Community Participant Reviewed: USCCA Shirt and Baseball Hat Sending the Right Message

I do like the FAITH FAMILY & FIREARMS MADE AMERICA FREE T-shirt! It would be nice if it came in different colors. It fits well. And it would be nice if the FAITH FAMILY & FIREARMS MADE AMERICA FREE could be put on the front instead of the back — reason being if someone wears suspenders as I do. The suspenders do cover some of what is on the back of the T-shirt. But that being said, I do like the T-shirt and the message a lot. And I will be wearing this t-shirt regularly!

@Reloader54 has been a USCCA Member for years and has been a regular participant in the USCCA Online Community since March 2019. You can find the shirt he’s talking about here.

@Reloader54 also checked out one of our new hats!

I like it [the BORN TO PROTECT HAT] and will wear it when I go out sometimes when I do wear hats. The hat looks great and it will be cool because of the mesh back. But the only thing that I don’t like is also the mesh on the hat. It could be a problem for people [who] are bald. If [they’re] out in the sun for a long time, [they] may get sunburned because of the mesh. But I do like the hat a lot and will wear it.

You can find that hat here.

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What is your favorite message on a pro-self-defense shirt?