+1 in the chamber -1 in the magazine +1 in the magazine

I am curious how many rack slide 1 in the chamber- drop magazine add 1 back in the magazine? I live in a 10 round state. How many carry a spare magazine religiously?


CC w/one in chamber and full mag, fullspare mag in separate holster on other side.


I carry +1 chambered; 16 total on-board in EDC with no reload. That capacity exceeds my single-stack choices with reload, and the gun has never malfunctioned on a magazine.

I haven’t been able to find a carry method for double-stack which is both concealed and comfortable. I personally consider reload a low priority in a reliable gun with decent capacity. (and an unreliable gun/magazine highest priority to replace! :astonished:)

With single-stack pistols of 6-8 capacity, a reload seems important and easy to carry. Not sure just what I would do in the land of 10. Probably choose a single-stack and carry a reload. But always all seats occupied.


When loading an empty gun, I lock the slide to the rear, insert a magazine with one round and let the slide go home. Then I remove the empty magazine and insert a full one.

I carry two extra magazines always.


Me :raising_hand_man:t4:


In my Taurus .45 8rnd mag, I rack the slide and drop the mag and add one and carry 2 extra mags.
In my XDM .45 13rnd mag. I insert the mag and rack the slide. The XDM doesn’t mags do not like to lock on a closed slide. I carry one extra mag. :us:


Spare magazine, rarely carry. Still haven’t found a single example of a private citizen carrier in the US ever needing a spare mag, so it’s not high on my priority list, that space goes to non-lethal or first aid or flashlight.

Fully loaded mag, yeah, I top off the mag or I load the gun from a different mag and then pop in the carry mag that’s fully loaded. It takes up 0 extra space to have the mag loaded all the way


I don’t, I fill the mag, insert it, rack and holster. I believe/hope that 6 rounds is enough to get me out of a jamb.


I hope you never get jammed in a jamb.


I always carry one in the chamber plus full mag in the gun for a total of 16. I also always carry a full back up mag.

I go to the range often and practice working through malfunctions and reloads.


1 in the chamber, 1 less in the mag. Not only a spare mag but also a BackUp Gun also with a reload.
And those are the minimums…


Do you load your magazines with range ammo and snap-caps to represent failure when at the range? I do all kinds of stuff- For Dry firing, I use a Laser- I measure the distances in my house hallway to better understand what 3, 7 and 10 yards look like in my house.


Full magazine w/1 in the chamber for a total of 16 rounds loaded. Spare magazines on opposite side positioned for blind reloading. I pray there’s never a situation in which I need 31 rounds. That said, malfunctions/failures occur. Without a spare magazine all you haves is an expensive paperweight.


I don’t plus one. I do carry an extra mag, or sometimes 2 extra mags. Two 17 round mags should get me by, I doubt I would miss one extra round.

I might consider +1 if I was carrying an 8 round single stack.


Not sure about your State’s gun laws and restrictions are, or if spare mags are allowed, but you say it’s a 10 round State. Stay Legal by loading 10 rounds in your mag, slap the mag on, rack the slide, flip the safety on with 9 in the mag, 1 in the chamber. Really look into that meaning of 10 ROUND magazine law, cause 10 + 1 to a 10 round ONLY State may be a 1 round too many in eyes of ANTI. As for States with no mag restrictions my answer is the same as the rest of us, fully loaded mag + 1 in the chamber.


If you did need one extra round after 17, I’ll bet you would wish it were available before the reload instead of after…


Same here.

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1 in the chamber, fully loaded magazine in the pistol, at least one fully loaded spare mag on me. Depending on where I’m going, an extended mag on me elsewhere, or in my truck console.


I use snaps at the range and also dry fire at home.

I don’t have any of the laser training devices yet. I will be picking one up after the first of the year.

Any recommendations?

I don’t plan on missing that much, but you never know, that is why I carry extra mag(s). :laughing:

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