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How many members think this USCCA Community forum is a great idea?

How many members think @Dawn is doing a fantastic job running it?

I’ll start. I do, on both counts. I enjoy it a lot and have learned a lot. The people are great.


I agree, and say yes to both questions.


Yes…………I think this Community is a great idea and I have found it makes me think and rethink some of my positions.

Yes………I think @Dawn is doing a fantastic job. I am not sure how she keeps up with all of the posts but she always seems to be on top of things.


I’ll do the double tap and say yes on both. @Dawn is doing a fantastic job coordinating/admining/ moderating these topics and encouraging further discussion.


Yes to both. And I’m always looking for more info on gun related things to learn or share.


Yes and yes for me


Not to embarrass @Dawn, but I have had to privilege of communicating with her on a more personal level when we spoke about family, grand kids, etc. I have found her to be quite personable. One heck of a nice woman. She believes in what she does and who she works for and cares about all the members of the USCCA. Plus, she knows her stuff.
They could not ask for or find a better person, and we could not have a nicer person taking care of this community forum and us. Thank you Dawn.


Having the community has been great to learn about a lot of different things, some things I hadn’t even thought about before. It’s nice to know that if I have a question, the answers are just a post away. @Dawn is doing a fantastic job of staying involved and making sure everyone that posts feels welcomed. She’s also great at creating new threads to introduce new ideas and discussion.


Yes and yes! The community is great.


Yes and Yes on both @Dawn is doing a excellent job!!


Yes and Yes here too - liking the community that is developing, the people here a LOT. thank you for your stewardship @Dawn


Yes on both! Enjoying the community.


Yes to both!

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I’m so happy to hear you’re all enjoying the USCCA Community - it’s here for YOU and all responsibly armed Americans! Please keep the suggestions and improvement ideas coming. We want to hear from you!

And yes, I am officially embarrassed. :blush: I don’t do this for accolades. I’m incredibly lucky to have this amazing opportunity to combine a bunch of things I love into one “job” (learning, educating, self-defense, writing, connecting with like-minded people).

You all help make this Community a success! Thank you!!


/No need to be embarrassed @Dawn.
The USCCA is a great organization. It’s because of genuine people like you it is what it is. These four years have been an absolutely phenomenal experience. You and the many others I’ve interacted with have always treated me like family and not just a number on a plastic card. I tell others you guys are my extended family.
To have so many people who love America and who support all our rights, not just the 2nd amendment, all working in the same place dumbfounds to me. I think Tim must have a laboratory in some far away building cranking them out.
I’m also a member of the NRA, but even as good as they are, cannot compare to the member care the USCCA affords us all.
Sorry, my poll embarrassed you, it was intended to show you how much we love you, for who you are, for what you do, not only for us but for America. You are much appreciated.
Being a part of the USCCA is not just another membership, it’s an American journey for those who still love her. Tell Tim to put that on his wall.
God bless America, the USCCA, and Dawn :+1::us:


Absolutely. Yes and yes


:+1: and :+1:
Obviously I need minimum characters. :rofl:

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Same here. She does a good job

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Billy Bob : Accolades? Paw and me caught a gator in the accolades once.

Friend: No dummy, them are the Everglades


I thinks it’s a good idea. We can bounce ideas off each other and share training, business, shooting advice and so on.