Community feedback on USCCA apparel continues!

Community feedback on USCCA apparel continues:

Tee shirt, grey cotton, “Don’t Tread on Me” flag and snake on back.
Pima fiber? Nice build, executed well. Fits right on XXL new, shoulder seams are spot on. I’m comfortable with the gfx/statement on the back. “Born to Protect” & flag on the right sleeve and USCCA shield left chest. I like the look. I feel the sentiment is timely and presented ‘tastefully.’

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The T-shirt Chris4 is wearing can be found here - it comes in gray or black.

Each day this week, we’re featuring a new item worn by one of our USCCA Community participants! These awesome people are here to give you their honest take on the new apparel.

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What other items would you love to see in the USCCA Store?


I would like to see para cord bracelets with USCCA emblems on them.

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I’m nothing if not determined. :joy::rofl::innocent::eyes::us_outlying_islands:


I wear my Born To Protect hat a lot, I love the way it fits and love how it looks. Sharp cap.