Community Suggestions - From YOU!


The amount of conversation here in the last week has been amazing! I’m so thrilled to be working with people who are as committed to their self-defense and helping others as you all are!!

We want to make this space the best it can be for you. So every week I’ll be asking you for feedback on different topics in this thread.

You don’t have to wait for me to post a question, go ahead and drop a suggestion here or message me at @dawn whenever you think of something!

This weeks question is…
There are so many awesome conversations going on that some topics may be getting lost in the shuffle. Is it time to categorize? If so, we’d like your help to categorize them! How do YOU want to see these posts grouped?

How much equipment do you keep on hand?
Will the Community be part of the USCCA app?

How about separate general topic categories such as, handguns, rifles, shotguns, range gear, tactical gear and, atire


Perhaps other sections such as questions, suggestions, etc. with the divisions mentioned above by @Thad?


I’d definitely go with @Thads suggestion. It’ll make topics easier to navigate and easy to use.


@Thad has a great idea. I would add a separate section for ammo to that list.


Keep the suggestions coming! I’m not chiming in because I want this to come from you. :smile: I’m taking it all in and making notes.


I would think that a section would be needed specifically to address concealed carry in general, which is where attire would come in. That’s something that came to mind. But perhaps it’s just me and it’s not needed. :man_shrugging:


Luke I like the thought, but even though I don’t usually conceal carry… I still take atire in to account. Same as alot of others I hope… further on as more people come on… you may want to separate clothing topics by male/female… would that be effective??


Thanks for the feedback! We’re going to try something new - let me know what you think! It will be a pretty high-level categorization of the topics. We will subdivide them more as it gets busier here!


@Dawn I made it! Thanks for the invite and the privilege to be apart of wonderful community. I’m truly humbled and honored.

Thanks again!

Will aka Will.I.Am :wink:


Welcome Will! Look around, comment on different topics, ask questions! You’ll find that everyone here is AMAZING, welcoming, and helpful!


Thank you, very nice group and what a great idea. This should be great for all parties involved. :slightly_smiling_face:

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We’ve added a Categories drop down menu on the main page. There are a few categories to choose from - and we’ll add more as the Community grows.

Let us know what you think!


Happy Monday! As promised, I have another feedback opportunity for everyone and an update.

The update - we’re currently testing changing our login so that once you login to your USCCA account you’ll also be logged into the USCCA Community! Once that’s set to go, I’ll be asking you all to help out with the testing.

Does that feature sound helpful?

This week’s feedback question is:
What features or options would you like to see in the Community as it grows?


Since a few people have put in questions about bills that are currently existing, perhaps we should create a section dedicated to 2A political stuff as a way to keep each other informed about this stuff?
And yes that feature you described does sound helpful.


A category for product reviews would be nice. :grin:


I second that, @Dawn.


Product reviews can definitely be a category - although I’ll probably title it Product Suggestions just to keep the negativity as low as possible. I don’t want the area to turn into a place to bash a product as that’s no where near as helpful as giving good resources.

@luke_ouellette are you thinking more active legislature type stuff or laws state by state?


Could be a mix of both: active legislature and changes in laws state by state.


More feedback needed!

There is a set limit to the number of comments/posts a new person on the Community can make in their first 24 hours. The thinking behind it is that it will help prevent a spammer invasion.

Right now that limit is set to 15 posts for the first 24 hours. Is that enough comments in 24 hours for a new person? Or should we increase it?

How many comments should someone who has just joined the Community be able to make in the first 24 hours?

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