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Wow… I can agree that 1000 years is a cruel punishment for any human being. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

Single example of somebody’s action won’t convince me that person was bad. You are saying “correct responses”… looks these weren’t correct.

Don’t worry about me, I know how to be called several names:
“unwilling to learn”
“insufferable jerk”
Enough? Oh, wait… I was also called :

I will still stand for the people who do the right things. This Community has Rules and whoever made these rules gets full rights to keep the Members within them.
You don’t agree? Fine. We don’t need to agree with everything posted here. That is the purpose of this Forum.

Regarding my sins… are you sure you know Jesus? Perhaps you need read the Bible and focus on that reading. It is not a book you read in few days…

Well, Your Holiness, I can tell you that those I know (including me) never used any of your excuses except: Troll, snowflake, hypocrite, knowledgeable, socialist, and communist. The colorful names you added for slander and effect. And I truly doubt anyone on this site use vulgar term toward you.

Wow-- you have the gonads to mention Jesus and the Bible. I won’t use that “H” word above. :rofl: :joy: :rofl: :joy:

Get the dog poop out of your own back yard before complaining about the dog poop in my back yard.

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Thank you for admitting you used some of those words…
I must have missed that. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth:
Looks like I have another admirer. :smiley:

And don’t doubt… Seems you don’t know this Community well.

The words i’ve used are true and not vulgar. Now im done with your arrogance.

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For people that believe in Jesus, y’all sure don’t mind treating each other the opposite of how I understand he acted towards others… Don’t be casting stones in your glass house. This is the second thread in a remarkably short period of time that’s been hijacked. Perhaps one should be considerate of the people that want to participate in the discussions brought forth by the wonderful members of this community, rather than bicker amongst ourselves like children. To contribute to the thread, one reason forums disappear is the people in the community can’t agree to disagree, and it drives away other people that would have otherwise been interested in contributing in a worthwhile fashion.


You are correct. It is a discussion for another outlet. My apologies.


Well, if the shoe fits and you seem to be wearing that bad boy proudly.

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To contribute to the thread, as @Nathan57 said previously, forums over the years have slowly disappeared, in part to their limited range of topics. For example, a truck forum I am a member of deals with all ranges of things specifically for Dodge/Ram trucks. USCCA’s forum consists of things related to almost exclusively to firearms, whereas sites like Reddit have something for literally everyone. Hundreds of thousands of people spend hours on end following the rabbit trail from the original post they saw, to food, parkour fails, diy ideas, mixed drinks, and all that in between. While a good portion of people that visit forums like these are passerbys. They have a problem with a gun, or a firearms related question… they may join and ask the question never to be heard from again, or they find the answer, and move on with their Google searches. Forums like ours just don’t have the draw they used to. I don’t see a research company spending money to research a forum, when they can obtain information on a broader audience in more efficient ways.


Much of what you’ve said is very good and I totally agree-- I’d add that we should quit reading into what others are saying (I’m guilty of this as well) and clarify, and, if necessary, respectfully debate—not fight. Then those just visiting may return and become great additions to the community. I will also say that those who visit to belittle, insult or just be nasty should get what they have coming without moderators trying to protect them. Many knowledgeable and wise members have been banded for 1000 years for giving trolls and snowflakes what they deserve and use the excuse that they (the leftist trolls) need to be educated.

I’m all for healthy dialog-- I have little patience for those who just want to argue to argue.


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With all due respect, we all know who we are. We are all adults, and we live and die by the decisions we make. I am guilty of losing my temper with a troll or two, and @Dave17 and I had a heated disagreement at one point, but I got lucky and am still here. Am I proud that I let some troll get the best of me and I acted a fool? (Not insinuating you are a troll Dave. I’m referring specifically to the trolling instances). No, I am not. Hindsight, I should have let it go, or maintained my composure and respect while disagreeing/defending my personal position. An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind, and by stooping to a trolls level to argue, I was no better than the troll in that moment. I’m not sure if I was around during the time 1000 year bans were being doled out, but I’ll agree to a point that 1000 years is a little harsh depending on the reasoning. To be fair, I am the not so proud recipient of a lifetime ban to a certain chain of stores. I definitely deserve it, and will honor their decision. If someone deserved the 1000year ban, it is what it is, but if the punishment doesn’t fit the crime, their ban should be revisited, and the ban reconsidered. Respectfully disagreeing is completely normal and acceptable. However, think of what a new person or person seeing if they want to join would think if this was a thread they chose to visit. Not a good representation of the whole of responsibility armed citizens. We want people in the forum to learn in areas they lack, and help us in areas we are lacking, but we talk to each other in posts that are loaded with disrespect. I wouldn’t sign up for that. I stay because I’ve seen everyone here have respectful conversations and help each other… not everyone has. We should all do our best to remain respectful.

