How many rounds do you carry?

Just thought I’d ask this. I usually have anywhere between 7-16 depending on what gun and if I have an extra mag.

I hear a lot of people saying they carry over 30 rounds. I personally have no problem with that, but I’m also wondering if that could be used against you in court if you had to defend yourself.

Just curious and looking to learn!


Normal day, 17 rounds(9 in the gun, and an 8 round spare mag). For extended trips(farther than 60 miles from home), I add a 10 round mag. For “vacations” I add a spare box of ammo in my luggage. One of my bags doubles as a bug out bag.


Depends on what I am carrying. If the M&P 40 31 rounds, 15+1 in the firearm and one 15 round spare mag. Same with one of the compact 9mm.
If the 1911 between 17 and 24. 8+1 in the weapon plus 8 round spare mag, sometimes another 7 round mag.


Around town I carry 8 in the nug and 1 extra mag. I have 2 mags and a 20 rnd. box of bullets in my trauma bag which goes every where with me. Going out of town I arm up.


I needed a dual mag holder for a class. Ever since then, I carry it. I’m over 30 most days.


I’m going to be a knuckle head. I’m very comfortable with my lower count.

How many rounds is too little, how many rounds would be excessive.

I know some legal situations, if you were found with too much ammunition, it could make you look bad (weather it should or not).


I carry as much as I think the bad guy is carrying.
Why don’t we ask the bad guy how much he/she is carrying?
On the precipice of socialism I prefer looking bad to feeling dead.
They are assassinating law enforcement on a daily basis. Gangs are running rampant and in some cases own the very streets you pay taxes on. It’s sickening to me anytime I hear crap like “they invaded his/their turf” are you kidding me “their TURF”!
I suggest you carry what ever your neighborhood dictates! For example the streets of east LA, Chicago, any sanctuary city, etc 1000 rounds at minimum, Sanibel Island, Florida 28 rounds maximum.
On a more solemn note, if your thinking of moving to a safe place like Florida, leave your liberal ideology at the border. That means you Bloomberg! Think about it, if this fool buys the presidency, you won’t be able to carry a big gulp!


While I have no worries about carrying my EDC, my basic load is 10 + 10 + 1. I am always loaded and ready for whatever happens. I write this mentality off to the time I spent in a US Army Combat Unit. Enough said.


I always carry a spare mag. What if there’s a malfunction in which you have to change mags? Then you’ll be glad you had 30 total rounds. Always plan for the worst case scenario.


This is why I carry a spare as well (most of the time). Sometimes I wear a belly band, and I’ll just carry the gun. I carry a sub compact, so I do like the extra rounds. However, my main reason for the spare is this.


Weapon (at least 7+1), occasionally a second mag if I’m heading to a higher risk area. With that said, any weapon I carry is one I can accurately hit with and is sufficiently powerful for me to have confidence in neutralizing likely threats. You have to go with what YOU are comfortable with.


Some people carry a 5rd revolver. Some people have 3 mags +1 + a spare ankle gun. I think a lot of factors play a part. What’s your job, where you live, what types of crimes are rampant in your area.

I think legally,(maybe that’s where I should have posted this :grimacing:), your ammo count shouldn’t matter if you are clearly defending yourself. That being said, do we really need to run around with 50-60 rounds. You could say you don’t know until you need it. But I stay away from dangerous areas (I understand some can’t), I do everything in my power to avoid all potential dangers, I feel over prepared with my 15 rds (I carry a subcompact, If I was carrying to carry a full size I would carry over 30rds. I would want the extra mag for malfunctions and I’m not going to put 8 rounds in a 15 round mag). Also, with a large mag, would it be possible, out of stress, to fire many more rounds in self defense and it appear you used “excessive force”? These legal issues can ruin your life. That’s the main reason I’m part of the USCCA.

I’m not trying to ruffle feathers. It’s just an Interesting topic to me. Carry how your comfortable! This actually started because I watched a Paul Harrel video which talked about ammo capacity. Unfortunately I can’t find it any more :sweat_smile:.


9-10 in Pistol and sometimes a spare mag. Connecticut is a 10 round max mag state.


I usually have 25 on my person (12 round mag in gun, one in the pipe and another spare 12 round mag) and I have a few spare magazines in my car and in my closet that are topped off with EDC ammo, just in case. And there might be a bunch of rounds of ball ammo in the car and in the closet.


Never thought of ball ammo in the car :thinking:


I don’t have many guns with high capacity, and I usually carry an extra mag.
I’m almost exclusively a single stack shooter with the exception of a couple of Glocks (that I usually don’t carry).
I usually carry either an M&P shield .45, a 1911, or a sig 938.
BUT–I’m picking up a Ruger 57, so I’ll have 20/40 on me as a very light, low recoil option. IDK how often I’ll carry it. Time will tell. I prefer the shield and the 938 because they’re lighter and comfortable all day. Carrying a 1911 all day is wonderful (given how much I like the gun), but it’s not the lightest or smallest gun out there–(even in commander or officer sizes).


Depends on where I am working. if Im in the burbs of Chicago…typically my G43 and a backup mag…if I’m down on the Southside…G19 with two mags. it all depends on where and when I am going to be somewhere.


It’s in there for the range … but … in a pinch.


As of right now, I cary 25 rounds. But here soon that will jump up to 59. And if I can’t take care of the problem with 59 rounds, HUSTON WE HAVE A PROBLEM. And it’s NOT from lack of training, time to call in an A-10 WARTHOG airstrike… lol


I carry a tactical FULL size 1911 everyday in a shoulder rig. I feel naked every morning until I put it on and have my Black Rifle CoffeeAG Shoulder