What's your favorite Concealed Carry Gun Brand? (Poll)


As we’ve already seen in some discussions here, we all of our individual favorites! What is your top choice for concealed carry gun? Please add a comment as to why it’s your favorite in the thread below.

  • Beretta
  • Bersa
  • Browning
  • Canik
  • Colt
  • FN
  • Glock
  • Kahr
  • Kel-Tec
  • Kimber
  • Remington
  • Rock Island Armory
  • Ruger
  • Savage
  • Sig Sauer
  • Smith & Wesson
  • Springfield Armory
  • Sturm
  • Taurus
  • Walther

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Smith and Wesson is my favorite for 3 reasons. It’s the first brand I’ve ever shot. .357 revolver, the recoil when not expecting it isn’t good. The brand has a long trusted history and when you hold one, for me, they just fit.

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I have a Walther preference specically because of their P99as model. I enjoy the fact that it’s a da/sa with a decocker and, not encumbered by a manual safety. Plus, the grip ergonomics are fantastic.

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Love Glock it’s always worked for me great customer service and great aftermarket selection


For me it isn’t a Brand issue… It’s a weapons platform preference… I like 1911’s, reliable, easy to work on, lots of parts upgrades if needed, and mages are interchangeable for 99% of them. I can pick any weapon up and shoot it, but the style of weapon is it… No matter the Brand…


I love the variety of brands and platforms! It’s always great to have multiple suggestions for people asking about carry guns!

@Tankrachet86 do you carry a 1911? If so, any tips on getting comfortable carrying in condition 1?


I never learned condition levels… but I assume you mean 1 in the pipe and on safe… for OWB I carry at my 9 o’clock seeing as I’m a southpaw… so if your a right-hand dominate person I carry at my 3 o’clock, but I usually cant the holster forward to 10-15 degrees… with it tilting forward, the hammer and spur are less likely to dig in. As far as IWB goes, I carry on my kidney with a standard lefty holster, somewhat more comfy seeing as it lands in between you side pocket and back pocket when wearing jeans… but I favor small of the back, using a right handed handed holster. Being left handed it sounds counter intuitive… But using probably in your case a left handed holster, the grip faces your strong hand. Does that help?? Or should I say does it make sense?? I know I kinda carry in a wierd way… How are you carrying it right now??


I currently carry a Sig 320, but know people who are interested in carrying the 1911.

Condition 1 is carried cocked and locked. So one in the chamber, hammer cocked and safety on.

My biggest concern if I carried a 1911 is if I’d forget to turn off the safety in the heat of the moment of a self-defense incident. I would have to train a lot to feel comfortable carrying that way.

And right now, I love my 320 so I don’t see a need to change it. :smiley:


My buddy is going to Las Vegas tomorrow for shot show next week, he carries a 320 aswell… absolutely loves it… I get it… but if your friends have questions message me and illvtry to help out!


Awesome! I will! Can’t wait to see the latest and greatest from Shot Show next week!

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I’ve heard that carrying small of back is dangerous. My understanding is that if you fall you can break your back. Is this true @Tankrachet86?
As far as brands, I’d love to get a Glock or Smith and Wesson compact when I give my Security 9 to my dad for a CC gun. But I don’t have enough experience to say what my favorite brand is (if I had to choose between my existing handguns I’d say my Springfield XDS).


I love the xds… but small of the back would be dangerous if you were falling flat on your back… but if you curve your back like your suppose to its fine… happened many times in winter to me…

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Curve your back as in you lean slightly forward as you fall to prevent your head hitting the ground? If that’s what you mean then I understand what you’re talking about.
What holster company do you use for your small of back holster?

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I’m a left hander… but I use a bianchi right hand holster. It’s a IWB right side holster with a single clip… but I haven’t had issues with it riding or the clip malfunctioning… in 5 years…

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Oh yeah. I forgot that you can just get a left handed holster and then adjust the cant to the right place and stick it in the small of your back.
Have you always carried at the small of back? What are the pros and cons to carrying small of back compared to behind the hip.

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Give me a bit I’ll expand on it when I get off work


Smith and Wesson. The M&P line has several very good options, and they are backed by Smiths history and lifetime service. They are very ergonomic also.


Sorry Luke, had to pass out and go back to work… but pros for me, is during the winter my weapon is completely covered so it doesn’t fat as cold, and salt doesn’t effect it as much. But on the other hand it’s also covered year around when I need it to be… Like here we have the Mall of America, which has some problems with firearms apparently… But I go places like that and carry SOB and it prints less than if you carried on your side… (personal opinion)… but the real con I feel is that your weapon digs in when you sit down… that’s my really my biggest and I think only con…


Gotcha. I’ll definitely give that some thought. As it is, I gotta get into the habit of squatting to pick something up and not bending over. But it sounds like small of back is a great way to carry. Definitely will think about carrying that way.


I am not a one brand kind of guy. I only listed my Springfield because it is my most compact (actually a subcompact) weapon. I still love my Glock and I do carry it as often as I do my Springfield.