To contribute to this thread, does anyone find it disturbing that this article states percentages in some states and they have been gathering information on chp(or whatever your state calls it) since 2011? How long until they find names?

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Well, guilty as charged-- I submit to the weight of your argument.

People with your wisdom (and that of @Dave17) are a big plus to this site.


I would never assume that you are, as I am not one. I do not even recall the instance you are referring to. Attitudes make a huge difference in how one approaches discussions.

When one person makes comments that one does not agree with, but comes across as an arrogant SOB, and cannot accept a difference of opinion or that he/she is always right and cannot admit to being wrong, then issues arise, especially when that person is also a hypocrite.

You are not that type of person, neither are most here. Thankfully there is usually just one.

Yes, it is definitely something to consider, and as we know, lists or databases of CC holders have, at least several times that we are aware of, been made public. So information on many of us is probably somewhere we did not consent to. What will come of that, I cannot say, but hopefully not soon and will not be the literal death of us or any friends and family members.

I can see why that is happening when the police are not allowed to do their jobs and the crooks are let out of prison early. We have to protect ourselves.


I am always open to a healthy debate… that is how we learn. I am willing to not only learn from the wisdom and experience of others. What I cannot deal with is arrogant people who have to be right no matter what and are willing to force that opinion on others, and that is when I let my mouth write a check my body can’t cash. When Dawn was running the show, IMHO, the conversations were a bit more civil, but the consequences she imposed were beyond facebook extreme, to certain folk, if her line was crossed.

OK, I’m finished with my latest rant… Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas.

Good morning Jerzy    Hope you had a great Thanksgiving. I prefer forums. I usual come up first in the morning. Kick back have my coffee an relax while conversing. Have talked to Dawn a couple times. Always positive. Yeah I'm sure being a moderator can be difficult at times.

Thx @Arnie_W . My Thanksgiving was great and I hope your was great as well.

Yes it is.
Especially being the only moderator that time, responsible for keeping the whole Community together.

Too bad @Dawn cannot speak for herself here. It’s so easy to attack and blame somebody who cannot defend him / herself. Looks she has been not active here for a year or so.
We all get own experience and I’m glad I hear more positives than negatives. That means the work done was a good work.
Take care!


FACTS speak for themselves. OPINIONS can vary and Dawn is still with USCCA if she chose to respond to FACTS or OPINIONS.

She DID banish members for a 1000 years-- FACT. She treated pro-2A members worse than anti-2A trolls and snowflakes-- OPINION (in some minds).

And you continue to speak what you don’t know.

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Yes, you are absolutely right. In every single word about the FACTS.

The fact is that people who don’t follow rules are gone. It’s not about who is pro 2A and who is not. Left or Right. As long as we keep ourselves and our posts within the rules - we are OK. Otherwise this Community becomes another social media filled with ":ox: :poop: ".

Believe me… I know.
I’ve been Member of this Community long enough…
I’ve discussed with many people who are not here anymore. They never knew where was the limit and when they should stop… they realized AFTER they were gone.
It was never about who was right, who was wrong, which opinion was more important, nor, as you posted - “had to be right no matter what and were willing to force that opinion on others.”
It was always about proper behavior, etiquette and respecting others.

And it will always be about proper behavior, etiquette and respecting others.

One more time, I encourage to read carefully Community Guidelines.

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You don’t know what you speak… I’ve been a part of this group much longer than you. I’ve seen smarter and wiser than you kicked off the site for 1000 years because of egotistical people such as yourself. YOU show that you know little of proper behavior, etiquette and respecting others. it is YOU who hijack threads and share what you don’t know and destroy decent conversations.

You are one of those who have to be always right. You are pompous and arrogant who think you are better than others. YOU are one of those who make this group worse.

I will no longer give you any thought. Now you and yours can flag this comment to silence me…


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Quick question… could those that have been banned not return with a different ip and email?? If them being gone is such a big thing, could they not just come back? Legitimate question, not smartassery…