Should I have more than one carry gun?

Just curious on opinions. Posting this mainly for fun. I currently carry a shield. I also have an m&p 5” but it’s just not concealable to me. I’ve debated on getting an m&p compact and potentially rotating between a shield and the compact. Or should I get another shield…

I’m really just wanting to get a new gun. If I got a new handgun I would want to be able to conceal carry it if I wanted. I’ve been tempted to get a hammer fired gun just for the sake of fun (like the PX4) but I also want to keep my carry systems the same which is currently Steiner fires pistol with a Manuel safety (even if you hate it :sweat_smile:). I’m a believer in a consistent formula… but I also just like to play with new guns :joy:


Yes, I would say more than one. Hear are some reasons,
If, you are in a self defense shooting, the gun is evidence and will be most likely be confiscated.

If, your carry Gun begins to malfunction, having a backup while it is out for repair.

If, it is stolen.

This one is more convenience, but, larger vs smaller for different seasons. I.E. summer carry vs winter carry. Which is why I’m getting in the ccw gun buying mood. (Shield vs Compact)


I like having more than one gun. I normally carry a CZ P07 and I just sent it off to get it milled for a Trijicon RMR. Thankfully I have a backup so I am not defenseless when I am waiting these next agonizing 3 weeks for my gun to come back.

What do you think the advantages would be with getting a shield v. getting the compact?


I own two m&ps. I have my 9mm shield, which I truly love, and my m&p 2.0 5” 40. A compact would give me a higher ammo capacity, and it will be the same draw for the most part (pull/ knock of that safety). I like safety’s on striker fire guns simply for reholstering (I don’t depend on it, but if I do screw up its just another layer. I train taking it off after every draw) I wouldn’t mind owning let’s say a glock or a CZ but if I get used to no safety, and I carry my shield with a safety I could be screwed.


I have more than one. Just make sure you train with all the guns you are going to carry with.


Ideally, yes.


I would definitely recommend getting a safety on your new gun if it gives you more peace of mind! I would go with the compact, myself. then you have a firearm that meets your needs from sub compact to full size. That is just my opinion. I also think you should get a new gun!


The size. On this video, run up to 5 minutes and he compares the size. With a 45 Shield, I will lose 2 rounds with the standard mag, and 1 with the extended. Yes, the compact can accept 10, and 14 round mags, but then it is a duty size gun.


And to agree with @James, if @Scoutbob has a Shield, and a 5 inch full size, I would get the Compact in the same caliber. Good carry size, that can take the 5 inch guns magazines.


I’ve heard good things about the 45 shield. I think I want to stick with 9mm though. Mainly just cost. I already cry a little bit when I buy range ammo for my 40 :joy:.


I’m considering an M2.0 Compact myself (have a FS).

I use safeties on a few of my firearms. When I have a safety, I make a personal assessment as to whether the safety is swiftly purposefully disengaged, and won’t unintentionally come off with manipulations related to holster carry, drawing, and reholstering. I also train to use the safety (and/or decocker), even at the range in between strings when many people just keep it off.

That being said, although my M2.0 has a safety, it’s not my favorite for one reason. My only gripe is racking the slide using an overhand technique. The M2.0 safety design (not the Shield variants) requires more conscious effort if it is on and I rack the slide… even a little when it is off. Personally, I don’t have an issue with my Beretta M9 nor my FNX9 safety setup during over hand racking (YMMV). Just something to consider.

A side note… The safety on the Beretta 92 variants for medium to large hands can be manipulated with one hand without shifting your grip if you know how to do it (many people don’t). However, I could not use the same technique on the PX4 Storm (nor the older steel S&W’s with the slide safety/decocker). Additionally, I am still working on irregularities for accuracy issues (shooter induced) with the first DA on the FNX9, while the Sig, S&W steel frame, Berettas, and HK DA’s (and my 66-8) don’t give me any issues on first shot placement. YMMV.

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Agree with the Yes vote. I choose to different guns: Shield and Glock (sometimes a 1911).

Many fellow instructors at the company I work for own two of the same gun for carry. That’s fine too.

As long as you practice with both it’s fine.

I think the main idea is if one goes down for maintenance you have a reserve.

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I definitely agree on the safety. I really like the shield safety. It is very stiff and natural to shift off. With the 2.0 safety I feel if I don’t ride it, it could reengage. This also means I don’t feel like I get the identical grip I get on my shield. It’s not a deal breaker for me, but it’s a thing for sure! I do like that I can rack the slide with the safety engage. I understand what you said about racking the slide. I haven’t thought much about it, but I guess the way I grip my 5” 2.0 it doesn’t get in the way. The gun does have good serrations. You can pretty much grip it however.

I’m actually not too worried about safety’s coming off in a holster. I really just want it to stay engaged during holstering (I’ve read quite a few horror stories). I do like that if I ride the slide, it’s impossible for it to reengage. I also like that it’s ambidextrous, so if for some terrible reason I had to draw across with the opposite hand I could get that safety off easy. Still prefer that shield safety though. It’s very stiff and distinct.

Sig P320 looks like a similar system. Do those still have drop safety issues?

I was just referring to the Shield 45, to go with my 45C.

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The P320 issues have been resolved. I’ve seen several of the “non upgraded” being sold used but all current productions are good to go. Just left the P320 world a few months ago and went to FN when the 509 midsize came out. Can’t go wrong with the P320 in my opinion. Fantastic gun and system.


Awesome! I’ll definitely buy new if I pick that up. I remember being interested a few years ago, but after I saw the drop test I wrote it off for good.

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I carry an M&P 2.0 Compact with no safety. I’m not worried about it going off in the holster. When I holster it, I double check my holster for obstructions, use my off hand to press my clothes flat and that side of my spare tire and then holster. I make it a conscious habit to not holster blindly.


I %100 agree with that. I would not feel unsafe carrying the m&p compact no safety. I would feel unsafe if I carried my current shield (which I’m very comfortable and happy with) with a safety after training with a gun without a safety.

Nothing against people who don’t use safety’s, but I like them. I am very meticulous and stubborn about how I handle a gun. That being said I do make mistakes. So the safety makes me happy. Id even feel fine with a double action. But again, I’m not giving up on my shield with a safety… I love that gun.

Tbh, I kind of want this gun. I really love the shield format, it gives me the same safety, same grip, it’s definitely a CC pistol, and I know after shooting it a while I would be comfortable carrying it.
It would also be a new fun gun to play with. The more I look at guns, the more I realize how much I like the shield. It’s also a more affordable option compared to most.

The only drawback for me is ammo price, but I have a 40 and it’s really not much more expensive to shoot than that.

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