How do you mobilize your ammo

We read about and some of us know people that have thousands and thousands and thousands of rounds of ammo, stored away just in case SHTF. So here’s my question, say, the zombie apocalypses occurs and undesirables are crawling around everywhere. You’re not safe in your home, or for that matter your town, so you decide you gotta move to a better tactical location. How in the world do you move the 2,000-3,000-10,000 rounds of ammo. do you carry a pallet of 556 out to your pickup one case at a time? Do you put your 5,000 .45ACP rounds in your back pack? 100 cases of 12Ga in your little red wagon? I get being ready, having enough, but what is enough and what is too much?


That is a fantastic question and I have no idea. At my age and where I live, I don’t really have a plan beyond defending in place. I have a little land I can camp on if needed, but beyond that we will make a stand where we are.

Edit: I do have quite a bit of ammo stored in-magazine for each defensive weapon. I also have the mags in easy-to grab carry bags designed for that purpose.


2,000 rds of 9mm can be carried in backpack without any issue, especially if you store aluminium casing ammo.


2000 rounds of 115 grain 9mm is probably about 50lbs. That gets real heavy pretty quick on your back. Especially if you don’t have a proper rack.


I keep around 500 rounds of each caliber I plan to take with me if I need to skedaddle, excluding 9mm and 22. I figured 500 rounds of .45, 30-06, 308, 5.56, 12ga, and 20ga would be enough until I find more. A good bit extra 9mm because I use that more, and 22 for small game food. I also have trapping materials and a few firestarters in an ammo can. I used to keep a large store of ammo, but I figured the ammo I currently have offered a good balance of survivability and mobility.


If you are bugging out you need food, water, shelter, and first aid ounces add up to pounds real quick.


That is a good call with the .22. People forget about how useful it is. You can shoot some food with it. It wont destroy small game and the sound is much less than other guns. I think keeping the noise as low as you can will help you not attract as much attention to your position.

My father coon hunted with .22 shorts for the express reason of keeping the noise to a minimum. Both for the neighbors and the game warden. Lol.


If we ever get to the point that we depend on that, empty soda bottles might cost more than the ammo :rofl::rofl:


Motorhome if I had to go…4x4 if the zombies blew up the roads. Mama would prefer the former, as would I.
If you have all the ammo, taking care of the zombies shouldn’t be an issue. I’d rather stay home, and walking my neighborhood near daily, feel it’s a good one with good people, and have a few neighbors I’d team up with.
If I had to walk, well, I’d grab more 5.56 than 9.


Well it’s older less able-bodied or more than likely be hunkered down sheltering in place. Will slow the bad guys down so you Young bucks can get to the woods.!


You know where I stay. Shtf, head over. I’ll bring your old ass with me :rofl: the battle buddy and I can always use an extra hand or ten.


I like this question! It is a matter of staging ammo in a place that can be well defended. I would see about securing your home better though.


You wouldn’t is the most likely answer

If the zombie apocalypse happens and it’s not safe, having ammo beyond the one mag in your go-to firearm, maybe a spare mag or two, will be the least of your worries, I think

Rhetorical question: When was the last time you put 50 lbs in a pack and hiked 10 miles with it in 35 degrees and driving rain and then stop and set up camp with nothing but the ammo in your pack? Then do it again?

When was the last time you tested how many chin-ups you could do or ran a mile?

These are far more important than trying to lug thousands of rounds of ammo around.

Going by vehicle? On what clear roads without traffic or bandits or LE or MIL?

Wide open roads and empty space? Then why the heck are you leaving?

How are you for water and purification? TP? Place to use it when plumbing doesn’t work?

Prep food without utilities?


Everything is about good preparedness plan and proper equipment.
My post stands - 2,000 can be carried if needed.


I thought about burying some in the woods at the back of our property. I think if I had to leave at least I would know where to go to get more if possible. I think I could carry maybe 100 rounds of 9mm, and a couple hundred rounds of 22lr. I would seriously consider taking my bow & arrows , because you could always retrieve the arrows. Carrying a bow or crossbow would be cumbersome though. If at all possible I would try to make a stand from my home. We live outside a small town in Indiana, so I think a home stand would be possible. Also most of the neighbors are well armed.


all ready ‘‘bugged out’’
not counting the preacher across the street next buildings are 1/2 mile away
from Nov to May lots of snow [zombie’s don’t like snow]
May to Nov. its skeeter season ,not unusual to find drag marks from
a smoldering camp fire were the skeeters dragged another invader
to the woods :rofl:
moving ammo na got plenty of help :laughing:


Now I know why my father had 22 short… :rofl:


Ran a mile with a 50# weight vest on last weekend. Did 7 chin-ups at the gym on Monday.


Here is how, a network.

If you want to survive out here and make sure everything is protected and you have the resources to make it out there. Figure out what you can provide to somebody, that has the capability of providing to you, and set up a network or a team. Get things set out, Walking Dead is an example.

If you don’t have a team or a network, your supplies are just dead weight, and you’re just a dead body waiting to die.


Well, I feel better now. I’m not going anywhere! I go to the mailbox and get the lawn done and I’m “digging deep!”

Plenty of physical limitations both of us. Kids think I’m over the top every time I breach the “apocalypse now” subject and prepping. I’m as prepared as I can be, because I have to deal with another serial killer, “Mother Nature”. My home is fortified, food for a year a decent amount of ammo in the thousands. Cash on hand. I’m not leaving any of it behind. In the process of installing a whole home generator, still have a car, but thinking about a truck.

I’d rather have claymores, barbed wire and comms with my fellow revolutionaries! A little air support wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Maybe Ukraine can send me some tanks!

Is it wrong to consider a coup? It’s been done before!