What is the best carry gun?

Some will insist the best carry gun is the Glock 43X. Others will say it’s the Sig 365. Still others will advocate for the Hellcat.

We all know what the best carry gun is – the gun that YOU can safely and accurately shoot and is comfortable enough that you will carry it. So there is not one gun make or model that will check all of the boxes for each person.

Let’s hear it, what is your favorite carry gun and why?


As you have already stated, the best carry gun is the one that a person can safely and accurately shoot and one that is comfortable enough to carry . I would add - A gun that the person has the most confidence in.

I added that because many years ago, I carried nothing but 1911’s off duty. One in particular was so fickle and unreliable that I never carried again. I lost confidence in it and always had doubts about being able to use it to defend myself.

So what’s my favorite carry gun? Well, in Florida in the summer, mine is the Sig Sauer P365 due to it’s slim dimensions and deep concealability. I compared it to what Glock had to offer and to me, having 12+1 available was the deciding factor over the Glock.

However, in the cooler months, I go back to the G19 - my most favorite carry gun.

Stay safe out there.


Dan Wesson Commander 1911 in .38 Superb. Great trigger, a little more power than 9mm, and it just looks good. :grinning:


Going back to the question. I think the best carry gun is what ever the person likes,is comfortable with, And it works for them.


Like @Frank73 I am a big fan of the Sig P365. It has the capacity, power and accuracy to handle a lot of scenarios while still being just barely small enough for me to pocket carry if I need/want to.

Though I must admit that since picking up a Ruger LCP Max I have been carrying that more and more. I used to have an LCP 2 for extreme concealment but never felt completely comfortable carrying a marginal number of rounds in a marginally effective caliber. The Max is super comfortable to carry and just barely larger than the LCP2 but with an 11 or 13 round capacity. It also has good sights and reduced recoil for rapid follow up shots. So given the very low crime and conflict area I live in I feel pretty well covered with it. But I still go for the P365 or a G19 when traveling in areas with a higher threat level.


My neighbor has a G43x. It is a nice handgun especially with the option of after market 15 round mags. But it is significantly larger than a P365. Also it’s trigger pull and reset are not as nice, in my opinion, as the other Gen 5 Glocks I have tried or the P365. Though some may prefer the perception of added safety from the heavier trigger pull??

We are living in a time of great options with lots of new micro guns to go along with all the old reliable standard size ones. No reason for people not to be able to find something that is the best for their lifestyle and needs.


the glock 194326, imo.


I love @Frank73’s explanation… and that would be my answer to WHY part of the question.

WHAT is my favorite? I’ve been always 1911 fan, but never have found the perfect one I could carry … till now.
CZ P-01 was the most comfortable and fitted my 1911 sentiment. Unfortunately it was not a good choice for beginner. In the meantime I tried polymers…
After 30 months of my firearm journey I bought Staccato C2 DPO and finally found my favorite. This one may stay with me forever.
It is still an “internship position”… but looks it converts to “permanent EDC job” soon. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s not only a beautiful work of art but also the best piece of mind, however that’s sooooo 2020, this is 2021 best carry weapon, depends on how you define carry!


After careful consideration and firing a lot of examples of carry guns I decided the best one is whatever I feel like carrying today… :sunglasses:

My current favorite(s) are my Glock 43X and my Glock 48. Both have the 3.5 Ghost Connector installed and my “trigger job” an internal polishing treatment every Glock I own gets, so very SMOOTH triggers with NO wall and short reset.

Both are fed by Shield Arms 15 round mags, have their metal mag release installed and wear TFO sights. I tried other small 9mm with smaller grip frames and they are just not as easy to shoot under stress. I have learned to intensely dislike guns that leave my pinky hanging and since I have no problems concealing the 43X/48, even in the summer under a light shirt, I don’t have to compromise my grip.

The 43X and 48 fit my hand perfectly and I can hit the streets with a gun that disappears under my t-shirt AIWB carry and with a spare mag I’m carrying 31 rounds, so a gun with the capacity of the Glock 19 at 2/3rds of the size. What’s there not to like?


My 2013 Ruger SR9C.

I’m a lefty so ambi safety is a plus.
Sweet trigger.
Eats everything I feed it.


The one you feel comfortable and safe to carry everyday with confidence.


I love the 1911. Id like one in 10mm. Dreaming. I’m just not sure if I’d be more apt to carry the commander or officer. I’ve never fire either of those. But I am looking into it. I might consider a 9mm.


For me, I prefer the Ruger Max-9 when I need the best concealability, and the Glock 19 when I can dress around it better. Both are readily concealable, have adequate capacity IMO, and meet the handling/fit/accuracy requirements.


I’ll take a M&P or SDVE series gun, with a 4 inch barrel. Big guys can hide big guns. Still rocking my M&P 45C. I shoot it well, quickly, and it is very comfortable in the hand. Lite enough to carry all day, heavy enough to mitigate the 230 grain +p flying ashtrays that it’s loaded with.


For what it’s worth and contrary to popular belief the recoil on a Commander or Officer is not hugely different from the recoil on a 5” full size Government 1911.

The recoil on a 10mm is directly related to the load and 10mm comes in a much wider spectrum of loads than .45 or 9mm. I’m currently carrying +P 135gr Hollow Points and they are FAST and accurate in my Dan Wesson Razorback and the recoil I’d much less than any of my .45s. But when I switch to hard cast 180 grains the recoil is much stouter.

Basically because of a lack of a market there are very few Commander sized 1911 and no Officer’s sized guns in 10mm. I’ve been toying with the idea of having one custom made for a long time. Next year I might just take the plunge and get it done.

I am very happy with carrying my Glock 43. I am also a Glock person who used to carry a G27 but find the 43 is smaller and lighter and honestly I am not getting any younger. Those who get uptight with the 6 round mags must never have had to carry with a 5 or 6 round revolver, a mag change is much faster than a speed loader. One other thing I would like to tell you, I have found over the years that you will always shoot better with the gun you are most comfortable with. Please understand the these are only my opinion and nothing is set in stone.


I am currently carrying the M&P Shield Plus 9mm with Truglo TFOs with the 10 round flush fit mag with one in the chamber. My 13 round mag as my backup. I carry AIWB and I’m comfortable this way. I’m not saying it’s the best overall carry gun but it’s my carry gun. Then again it just might be.

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That’s a sweet gun. I have clone wwii us army 45 acp. I like it a lot. I’d like to get the other one I bought but gave to one of my son’s for his birthday. I will be looking for a nicer 1911, either Colt, DW, other.


Love 10mm too. Why wont a gun company make a lightweight commander with bob tail in 10mm. My dream carry gun