Are You Born to Protect?

Faith, family and freedom are parts of the foundation of this great country. As responsibly armed Americans, we are proud to be able to protect our loved ones, so why not show it?

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The new line of USSCA apparel showcases the pride we have as Americans in numerous ways.

You can find this shirt and others in the USCCA Store.

Where would you wear this shirt?


That is one I would actually wear, especially in “Heavy Metal”

Oh since we are on merchandise @Dawn do you have a link to the USCCA Byrd/Spyderco clip knife one of the members got in his goodie bag?



It’s not longer being sold separately, @Craig6. I looked this morning when I saw the other post.

:sob: :confounded:

I’d rather give my $$$ to USCCA than Amazon. That is the blade I was looking to replace my last lost one with.



Wherever I damn well felt like wearing it as long as I had permission from my wife. She Carrys also