What gun do you carry? How many rounds does your magazine carry and do you carry a reload?

I carry a Glock 43 with 6 rounds in the mag I carry 3 spare mags.



Sorry all my guns were lost in a tragic boating accident while sailing the Arabian Desert :metal: :+1:


Glock 43 with the Pearce +1 mag mod. I carry 1 extra mag also with +1 mod.


Is it weird my wife named all my carry guns? Like my sig p238 that she calls “Baby Spit” or my gray HK USP Compact that she likes to call Gray Beard…even my sig P365 that she has started calling the “angry toddler”. She even named my Springfield XDS’s in 9mm and .45 “hansel and gretel”.

My biggest fear is I’ll need to pull out my “baby spit” and in that split second where I think of the name…start laughing uncontrollably instead of shoot.

Anyways, I always have full mags and 1 in the chamber and I only use Federal HST rounds in my handguns.

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15 round mag with JHPs. No ccw yet but plan is to carry back up mag of 15 FMJ. I figure if SHTF so bad I go completely through the 1st mag I will want over penetration on the 2nd mag.

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That logic seems counter intuitive. With the same shot placement, a projectile that makes a bigger hole and does more internal damage will have a better ability to stop a threat than one that could just pass clean through.

I would think a second dose of JHPs would be in order for an amped up threat who managed to keep coming after already being shot 15 times.

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M&P 45c
8+1 with standard mags, 10+1 with “full size” mags. Spare mag. 2 spares if going more than 100 miles from home.


Not a single threat. Multiple threats should be needed to empty a 15 round mag of hollow points.

If I do that while I am out and about and the threats are not either neutralised or retreating, I may not be able to stop them all but with over penetration more would be slowed down allowing a potential escape for myself but at the least should allow my family enough time to escape.

Different story if in my auto or at home. I have 2 loaded for jhp and 1 fmj.

I wondered who was in that other boat and why they didnt come help me while my boat was sinking. Terrible loss.


I carry a 1986 Colt Officers Model 1911.

If I get to the bottom of that magazine and things are still going badly I have at least 4 pick up guns to run and a 3.5 lb hammer in my right hand, it will get sporty from there.




16 rounds per mag with 6 mags. 9 mm
back up is 30 rounds with 12 mags. 5.56

I have a variety that I may be carrying on any given day, depending on the circumstances and what my attire is on that day. The four most common are probably:

Glock 19X Gen5 crossover, 2 spare 19 round mags.
Glock 23 Gen 5, 2 spare 13 round mags.
Glock 45 Gen 5 crossover, 2 spare 17 round mags.
Sig P365XL, 2 spare 15 round mags.

Generally speaking, I carry a Kahr PM45 (5+1) or CW45 (6+1) with a 6 or 7 round reload. This sometimes changes.

Mine also, we must have hit the same rogue wave.


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I am usually carrying a Glock 26 with a 12 rd PMag and a spare 15 rd PMag or a Glock 19 with a 15 rd PMag and the same spare. I usually have a assortment of other magazines near by, both Glock OEM and PMags, with 10, 12, 15, 17 or 33 rds. The 10 and 12 round mags only work in the G26 but all the others work in the G26, G19 and KelTec Sub2000.


12+1 edc extra mag when heading for the big city also car weapon 16+1 and an extra mag always.

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Either a SIG P938 9mm 6 & 7 round mags or a Ruger 1911 commander 7 round.
Seldom ever carry an extra mag. If things go south and I think I need more than 7 rounds, I’ll pull out the mini 30 with a whole bag of 20 round mags.

Right now I’m carrying a beretta 9000 2 10 rd mags. I’m using .40s&w 180gr hollow point

I carry a kimber ultra carry II 3 inch barrel chambered in 45 ACP, one in the pipe 7 in the mag and one extra mag, 230 grain hollow points.

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I think regardless of your magazine capacity you should always carry a spare. If you had to dump a mag for some reason or, in my case, luckily practicing, not in self defense, had a magazine spring just disintegrate on me. It was a “new” (had run maybe 10 loads through it), Wilson Combat magazine.
After that experience I have always carried a spare magazine. Things happen, things fail when you least expect it.