Mags carried

on my belt opposite side black kydex from gold star holsters in nixa mo veteran owned store

I’m right handed double mag each facing a different direction for how i load.

Extra mags carried with rounds facing backwards. When I draw them my pointer finger pushes the top round back into the rear of the mag. I then twist my hand inside and up which presents the mag into the proper alignment for insertion into the magwell.

I have a couple of owb double carriers and a Remora single mag carrier for iwb.

I got a free mag carrier from Alien Gear, and it’s a bit un-comfy to wear, most of the time, I just carry what’s in my pistol - until I figure out how to make it more comfortable.

If I carry my 9mm (1 spare)= 35 rounds total. If I carry my .45 then (2 spares) = 31 rounds total.

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How many mags do/can you carry at a time?

Im I working or going about a day in town?

Right now I’m carrying one spare mag. Once i get to test out my other two that i purchased and verify they are in working order I will be carrying 2 spare mags with a third spare left in my vehicle. If i was a skinny dude I could get away with carrying more in a vertical position, but my spare tire creates some problems with that.

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I have a shoulder holster. I keep 2mags with 17 rounds and always have one in the chamber so 35 rounds. I have been through a couple of self defense classes and I feel if I have to chamber a round I’m at a disadvantage. I always carry loaded.

Nothing wrong with comfort. I’ll carry one in the gun…which most times is my P365 and I’ll leave one mag in the arm rest/center console of whichever car I’m in at the time.

I just got these IWB mag holsters for my G43. They. Are. Awesome! Comes with 3 individual holsters. Can really customize what you put in it and where it’s carried. I can easily carry 2 extended mags side by side. My flash light fits well too.

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Tuctite Annex Appendix Holster for my S&W PC Shield 9 w/ TLR6


I carry a Taurus 9mm with 2 extea mags (in my weak side pants pocket.) Total 21 rounds. I am thinking about a mag holster, but have not found one that I like yet.


I have a kydex mag carrier made by Tulster that rides on my weak side, opposite my Tulster holster on my strong side. NSR Tactical has a pocket carry mag holder that keeps the magazine oriented correctly I ma going to try that out as soon as I get around to buying one.


Looks like I have come late to this party.

I carry two extra mags on my belt in an old Blackberry phone case. Works really well and when work ditched all the Blackberry phones for I-phones, I collected a number of spare cases just for this purpose (they might wear out).

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It really varies with which gun I’m carrying and what I have planned for the day.

If I’m escorting someone with HVM I may carry up to four 12 round mag’s for a compact or sub compact XD or XDM if they want a low key presence. Depending on the circumstances I may carry an additional backup gun and at least one spare for it.

Less low key, I’ll be carrying a 5.25" full size XDM 40 or 45 with either 16+1 or 13+1. For regular daily carry locally I’ll carry one spare for the .40 or maybe two for the 45.

If I’m carrying a revolver I’ll always carry at least two speedloaders and a bag full of loose shells “just in case”.

Threat level and circumstances dictate.

Unless you knowingly have to go into a high threat area or situation I see no sense in loading up for war. Ammo is heavy and the more you carry the less comfortable it is.

We’re not preparing for war, just for the extremely low probability that we’ll find ourselves in a situation where we have to defend ourselves and others from random crime typically as self defenders.

Carrying a firearm won’t prevent you from ending up in a fight. All it does is give you a tool to use if you do.

For most people and most circumstances you’re far better off avoiding high risk areas and high risk situations to begin with because no matter what you carry it isn’t a shield to make you impervious to harm.

Let common sense and comfort rule.

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Keep in mind if your mag is on the same side as your gun hand it complicates reloading unnecessarily if you end up in a fight and need it.

Reloads under stress become very difficult and I think it’s best to avoid complications wherever possible.

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Reloading is typically the fastest way to clear most malfunctions. One spare mag should be sufficient. However some of us choose to be a little more cautious.

That being said, with a proper belt you will barely notice the extra weight. I went with Bigfoot Gun Belts and i do not notice the extra weight at all.

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Not bad logic but in truth the fastest way to clear most malfunctions is simply to rack the slide which takes less than half the time required to drop a mag and replace it which will require you to rack the slide again because you won’t have reached slide lock.

In many cases you will be required to drop the mag and rack the slide back in order to reload and get the gun back in the fight if you choose to drop the mag at all.

In a fight your highest odds of survival are achieved by keeping things as simple as possible.

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Pistol OWB with a windbreaker of some sort on warm days (there are some made of materials specifically to keep the wearer cooler) at 3-4 o’clock. The spare magazine (and only one) is typically a folded kydex sort at 9. That said, typically I don’t have a spare magazine.

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17+1 in the gun, extra mag of 17

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