Multiple carry guns?


Do you have multiple carry guns? If so, do you carry them all in the same way for muscle memory? Or do you have a gun dedicated to ankle carry and one for 4:00 and one for appendix?


I currently only carry one sidearm, but have been thinking about adding a second in an ankle holster. My primary EDC is a .45 1911. The ankle carry would be a .380. Still working out the logistics, especially the ease of accidental flashing with an ankle holster. Fortunately, in KY, other than possibly embarrassing, it would not end up with me calling USCCA for bail.


I generally have a summer gun and a winter gun. The summer gun is a small revolver that can go in the pocket of my out of style cargo shorts. The winter gun is a 40cal S&W Shield that’s worn OWB @ 3:00. After that we go into other pistols for highly specific purposes, hunting, bear protection and such.


I have 3 guns I carry. The 10mm is strictly winter and woods, the FN lives on my 4 o clock, and my Taurus 605 lives in an ankle holster or in my insulated bibs if I’m ice fishing or out and about in winter. I practice with them in the same spots all the time to build muscle memory.


I mainly carry my M&P 45c, although, woods walking during fall/deer season/winter, I carry my GP100. With winter wear/hunting gear I can conceal the 6 inch beast. Unless somethings bends or breaks, in May I’m buying a Shield 45 for summertime carry.


I carry different guns for different situations which may be dictated by my clothing choices for the event I am attending. In some cases I carry more than one, usually while on the bike if it is more than a day trip.

All that said, I carry a Walther 9mm PPK most of the time when not on the bike.


I have 2 carry guns where I’m going usually determines what I’m going to carry. 90% of the time I carry my SIGp365 and an extra magazine. If it’s somewhere that I have a greater chance of being stuck in an active shooter scenario I will carry my Glock 19 with 1 or 2 extra mags.

I feel like the sig is a great self defense weapon and I trust my saftey with it. But I also feel like the Glock is a better fighting weapon


I really want to get an ankle carry option besides my G43. Especially with summertime rolling around. Im pretty slender and sometimes in summer I feel like my firearm sticks out like a sore thumb with light weight tshirts and no additional layers. It doesn’t, just feels that way.


To be the “goofy” one of the bunch. I’ve carried, on multiple occasions, a Glock 19 strong side with a 17 as a backup weak side. Then a Smith 637 in an ankle holster. I do this as more of a demonstration (I do instruct) when some people say you can’t carry large guns or multiples.


To quote Clint Smith, you’ll look like a pirate ship, just smoke and stuff keeps going off.


:joy: That’s part of where my inspiration came from. I did a demo one time and took off, I believe it was six, full size autos. They were all hid, I got mouths to drop on that one. Although I’ve heard Clint has hid more.


I carry 2 EDC’s. A Springfield XD-40 at the 3:00 in a OWB Safariland ALS and a Springfield XDs-40 in a DeSantis ankle holster.


I have multiple carry guns, I carry all the same way. I do have an ankle holster for a back up but seldom wear it as I’m usually in boots and jeans. When I’m wearing slacks and dress shoes I will wear it along with my regular EDC kit.


I enjoy practice with several pistols and I love to get personal, to know how they are made and
most of all operate. After inspection, do they fit properly in my hand and next I like to check the
amination, want to know what flavors they can use. I am attempting to easy and comforting here,
because it can over whelm you and that is not the desire.

My EDCs from that collection that I have is this: 2 - SIG SAUER P320 (full and compact) * 9mm/.40
and 4 - GLOCKS * 20, 27, 30, 32. Please remember that all of these can be changed in minutes
to different combinations. ( 9mm, .357 Sig, .40, and 10mm) Have a great time and please stay
safe always. Have a great day.


I carry only one right now a S&W Shield 9 in winter I carry owb, in summer iwb both about 4 o’clock.


Hey @Derek welcome! Have you considered carrying a back up gun?

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Great job and learn it well. Thanks you for the note and it takes time and please learn all you can.


Welcome @Derek, Do you own other guns and how long have you been shooting?

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In training for 32 months and 3 years carry. I research, train, study, testing, and pray that
I get right when or if I use in self defense.



That’s the plan we should all be on :slightly_smiling_face: