Are you ready to show the world that you're a patriot?

Are you ready to show the world that you’re a patriot?

We’ve got you covered!
Get a hat and T-shirt today for 20% off.


We like the Armed for Good Patch Tactical Tonal Hat with the Men’s Born To Protect Eagle T-Shirt.

What’s your favorite combo?


I like the expo shirt the best.

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This hat

With this shirt

Carrying this jug

Yes, this is how I’m dressed and carrying my water today.

I wish there was a USCCA & US flag combo on a shirt.
I’m patriotic, but I don’t want to advertise that I’m armed.


Hence we are not free! I do remember many many years ago when rifles were carried in the back of pickup trucks, plainly visible. Now if you display a decal, or an American flag you could end up dead. There’s a virus in this country and it’s not the China Virus. We need that type of freedom restored. Now, I’m prepared to fight to the death to make sure the new virus doesn’t take hold!


@Scott52 … While I agree in principle, in practicality, I don’t want the wolf to take me out first because they know I’m carrying. Then I’m not around to protect anyone… including family and friends.


I didn’t realize others hadn’t already started.