Big thanks to the first 50 commenters on the USCCA Community


We’re only a couple of months into our building phase for the USCCA Online Community, but we’ve got an excellent start!!

I am grateful for each and every one of you who have taken time to log into the Community and help kick it off right! I wanted to give a special shout out to the first 50 commenters on the USCCA Online Community (in alphabetical order):


Thanks for the great conversations! Can’t wait to see what you want to talk about next!



Thanks you for him get this started too.
Big thanks too yall two.


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Not him but uscca for kick this off


You’re awesome too Ms @Dawn. I love being apart of the USCCA family. I look forward to continuing my education, expanding my instructorship and eventually being a full time USCCA partner/employee. Those are my goals anyway.
For Liberty


I didn’t see @Dawn on the list. C’mon, take a bow!


LOL! The list is for the awesome peeps outside of the USCCA. There are a lot of awesome peeps at the USCCA who have helped to! That will be a different post at some time in the future.


You’re welcome and Thank You for being a great hostess of the USCCA Community. You’ve done an awesome job here! I’m looking forward to many more months and years of posts that bring up new, interesting and challenging topics.


Thank you @Dawn and all the USCCA staff that gave a place to have this. None of the Facebook shenanigans, and anti-gun zealots.


Thank you for the invite. It’s been a very refreshing learning experience


My wife and I are both USCCA members, I’ve been sharing the forum topics with her so we’ll see if she will take part. I think my one of my sons will join soon both USCCA and the forums soon. I greatly enjoy the members of the community and the great support you and USCCA provide.

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This community has been a great experience so far. I don’t partake much in social media or have a FB account, but am on a few gun owners forums and can say, they’re full of keyboard commandos.

I like very much the fact that it hasn’t happened here. Hoping it stays that way


We’ll do our best to keep the conversations productive - and we’ll remove those who cannot follow the Community guidelines. I also know that sometimes a little nudge is all that’s needed to redirect people in a positive manner.

And I know you all will be guardians of the great culture you’re helping build here!


Please invite your sons and wife to participate in the Community, @KenM! They don’t have to be members of the USCCA to participate in the Community. They’ll just need to create a free USCCA account to login with.


@Dawn thanks for keeping this together for us!


thank you for being there for us

this is whata the uscca has been needing one of many ways to bring the uscca community together and i believe we can accomplish so much. we can do this…

This benefits us in more ways than one knows in my opinion.

again thank you to all who have contributed and do and are…
bless god god bless America


It’s an honor and I’m humble to be invited to partake in a very well manner community. I’ve learned a lot just by reading and understanding each and everyon’s point of view even true facts that I’ve never thought myself with several responses on certain topics. Very helpful indeed.

They truly be helpful forward with our continuous fight to become professional educated knowledgeable well mannered armed citizens. Big thanks to the Twitter team for accepting recognizing my positive approach and appreciate you too @Dawn You’ve been a huge blessing to us all. I’m sure everyone would agree!

#USCCA Staff and Members; Rocks harder than your favorite 80’s Rock Band! \m/ \m/

Thank you very much #USCCA Family


Thanks so much Dawn for everthing


The best @uscca


Thanks for all of the kind words, you all make this community awesome!

In fact, I can’t stand going on my personal Facebook page any more. The amount of negativity and nastiness is scary. Coming here every day makes me really appreciate the awesome atmosphere you’re all creating!


Thanks Dawn for recognizing us, thanks for being so passionate about gun safety and all of the practical questions that people have. I believe that we all should be thankful for what Dawn has done here, this is a very unique page, some are just starting out and want practical information, this is so hard to find these days. I feel that Dawn is fair and knowledgeable, she also isn’t being a cowboy here, if she doesn’t know the answer to a question, she will research it and state facts as opposed to guessing. Personally, IMO, we should all tip our hat to Dawn, for some of us, we eat sleep, and breathe shooting, it’s not just a hobby for me, it’s a way of life. Thank you Dawn for all that you have done for us here, you are a true patriot, and I can only hope that the passion you have for our beloved sport/lifestyle will be passed on for generations to come. God bless you dear, you are absolutely awesome. :us:

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