Invite Your Friends and Family!


THANK YOU for all of the awesome interactions so far on the USCCA Community! You guys have blown me away with the caliber of conversations since we’ve started the Community.

You’ve asked for it! And we’re excited to now be able to say Yes!! Please! Invite your friends and family to join the USCCA Online Community!

Please direct them to:

If they are not USCCA members, they will need to use their free USCCA account or create a free USCCA account. If they have any questions, they can email me at or you can message me here as well!

I’m so excited to be able to open the USCCA Community up to your friends and family! You guys ROCK!

I will be opening this up to a more public group today! Please be sure to invite your friends and family ASAP if they’d like to be in on the ground floor of the Community!

UPDATE: Invite Your Friends and Family!

I have a small Facebook group of non idiots I have invited. Most of these guys, and gals, are locals to me. Hope they turn out in force.

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going to share on my Instagram page feed

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While I love the initiative, @Kevin, however, would you mind inviting them privately instead?

We’re trying to build the Community slowly so that we have a ton of strong, positive interactions here before we take it public for everyone.


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thats a good idea for all to remember in closing however that is what i did.

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