How much equipment do you keep on hand?


How much ammo should you keep on hand? Mags, and other equipment… do you ever think about placement??

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How much ammo do I keep on hand? Not enough… :slight_smile:

The issue I run into is my boys come to the range with me and shoot all of the ammo I have and aren’t quite old enough to buy handgun ammo.

And they raid my stash of ammo before we leave for the range. :woman_facepalming:


Have you looked at or bulk ammo places online??


@Tankratchet86 when you say placement, are you talking about the placement of gear on your belt/body?
As far as ammo goes, I’m comfortable with one spare double stack mag and then I need to get another mag for my XDS and an aliengear double mag pouch (unless you know of a better company that sells one) so I can have 2 spares for my XDS.


Looking back at my post, I should have been more specific… I was thinking the kit you keep on you, and the kit you have set up either in a bug out bag or ready as a JIC (just in case) policy… like i have my 1911 on mecwith 3 spares, but i have a ammo case with 9mm, 45acp, 5.56 in it so I grab that my two handguns and my rifle and I’m set on ammo for at least a couple engagements. But I’d havevto grab my vest at some point too…

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@Tankrachet86 - bulk ammo online is great! Twin 20 year old boys can go through 500 rounds in no time! :smiley:

Here’s an Into the Fray that Kevin did about a bug out bag - or get home bag if you will.

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@Tankrachet86 I have a small kit I’d think. It sounds like everybody else carries more gear than me. But I just have my pocket knife (usually the one with the seatbelt cutter and glass breaker; occasionally my KABAR folder), 5.11 penlight, soon to add my boot knife, pistol, multi-tool (mostly for work but it helps to keep it handy on my belt all the time) and a spare mag.
If you or anyone have any suggestions about anything I should add, please do tell me.
@Dawn I watched that video about the bag and I didn’t think I’d need a tomahawk… more stuff to think about.


Very smart of them. You never really can bring enough ammo. I keep 2 100 count boxes of range ammo and 100 count box of self defense. Like @Dawn though, range gets you.


We keep at least 2000 rounds of target 9mm and 100 rounds of defense, then we keep at least 1000 rounds of target ammo for every other caliper. We buy mostly from We have guns strategically placed throughout the house but they are in a small safes or in rooms with numeric door locks and then strategically placed in those rooms. I wanted door locks for an added layer of protection for our new grand babies.

We have at least 2 magazines for each gun and covers for them to keep lint out. We have emergency stuff in the cars which includes first aid kits, solar blankets, flash lights, gloves. I have a slight addiction with the cheap stretch gloves.

We have an emergency stash of freeze dried food in the basement along with ammo , water, blankets, guns, flash lights, batteries, dog and cat food.

We leave our range bag packed with at least one gun in case we have to grab and run.

As far as carry, I carry my gun and an extra magazine. I am looking to add a knife. I ordered bullet proof coats for my son and I but they won’t be shipping until next week.


Glad to hear you’ve got the guns locked or in locked rooms, @TWeinzerl! I completely understand the reasoning some people use to justify not locking them up, but there are too many down sides - guests in the home or the chance of them being stolen and used for malicious purposes.

Multiple guns for your defense is a great idea. Glad you’re keeping yourself - and the guns - safe!


Dawn, I’d recommend a couple Mosin Nagant rifles and a tuna can of 440rds.

Recoil of the rifle will soften the shoulder and strengthen it. Help keep the ammo consumption lower…

Worked with my brother and I.

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Give Target Sports USA a look. They offer a Prime Ammo Membership for 95 dollars. Saves you 8% on their regular prices and free shipping regardless of how much you buy. I’ve had mine three months and have already saved more than half the cost of the membership. There are other perks too, and I read on a forum that if you don’t save the cost of the membership in purchases for the twelve month period, they reimburse you the difference.


Do they have JHP, and frag rounds??

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I’m sooo going to have to check them out @Kerryman71! Sounds like a bargain!


Yes, they carry both. Sorry for the delay, apparently I was a big mouth on my first day and shut off after 20 replies, haha.


LOL! Please check out this thread and leave some feedback regarding the shut off for 1st day people @Kerryman71 : Community Suggestions - From YOU!

I ask for feedback on that thread weekly - this week it was about the limit of commenting on the first day. Should there be a limit and if so, after how many comments.

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I’ll check it out in a bit. Thanks.


I’ve never carried spare ammo unless my job required it. I know many will want to shoot me for just saying such a thing but that’s the truth. After seeing real life violent encounters and videos of the same I came to the conclusion that it wasn’t for me. I suppose it’s a personal choice. I did buy a double mag pouch and tried it out for a while but it was just too uncomfortable. S&W shield .40, knife, light, phone and pepper spray for this guy.

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I dont feel like there is one set way that should work for everyone… different body types and points of view and comfort level play big factors and into carrying…


I made my own get home bag. I used a small waterproof duffle bag from when I did tree work. I keep 3 boxes of matches,two lighters, a tarp, 550 cord, a tarp, a emergency blanket, 50 rounds of ammo for all the cc guns I own, a fixed blade knife I made, a trauma kit with everything from cuts and burns to a compression bandage, and tourniquet, and a flashlight with batteries and an extra bulb, extra underwear and socks, and a book. There is a butt pack that holds my trauma kit just in case I need to grab just the small stuff and go. Oh and a kukri machete (firewood). I also keep an extra set of boots, a hat, shooting mittens, a winter jacket, and insulated bibs in winter. In summer I keep a thermocell, bug spray, and sunscreen.

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