Head to Head Comparisons

I recently decided I needed a different carry gun (well, needed may be a bit strong :wink: ). A number of you are die-hard Glock lovers, so I thought I’d give them another try.

Off to the range I went! I tried the Glock 43X, Sig 365, and the Springfield Hellcat head to head. I put 5 rounds in each firearm and shot them in order. They’re all 9 mm and about the same size for concealing. I shot much better with one of them than the other two - and was much more comfortable shooting it as well.

Have you ever been interested in multiple guns and shot them side by side? What differences did you notice between the firearms?

When you’ve done a gun to gun comparison, what stood out the most to you?


I’ve done this a few times as well. What always stands out the most to me is trigger and sight picture. After that feel, with most striker fired polymer guns these days it seems for me more have a similar feel than a glaring difference in feel pertaining to perceived recoil, ergonomics is a different story though.

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On the surface, it seems like a great idea. (The same holds true for motorcycles and many other things.) And it IS a good idea. The trouble, IMHO, is that there are so many variables. One range visit I may shoot a 92 really well and on the next visit I don’t. From one day to another, my results would vary quite a bit!


I don’t usually do the side by side. By the way, which one did you like? The Sig? We took most of “the kids” to the range yesterday and was surprised that the full sized Beretta 96 had more felt recoil than the sub-compact Glock 27.
Every gun I’ve bought was for a specific purpose. It was all based on research and forums. This last purchase was the first time I rented the gun and fired it before buying it. luckily/unfortunately for me, my biases and prejudices usually point me one way or another pretty quickly. My mind is made up before I shoot anything.


Speed vs style. Meaning, the speed with which I could get a semiauto into action, and put an equal amount of rounds on toaster, compared to a revolver. Also, size comparison. I can shoot Compact to large guns, in various calibers up to and including 480 Ruger. I do not shoot pocket guns, in snappy calibers, like the LC9 very well.

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My first pistol was chosen after gun to gun comparison.
All 3 were lefty friendly, shot very similar with identical accuracy. 2 had perfect grip for my hand.
Final decision was based on details. Identical levers on both firearm sides won.

Recently I’ve done side by side comparison of another 3 semi autos to see if I’m able to shoot other pistols accurately.
Again - grip, feel and fit was crucial, comfort is needed for accuracy and speed.

I will do another gun to gun comparison probably around September.

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When I test my Glocks side-by- side, my Glock always comes out ahead.


I rented a lot before my first firearm. The most recent purchase, I tried a PX4 Storm, G23, G30, M2.0 40, and Sig 229 (I also brought some personal firearms to compare). Controls. pointability vs POI, getting back on target for multiple shots, factory trigger, hot spots while shooting, and perceived recoil all played a factor… I should also mention that this time off-the-shelf holster options played a factor. I ended up with the M2.0 40. A few years ago it was the G43, S&W airweight vs my own K9… ended up purchasing a CM9.

I have to say, that I’ve rented almost every caliber Glock over the last 20 years (except the 380 and 357 Sig) and I just can’t cozy up to it. It’s a fine brand, though. I can see why people looking for Glock characteristics in other firearms won’t be happy with other brands. For me, it’s the other way around.


I thought it was normal to change carry guns based on outfits, moods, or needs…

Do most people here only have 1 carry gun for every situation?


I respect those that carry one firearm. Personally, I have a preferred firearm, and usually, different required modes of dress, related activity, and risk assessment require a compromise in size, weight, and carry positions (for me). Currently I’m experimenting with different carry options for my preferred EDC to increase it’s concealability with lighter garments during warmer weather and outdoor physical activites to limit having to change from one to the other. All of of my “smaller” options are of similar design, function, and brand.


My rubric is: how much tweaking of my grip must I do to run this gun?

Less is better.


I was set on buying the Glock when I went in… the recoil and time to reacquire my sight picture were terrible.

I shot the Hellcat and it didn’t fit my hand well for a number of reasons but my recoil management and time to reacquire sight picture were better than with the Glock.

I went with the Sig. My accuracy and precision were best with the Sig.

For those of you who have multiple carry guns do you carry them in the same location on your body for muscle memory?


I use ONE firearm for EDC. I don’t like surprises. Know best what are you using everyday.

What sights were on that SIG?


I have 2 carry guns and 2 carry locations.

A Glock 19 and Sig p365. I carry at the 3 o’clock or shoulder holster. I carry the sig the most nowadays but practice regularly with both.

I changed the sights on both pistols so they are the same so the only difference between the two guns is the size


A main location for some depending on size and purpose in terms of concealability.

My large carries, 95% of the time, right hip OWB paddle serpa. Rarely based on setup, IWB 4-5 Oclock.

G34, paddle serpa 95% of the time right hip. Road tripping I tried and liked a shoulder holster.

TP9SFX with Streamlight, thumb release paddle, OWB right hip.

NAA mini revolver, left front pocket or if no pocket for late night stroll to let dog out, undergarment elastic band gripping the grip right hip (always in my customish holster

Taurus 85, ankle holster mostly these days left leg inside, B4 left hand draw IWB small of the back, and gym belly band right hip.

All positions are practiced my like my days substitute driving school buses, each route a different style of bus practically but muscle memory, I could activate and deactivate switches for everything without even glancing.

All extra mags are always 7-9 Oclock with exception of shoulder holster.

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The standard sights, I didn’t go for the new SAS.


Dawn, you took a very logical, well thought out approach to the process. Kudos.

I carry different guns in different places for different reasons. Midwest winters give you the flexibility of being able to conceal just about anything, so my preferred winter carry had been a .45 1911 of one sort or the other, usually in a strong side OWB holster.
Since I’ve found the SW Shield .45, it’s my EDC in a crossbreed IWB. The only thing about that is the holster isn’t the easiest thing to put on, but once it’s on, it’s awesome.
When in a suit, I can sometimes get away with a waistband holster, but more likely than not, I’ll have a Sig 938 in an ankle rig. Definitely not fast, but armed beats unarmed.
I do some volunteer work with homeless and human trafficking victims, and when driving the van, I’m thinking about a shoulder rig, given the easier draw, again with the 1911.


I have , the biggest difference is the angle of the grip for me . To me it changes my sight picture . Buy what you like and trust . It’s just a tool .

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I have done that comparison from time to time, however for me I do not find a lot of overall value in it anymore over say just going and shooting a single gun for a bit.

I carried a single gun for decades, in the same holster, in the same spot. I eventually did get a small gun for those 1% of cases where I needed it. I still detest shooting the thing, but it works, and I shoot it ok.

Currently, as I have stated in a few other threads, doing the “I want a new EDC gun test” for platform. Evaluation of 6 different guns (and platforms), all using the same holster in the same spot I have always carried. One I definitely shoot better than the others, however I am not a slouch with any of them.

Dawn, my partner has the Sig 365 (not that it matters the gun), and about 8 different carry holster options so far… Her fav is either the OWB or IWB Crossbreed holsters as I catch her wearing those the most.


They sure did great with the P365. I’m a big fan. Yes, i carry each gun in (roughly) the same location. Bigger gun needs to be in a specific “nook”. All have same brand holster (crossbreed)

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