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Thanks for the support. Disagreeing with someone is not a reason to ban someone. Being open-minded helps one learn and be a better person - something you are incapable of.


Yes, and obeying your masters at all costs is acceptable to some, not to those that believe in our rights as protected by our Constitution. Dawn discrimanated against those on the Right, and allowed the same or worse from those on the Left.


Man… do you really want to start bullshitting again?

You already should be banned several times… but you were lucky. I think you should rethink everything twice before starting discussing with me.

You don’t like me? Fine. You don’t like Dawn? Fine. It’s your right.
I’m not sure if you understand basic rules applied to this Community.

You mentioned the biggest problem, which involves you as well - Right of Left… these are our choices, not moderators. Nobody was discriminated because of thoughts, being within Community Rules. A lot of users are gone because of violating those rules, rules created to keep Community in proper shape, not make Community Members happy keyboard warriors.

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You really are a schmuck.

LOL, I was lucky? What about you, troll?

That is true. I never said I did not like Dawn. What I stated, DA, is that she discriminated against those on the Right and allowed those on the Left to get away with BS that she did not allow those on the Right to counter. I had many PMs with her about that and she admitted that she would not curtail their trashing us because she wanted discourse no matter how trashy the Leftists got.

Being Right of Leftists is a problem with you? LOL Find a Socialist country that fits your narrow-minded, Socialist ideology, you DMF.

Yes, they were.

Which you do all the time. You claim I should have been banned. What have I done, DMF?

You might want to look at your posts, DMF.


… another stolen thread…

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You start the fight, I finish it. I do not put up with BS.


Never had a bad experience with Dawn.


I did not state I did.

Who stated you did? (Other than you?)

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Yesterday some Members were worried about the Community.

Don’t be. We do everything to keep it running. :sweat_smile:

I did not state I did. @Forensic_Wow stated he never had a bad experience with Dawn. I concurred. You seem to be having one of those ESL moments where you do not understand what is being stated. I work with many ESL people, so I recognize the issue. In an online forum, it is more difficult to get to an understanding with someone that does not speak English as a first language. I do not know enough Polish to explain it in your language.

You have been complaining about Dawn for last 5 hr… :person_shrugging:

BTW. What ESL League are you playing at? :wink:

LOL I have not, Read my posts.

Not yours. One in which English is a first language, hence one of the reasons you have so many issues with comprehension. The other issue you have is your being a Socialist, so you have difficulty in understanding what inalienable rights are, as you do not believe in such a thing.

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I joined a few gun- and 2A-related forums before but currently only active here and one other.
My observation was trolls from the Left started appearing months leading up to the 2016 elections.
It caused a lot of people to be banned.
Almost like watching Kyle Rittenhouse get vilified while Antifa was burning cities left and right.


The problem with people at any forum is a lack of acceptance of different opinions.
It’s not only here, but what I see people who claim to be 2A advocates by default put them on one political side.
It’s like “Pepsi” which must go together with “Cola”.
Different opinion doesn’t mean trolling, as not agreeing with someone on the Right doesn’t mean being on the Left.
Thank God the World is not binary only, there’s no rule “if you’re not with us, you’re against”…
Does all understand this? No, as we can see, definitely not.
But this is the Forum, and Internet gives a fake feeling to be strong and valued to some people and there is nothing we can do about it.

Let continue discussion… :love_you_gesture:

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With my limited conversation, on purpose, with you Jerzy; I’m going to side with David on this one.



You have no clue of what or whom I speak!! Your holier-than-thou attitude shows your arrogance and hypocrisy. I’d like to continue, but, I might violate the terms of use-- which, by the way are open to moderator interpretation and not set in stone… Next!

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You really have not a clue what was said by trolls, and snowflakes in the past that got good members banned for 1000 years by Dawn.

Just one example Oh Righteous One…
There was a woman of color who started ranting against the members of this site-- calling them racist and other derogatory names ending with “disgusting white racists” and she was met with truth and reality. Dawn banned 11 members (minimum) for their correct responses towards her comments. This horrible woman was allowed to spout her poison for 3 days before being stopped.

So, you were saying…

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According to Jesus— not even then. One is born with a sin nature…