What is your preferred carry and round count


So after long standing arguments and discussions what is your favorite carry pistol and how many rounds do you currently have through it.
I am personally a fan of a Springfield xdm. I have several of them and I believe they are fine pistols. I currently have about 500 rounds through it. I know that’s low but I shoot when I can and haven’t had a single failure. Shout out with what you got.


Smith and Wesson M&P 2.0 9mm Compact
I put about 300 rounds through it before i couldn’t get back to my range in the fall. Now that my wife is showing an interest in shooting I’m hoping to get at least a thousand this summer.


FNS9C with a couple thousand, a Glock 29 with probably about 300 through it, and a Taurus 605 with probably 1000 through it. I prefer them all because they are all suited for various applications.


I carry a Sig 320 Subcompact. I stopped counting when I had about 500 through it and the boys each had it on the range at separate times while I was working.

They each used all the ammo I had in my range bag… And at 19 they can’t replace the ammo… :angry:

I can’t wait until they’re 21 and can buy their own handgun ammo. :laughing:


I carry a SIG P365, and I currently have about 2300 rounds through it so far. Honestly, after the first 200 rounds or so (assuming no failures), I am willing to carry a particular pistol.


M&P 45c. After 500, I stopped counting. It’s over 1000. My GP100, that I carry for deer and woods walking, probably has 1200 full power .357 mag, and a couple hundred .38’s through it. Like other have said about a carry gun, 2-300 rounds without a failure, and a couple boxes of hollow points, and I’ll trust my life to a gun.


Glock 19 and sometimes a 17. Several thousand rounds through both.

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I have two that I carry 1 is a Rock Island Armory 1911 in .45 ACP and I have about 700 rounds through it. The other is a Rugar LC9s in 9 mm and have about 500 rounds through it. And which one I carry depends on where I’m going and what I’m going to be doing. Because the 1911 I can only open carry because I haven’t been able to find a holster that I can carry it concealed do to some mobility issues I have with my arms. but the LC9s I do have a holster that when I’m carrying it it makes it look like I don’t have a gun. Because the holster looks like a pouch for a tablet and not a gun.


Shield .45 i have about 1000 -1200 rounds and no problem here. This is great pistol .45 and carry everyday.


I have a Taurus 709 and have put around 2000-4000 rounds through the gun and the same with my wife’s gun which is a Ruger LC9s. We go shooting at least 3-4 times a month and put several hundred through the guns when we go shooting. We will hit the indoor range in the morning then drive to the outdoor range that afternoon just for the difference.

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Sprinfield .40 XD and Sig 320 9MM carry.

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Carry firearm is a Springfield XDM 3.8 (.40S&W)…about 6K rounds. NO failures to date. Always keep it cleaned and lubricated and feed it quality ammo. The Home Defense firearm is the same model only 4.5 (barrel length) with a combination light/laser mounted on the rail. About the same round count. Magazines are interchangeable. VERY reliable firearms…


Springfield XD Mod 2 45 3.3". I currently dont count how many rounds I put through any of my firearms.


Welcome, @Chi_Town-Lew! Great gun! The Springfield XDM’s grip is pretty aggressive (at least the ones I’ve shot have been). Do you prefer a more aggressive grip? I know it’s helpful in high stress situations.


Morning Dawn! The grip on the XDM fits my hand and provides great ‘purchase’ when removing from the holster. Having taken courses, conducted on outdoor ranges, this is paramount when training/shooting in the rain and cold…


Very true! I wasn’t a fan of the grip for shooting at the range, but it definitely would help in a high-stress situation with sweaty palms or in inclement weather. I may have to check out different grip options for my carry…


I absolutely love the grip of my xdm’s I feel as though my hand was made for them and sight alignment is spot on. Either at the range or defensive shooting I am confident and comfortable with it.

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That’s awesome @Skywalker87! I love hearing about people finding the gun for them.

Another perfect example of why having a variety of guns to choose from is important! Not every one will like every gun.


Absolutely! It’s what works for you! Unless it’s a hi-point :wink: I literally like most any gun and love to learn about other brands and how they function. I’m a mechanic I love to see the differences!


SCCY CPX-2, 9mm. I currently have about 1,000 rounds through it. The first 100 rounds were miserable: numerous feed and eject failures, pins walked out of frame. SCCY was great to work with, new pins, polished the ramp, and the gun has been 100% reliable the last 900 rounds. Pluses: Fits my hand well, love the DAO trigger, simple to disassemble and clean. Minus: Double stack magazine - gun prints unless I carry IWB.