Community Feedback: Proud to Protect

While we don’t always want to advertise that we’re carrying, we should be proud that we are prepared to protect ourselves and our loved ones.


This shirt fits very well and has lightweight material that is soft and comfortable. The USCCA logo, American Flag and red “Responsibly Armed American” look amazing and send a strong message. Where I live, open carry isn’t considered a taboo thing, and I will likely open carry while wearing this shirt.

@Spence has been a USCCA Member for years and a regular participant in the USCCA Online Community since April 2019.

Want to send the strong message Spence talks about? You can get the shirt he’s wearing here.

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This is my only social media page :man_facepalming::exploding_head::eyes::us_outlying_islands::innocent:


This and LinkedIn for me. I also have my Ruger shirt on today. It contains the American flag that we’re currently using. :slight_smile:

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I’m in the belly of the beast in DPRK and would rather not draw anyone’s attention.

Nice though for trips to the range and some select holidays.