How do you people carry all that stuff?

Lots of pockets?

Before I retired as a newspaper (remember them?) photographer I occasionally wore one of those stupid “shoot-me-first” vests and was constantly trying to remember which pocket I put stuff in.

I’d hate to fish around in various pockets or belt-mounted doodads in an emergency. (Yes, I know, “keep everything in the same place all the time.” Nonetheless, flashlights, multiple knives, multiple magazines, emergency backup guns, keys, wallet, Zippo, IFAKs, lip balm, cell phone, etc…)

Just wondering


I’ll play Devil’s Advocate.
Unless you’re parachuting behind enemy lines, you probably don’t need all that stuff,
which will far more likely be a liability than an asset, not MacGyver together an aircraft carrier.
The objective is to stop life threatening attacks.


Somebody in law enforcement or security is going to edc more then a computer programmer. I carry more or less depending on what I consider my threat level where I’m headed. Always, at the very least, I’ll have a firearm, knife, wallet, and keys.


Great conversation starter! It can vary for everyone, but if you plan and use the right equipment, you can carry most things in your everyday clothes.

Here is my setup:

  • Gun - appendix carry in Kydex holster

  • Knife - One in each of my front pockets

  • Spare Mag - On my holster

  • Keys - Front left pocket

  • Wallet - back right pocket

  • Phone - front right pocket

  • Lip Balm/lighter - Smaller pocket above right pocket

  • IFAK - War Poet ankle rig on my right leg

  • Backup gun - Ankle holster on my left ankle


Knife, wallet, and pocket flashlight in the right pocket. extra mag in the left pocket. IWB right side.

only time this changes is if i am riding the motorcycle then the chain wallet and the wallet is in my back pocket.


Gun-strong side IWB holster
Spare mag-weak side pocket inverted and backwards. So when I grab it, it is naturally positioned in hand, to be inserted into the mag well
Knife-clipped to strong side(right) pocket
Wallet-right rear
Keys-right front
Phone-lower leg pocket. I wear cargo shorts, or carpenter jeans. When I’m not in those, my phone is in my shirt pocket.

  • Strong side front pocket: wallet and keys
  • Big weak side front pocket: phone and hearing aid stuff
  • Small weak side front pocket: knife
  • Weak side rear pocket: handkerchief
  • Strong side rear pocket: mask
  • Weak side underarm: gun
  • Strong side underarm: spare mag

Front Right - Coin knife, house keys, chip, car key when I’m driving
Front Left - Phone
Rear Right - Nothing my IWB is just the right size that the end of the barrel would land right on top of my wallet, pinching the hell out of my butt cheek
Left Rear - Wallet
Belt Line - IWB between 4 and 5
Hoodie , Front Pouch - Glasses


So far, nobody has mentioned their USCCA membership card with Post-Incident Instructions.


Nor my CWL, driver’s license, cash, credit cards, medical insurance cards, etc. All covered under “wallet.” :slight_smile:


@John292 Good point. It stays in the top slot in my wallet. Easy to find and grab even in confusion.
That is one of the important edc pieces.
Good call


That’s in my wallet, with the emergency number in my phone. Also, the critical response number is on the app.


Most of what I carry goes in a small backpack, I couldn’t remember everything everyday if it was all laying loose.:grin::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: Wallet, keys, knife and pistol go with me


My EDC varies but usually a Glock 30S IWB RH. Folding pocket knife( Buck) and change in Left front pocket. NAA .22 Mag mini-revolver front Right pocket. Wallet(with USCCA card) in Right rear pocket and a checkbook (yes a checkbook) in my Left rear pocket.

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It’s in my wallet


CCW, keys, wallet. That’s it. I hate carrying extra weight.
Makes me respect more our men in uniform who carry real heavy stuff while I make a big deal of the 10-oz. difference between a plastic fantastic and a 1911.


This is my bag, their are many like it but this one is mine. :slightly_smiling_face:



I keep it simple. I dont go into areas where their is a high probability of danger/confrontation. If I did I might add specifics depending on the situation.
I carry my compact pistol in my right pocket, cell and small but very bright flashlight in my left pocket and wallet (with scca card, CWP’s etc) in my back left pocket. Keys clipped onto a right side belt loop and if I carry a knife it is a small yet very sharp knife. Knife is not for fighting/defense, it is for medical or getting out of a seatbelt or perhaps just opening a box/package. Being older and skinny I do need to wear suspenders just to keep my pants up with this light load. Also being older I am not able to run away or fight, so my sidearm is what I have to protect myself in a compromising position. If I can I will try to carry an extra magazine. That is where I have found most sidearm failures to occur.


Other than @BRUCE26 's photo, I did not see anyone with a flashlight.

I carry, primary firearm, OC spray when work warrants it, Multi-tool, extra mag (snake shot), streamlight, 2 cell phones, thin wallet.

@Tim_D_USCCA , and maybe others, I teach that you should carry your wallet in your off primary hand/side rear pocket. In the event of a robbery, your off hand reaches for your wallet, the robber will be watching this hand, you can draw your firearm with your primary and present this way. Don’t forget for a further distraction, as you’re handing your wallet over, don’t forget to drop it on the ground and back up a few steps. This additional distraction can possibly help you to stop a threat.


I use a Nutsac 15 tactical to carry firearm, extra mags, flashlight, multi tool, lighter, fire starter/striker, work knife, self defense knife, titanium Spork, bottle opener, Pen, small first aid kit and gloves. I’m on the road a lot and stay in hotels, so I guess this is more a contingency kit than EDC but since I’m on the road almost everyday, maybe it qualifies as EDC.