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John Lovell, founder of the Warrior Poet Society, sits down with Steve Fischer, USCCA’s training operations manager, to discuss the rise of unrest and why ALL Americans need to be prepared for the worst. If you aren’t familiar with John, he’s a firearms and tactics instructor for civilians, a former Army Ranger and war veteran.

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OK my home owners ass says not to go out side w/ a gun if there are protestors? I can understand this to a point but I am not going to have my home destroyed by looters and scumbags that just want to destroy in the name of protest! So some advice to us many gun owners from USCCA prospective v/s our chicken Sheit home owners ass. Thanks


Good Morning. I assume that your use of ass is an abbreviation for association? With that being said, I would have to normally side with the HOA for quite a few reasons.
With respect to you, this kind of thinking is like a loose cannon on a ship. Calm down and reflect what could happen to you? Your family? Your neighbors? What would a LEO (if any) treat your display of a firearm? You could be viewed as more of a threat than the protestors. How does a LEO even know that you are not a protestor? It’s chaos! How would the protestors respond?
I can vividly recall the riots years ago in LA when looters were burning and pillaging their own neighborhoods, when two riflemen posted themselves on opposite corners of a commercial buildings flat roof, in plain view; that building remained non-looted and intact.
Calm down and think this through.
Stay safe.


I’m adding your question to our Ask an Attorney Thread for today’s live Ask an Attorney. No guarantees they’ll be able to answer it with all of the other questions they have, but we’ll try to get it in!


I mostly agree with your post except that my homeowners insurance will not cover damage to a structure due to rioting, civil insurrections or nuclear explosions. I would think that many other insurers wouldn’t either.


Q. What is USCCA’s official response to the death of George Floyd?

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@ATeamCoach, here’s where you can find USCCA President Tim Schmidt’s response: Your Level of Preparedness ~ Tim Schmidt


After learning the 4 CARDINAL rules of gun handling, we are trained NOT to go hunting for bad guys. Given a chance, they will find you. You are familiar with the layout of a familiar place, The bad guy(s), probably, are not. If you are in a familiar place, take cover, or concealment, and wait for the bad guy(s) to come to you. If the bad guy(s) invade your space, they are not collecting for the RED CROSS. Identify your target and shoot to kill. You are a LEO; therefore, it is not reasonable for you to further endanger yourself by trying to ascertain motive.


1.THE BEST FIGHT IS THE ONE YOU ARE NOT IN. I know these are stressful times
2. I make it a point to NEVER buy real estate where there is a HOA . They are usually full of “Karens” When this is over sell and MOVE. Be glad to have you in South Georgia USA


Amen to that.

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Unfortunately, the ‘law’ (which as you know is an ass) does not approve of deadly force to defend property. Thus, unless your life is in danger, you are not approved to use deadly force to repel the invaders.


I live in CA… first mistake right? Lol… I have a question also. If your vehicle is locked, firearm is in the console(not locked) on your private property. The firearm in the unlocked* console of *locked truck in your own driveway of private property, and your truck is broken into by a thief and firearm is stolen… should you get an improper storage ticket/citation and should you be asked to bring your ccw card into the sheriff department while “your case” is under “review?? It sure just happened to me. I called the police to come to my home, had the thief on video(adt) and I’m the one who got in trouble. I’m VERY PRO LEO, but this sure makes a man skeptical of calling for help again. I was told it was to be in a locked container and even if my console had been locked it wouldn’t have mattered because the firearm had to be in a locked case. That was over 2 weeks ago and my “case” still hasn’t been “reviewed” according to the ccw investigator today. Btw… my USCCA customer service has been AWESOME! Trina has been so exceptionally helpful. I appreciate USCCA in an unbelievable way. Thank you for fighting for the little guys!


An armed society is a polite society.


Would peaceful protest have won us our freedom from England?


This whole thing is based on a sense of entitlement on the part of all parties involved. Entitlement goes against everything in the Bible. As people clash over their personal expectations of entitlement, the massive spirits of fear and hatred are taking full advantage of the situation.


There are plenty of us 2A people who don’t attribute our rights and freedoms to “God”. I don’t need God’s permission to defend myself. I don’t need God to be a good person. Why the hell does it seem that so many people who love guns seem to be Bible thumpers??!! It is imperative to realize that valuing human life does NOT require a religious component!!

Watching Steve host the show with his guest John at this very moment, and as Steve kept talking, it amazed me when he briefly discussed his background, and it occurred to me that we are more alike than I had ever believed.

