that Firearms and Freedoms had were well worth watching for free , I’m beginning to think that they are just an advertising gimmick. They send an informative email that seems to end up being a solicitation. Thanks for your input, I think I’ll stick with my sidearm, and knife for now. As far as when you can’t carry a sidearm, pepper spray probably is the best alternative.


My opinion is that pepper spray shouldn’t be considered a “where you can’t carry a firearm” so much as a “carry this all the time”.

Pepper spray and a firearm are very different levels of force, and most assaults/attacks do not rise to the level of lethal force. If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail…I strive to always have pepper spray and a firearm


I love that case you posted. Though I am hesitant to get one, as I’m so odd not liking to loop thru a belt. Remember how when younger we laughed at the clip on tie dude? Well that’s me, I love more my clip on belt cases, holsters, but only if super hold strong.

Here’s also an affordable one I found for mobile phones, but buyer beware, measure twice before you buy it:

Ya… I have been accused of wearing a “bat belt” by some friends when I’m in my “work outside” clothes. I keep three things on my belt, and then have my pockets filled: belt cell phone holster, Maxpedition AA battery pouch with odds and ends, and Vic belt pouch for my PS.

In all honesty, I think without the cell phone pouch, people don’t notice the other two because they are pretty low profile.

Another interesting side note, my belt cell phone pouch (Nite-Ize 2XL Horizontal - barely large enough for my phone) has a divide inside that is large enough to fit a Spyderco Military next to my phone. However, I don’t find the need for it in my daily activities.

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I normally carry my Glock 48 MOS, 2 knives, wallet, reload, keys (my Jeep fob is huge and heavy) and iPhone with no issues in my jeans everywhere. The only thing on my belt is my gun AIWB.

When my pants capacity is exceeded or I’m wearing a bathing suit, I migrate to one of my Maxpedition bags. I like the classic Versipack line in either a OCTA or PROTEUS wait pack or the FATBOY or JUMBO bags. I’ve modified them just a bit for a swift opening. I might be able to post pics later.

Great line of gear, with a lifetime warranty.


My latest Maxpedition is in the car. This one is handy, it’s a well constructed Addidas Waist pack. As you can see I added a parachord braided pull to the zipper which allows me to rip it open swiftly with my support hand. The trigger of the Glock 48 is covered with a Kydex trigger guard attached to the bag so it snaps off the trigger when I draw. I covered the Addidas logo (I don’t like the company) with a Velcro patch that allows me to put a patch of my choice on the bag. Big enough to carry everything I normally EDC and more. Great to take to the beach/pool or gym.