Mags carried


how many mags are you comfortable with carrying or carry


As many as I can get on and still walk like a normal human. More than likely a 12 round mag in my FN, a 17 round in my left back pocket, with the bullets facing left for swiftly reloading, a revolver on my ankle, and a speed loader in whatever pocket I can fit it in. So 39 bullets sometimes.

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3 15 rounders for my ruger and possibly a couple of 10ers in a pocket. 4 speedkoaders for my smith if carrying it and 4 12 rounders for my vz/cz82. If I use my vest can add about 3 more magazines to my carry.

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The one in my pistol, that’s it. I’m probably the only person on here who will admit it. I tried extra mags but I value my comfort.

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Magazines can jam or stick. Extra mags are not just more rounds but can become necessary to replace a failing mag. Plus gun fight isn’t over when your mag is empty, its over when the total threat is stopped. The mags are for mental comfort and your safety.


Usual carry is one 15 round mag in my Glock 19 backed up by two 17 mags. So, 50 rounds total.

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I carry a minimum of one extra but usually two extra

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I always carry one extra 8 rounder. When we are traveling farther than 30 miles, I carry the extra 8, and an extra 10 round. Total ammo onboard=27 rounds of 230 +p 45 acp.

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2 mags. 1 in the G43 and an extra. Summer time, usually just the 1.

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I carry my SCCY with a round in the chamber and a full 10 in the magazine. And I usually carry one spare magazine. I figure the chances of needing any more than 21 rounds is are almost non existent.


2 spare…


Can you guys share how you carry the extra magazines? (Holster type? Please don’t say loose in a back pack… please… :wink: )


I used to carry with the bullets facing left in my back pocket, now I carry with bullets facing my belt buckle in a mag pouch. The mag pouch is a grayish blue to match my jeans, because it is an owb pouch.

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I carry in my back pocket. I carry my wallet in my left front pocket.

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I carry two extra magazines (limited to ten rounders), one in an AIWB holder and the other in an Ammo Armor case in my pocket.


If I’m using the smaller sig I just carry the extra mag in my pocket.

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I don’t define by # of mags, I consider the number extra of rounds. I try to carry a minimum of 12 rounds in addition to what’s already onboard the weapon. I know I can never carry enough, so I just pray what I have well help. :us:

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Those look interesting. I just ordered two of the belt sliders to give them a shot. Normally I prefer to carry 8+1 and two spare mags at eight each.

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3 13 round magazine for my 45


Hey @AdamJ, same here. I haven’t found a comfortable way to carry additional mags. Thinking about getting an ankle magazine holster, but haven’t tried one on yet.