I met Steve with everyone else at the open house a few years back and he’s such an easy going guy. So well balanced. Even though I’m considerably older by about a decade or so, we both went to Catholic schools and had Catholic upbringing. Mine was Roman Catholic actually, but as he expressed his bad side while young and still learning, what he portrayed in his youth just about parodied mine to the letter. Even our children bare resemblance in that they, all three of his and three of mine are virtually the same ages and that was most likely due to his starting his family right away while I waited/took ten years. lol

I’m happy that I took the many photos I did that day while attending the open house and having met and been introduced to the people there, and after seeing him host just now, I’m even happier that I sent in some photos of me with Steve, Kevin and Tim to sign and know they are all hanging on my wall just several feel from where I’m typing this.

Glad that John has kept his eye on the USCCA and decided to join forces and partner with you guys. A good move by both, but even better for John 'cause it was a match made in Heaven for him.

Kudos all around guys. Kudos.

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Funny you should mention fighting for our freedom from England, the Second Amendment and not needing God’s “permission” almost in the same breath. Our declaration, constitution AND bill of rights are indeed deeply rooted in what that Founders called natural law and “God-given” rights:

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”

I’m not religious, either, but reading your rant against the very ethos that built the bedrock of your freedoms seems disingenuous to me. If (no, when) the SHTF, I’d much rather be surrounded by people of faith than the secular crowd. As repellant as the Bible beaters might be to you, I’d guess that the socialists/anarchists might not be your cup of tea, either. Don’t think it’s an “either/or” choice? It will be.


To my knowledge, no other insurance companies cover civil disorder damages.


Folks, I just finished viewing the video: When Social Tension Spikes: Advice From a Warrior.

I had anticipated a detailed discussion of what a homeowner or business owner can legally do to protect his or her home and/or business with firearms. Clearly, there are going to be critical differences legally from state to state, and depending, from community or local areas as well. In gun opposing LA, years ago the Korean store owners kept mobs at bay. Recently such things happened in some of the riot areas. But how did they do that legally? Why weren’t the Koreans or the present day protectors (1) pursued and arrested AFTER the riots? (2) Shot off their rooftops by police (at the direction of mayors and others in civil authority)? (3) Arrested during quieter times for “brandishing?” What options exist legally for the homeowner observing the Mob coming toward the residence? As has been mentioned in the thread I believe I’ve come in on, many insurance companies do not insure for mob destruction of property.

So… A little legal assistance, legal advice would be very helpful, including the advice that USCCA would assist in “Situation A” but would be constrained to NOT assist in “Situation B.” It’s critical to know.

The conversation between Steve and John involved what felt like about 1/2 we’re good guys together and we admire each other (which isn’t bad, but doesn’t help me or redeem the time invested). And 1/2 consisting of: (1) Stay situationally aware (yup, good, consistent with all USCCA training), (2) Avoid threatening situations, (3) If you blow it and find yourself close to a situation, bug out to safety as quickly as you can (you might have to throw a punch, but get out and away), (4) If you get trapped by the mob and beaten, you probably are going to get beaten badly, try to protect your brain housing unit and essential organs - but in that situation you are lost, so do your best and praying is probably a good idea while you’re in a position that only exposes your kidneys, ribs, limbs, etc. (5) All of which dramatically emphasizes why Situational Awareness and running early is so critical.

Except for (4) this is essentially a primary drum beat of USCCA publications and training - so kudos for consistency (not a bad thing). BUT - I really needed the word on what may I do, and with USCCA assistance in the aftermath, when my home (with me and family are in it) is about to receive a molotov cocktail. May I shoot the thrower before he releases the device? May I engage a thrown bottle in the air with a shotgun? (I’m not good enough with pistol or rifle). May I appear on my own property with rifle in hand and displayed prominently? Should I have called 911 first and let them know I’m the guy in front of the house with the rifle?

I am about to be swarmed… the mob, SOME with weapons but not all… are rushing me at my door. How many may I shoot and not hang for it? Is engaging a mass of people legal in any way at all? What justification will bear judicial approval at all? MUST I evade out the back (assuming my house is not surrounded? Yah, it may depend, but let’s have some information about what it depends on, some discussion about some of the variables - when does a mob attack justify lethal force?

That was what I hoped to receive some word on tonight. As far as this member was concerned, although I was in fundamental agreement with what each man said… for me, with the exception that being reminded to stay aware is not a bad thing - I was deeply disappointed and unfortunately leave the video feeling this was, with that tiny exception, a complete waste of my time: given what I thought was the intent from the advance notice I received.

John and Steve are nice guys, good heads on their shoulders, sound thinkers, and OK to listen to. But this particular 30 minutes (ish) was still deeply disappointing.

Thanks for all you do for us at USCCA, I’m grateful for the organization and your coverage - and many of your materials.

Good night!