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I wonder how many are on this forum.


Not very many. Forums are a dying breed in general (apps are killing the web) and this is a pretty low activity forum even within that.



To put it in perspective, that shows 366k all time posts. On my most used message forum, which has been dying a slow death for years and I rarely use any more, I personally have about 140k posts…I can’t see how many all time there are but it will be millions upon millions


I hate to hear that. Is the USCCA commited to keeping the Community running? I hope they are.


People just don’t use forums much any more. The average age of forum posters is pretty high and newer younger users are using apps on mobile devices, not using a browser to go to an old fashion vb forum

Everything is on reddit (survives because they have subs for so many different topics in one place, sucessfully), youtube, snap, IG, FB, etc etc

On a different subject matter I used to get paid to post for a company on forums, but early 2020 we were all let go from that and they literally don’t even have a forum presence to speak of any more. They put their effort into social media influencers (and not on forums)


It does seem like a lot of us are older. I am 56 myself and this is the only social media I participate in.

I get a lot out of being here. I do hope our Community can be kept around for a long while.


I’m sure it will if we stay active on it.


I will venture to say that Dawn treated members so badly that many just quit the site and others were banned for 1000 years (literally) for facing down liberal snowflakes and trolls. The present moderators have done little to correct her actions.


You mean this whole time I been talking to a bunch of old farts?!?! :wink::rofl:


I myself was banned. I had gotten pretty aggressive by my own admission. I was gone almost two years. A few months ago I asked for a second chance and was readmitted. They were very nice about it. I am glad I reached out.


Interesting…others are being ignored. How did you make contact?

I disagree.
She was actually the person who made me stay here.
Yes she banned a lot of people, but they deserved to be banned.

Being moderator is not an easy task.
Dawn did a great job. But mostly she was the only moderator that time with huge responsibility to keep this Community in good shape.
These days we have multiple moderators so the job is easier to manage.

I’m not worried about forums like this one. These will survive for sure, no matter what direction World is going…


I think Dawn was fantastic, just overworked. Glad there are more moderators now, and they still have a lot to keep up with.

And, personally, I think there are a few more on here that are nothing more than trolls and haters. Fortunately, we can set them to ignore and just about forget they even exist.


Well, I went to the “Email or Chat with Us” on the main page and sent them an email. I had continued my membership after my banning. I let them know who I was, apologized for my hostility, and asked for a second chance. They responded within a few hours and reactivated my old profile. I mentioned Dawn as the point of contact. Another person answered though.

The email was very gracious and polite with no conditions given. I was pleasantly surprised by the response and am glad to be back.


I will respectfully disagree. The point is that she would ban members for 1000 years-- first offense!!!

Now we are told that we can be banned for a week or two— BIG difference. Even Facebook gives multiple chances with increasing jail-time.

Your record isn’t spotless, yet, here you are.

My record was spotless only once… the moment I was born. :wink:


There wouldn’t be that discussion, if all of us carefully read and accept Community Guidelines before posting too much.