Do YOU know what to do when the rioters get to YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD?

Just read this article from one of my firearm newsletters I get daily…and found it to be interesting albeit with some potential fatal mistakes it states.

What is your thoughts and what will be your response WHEN (not IF) they come to your neighborhood?!



The article was a bit thin in application to “Riots in My Neighborhood”. Good question, though, and something that’s been rolling around in my brain-pan for the last few days. This weekend I went to the range and re-zeroed my .308 M5. Burning and looting folks property is wrong on so many levels. Endangering my family and neighbors will be dealt with appropriate force.


Thanks for the article. My favorite quote - “remember that this too shall pass.” Yes, it shall pass, and November will come, and we need to make the right choice.


When they get here they’ll stop and say… wow!!! they really do go mooo…


I live in a closed neighborhood. One way in and out. The odds of rioters coming to our neighborhood are pretty low. If they came here, we’d have to defend, because we can’t flee.

Not far away, however, are the long city streets, where residential areas are directly connected to business and retail districts that have already been destroyed. Yes, those residents should be very concerned. If I lived there, I don’t think I could sleep at night. But unlike my neighborhood, they have multiple avenues of egress.

Everything is fluid. Stay safe.


Yup, I see all those rioters , I’ll be in the front line.

Screen Shot 2020-06-01 at 4.38.59 PM

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They aren’t going to go into neighborhoods and target homes. Breaking into stores and looting is one thing. Going to homes is a whole different situation. Seems Iike another scare tactic.


@Sheepdog556 there are groups that are tweeting that they’ll be going into the suburbs over the next few nights… I hope it’s just posturing, I really do.


The more victories they have the more aggressive they will become. This needs to be shut down hard and it will be nasty and deadly. We cannot allow evil to win out. :rage:


I’ve seen the posts and seems they’re specifically going to target homes with American flags or blue line supporters. However that also moves the police from shopping centers to suburbs.

I do fear that if they actually go into neighborhoods there will be more unnecessary lose of life. But it’s their choice they will be accepting the risks involved with going to peoples homes.


I debated taking my flag down last night… It’s still flying.


When rioters start getting hurt in mass, they’ll shut down. It’s a shame that it could come to that. As far as home invasion…play stupid games, win stupid prizes. I won’t change a thing I’m doing for nobody. Some people may not agree, but that’s the great thing about freedom. :us::chile:


This is my town. 24,000 people. It is fueled by complete ignorance. Going onto her FB page she lives a few towns south and claims my town if full of racists. Doesn’t appear to be a lot of online support but we’ll be keeping an eye out. These things tend to flare up fast and knowing the type of people who live in my town this kind of behavior won’t be accepted quietly.


I keep seeing people who quote MLK on the meaning of riots. They twist his words as if he supported anarchy. Then they lecture us about how we should support the rioters, because they’re only blacks, after all, and it’s racist to expect them to obey laws.


And yet the videos I see and the reports I get from people on the ground suggest it’s mostly white people rioting, just like in your photos.

I don’t mean to bring skin color into the conversation. I just think a lot of the social media reaction is either condescendingly racist or disingenuous. The reality is that anarchy will not help anyone, regardless of how we look.


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ANTIFA has made a threat to attack neighborhoods and stores in Chesterfield County, including in the area of the John Hancock center around 360 and Winterpock roads tonight, June 1.

We have reason to believe this threat is one to take seriously.

The suggestion is that those in the area around Richmond, especially Chesterfield County, keep a watch on your neighborhood.

We are to be merely eyes and ears to report to the police any violent threats to those neighborhoods.

We are NOT enforcing any laws.

However, if you find yourself in a life or death situation, as always you should be prepared to protect yourself.

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I was just getting ready to send this to you @Jeff-A1
Stay safe brothers


Be safe y’all!


Better to be prepared, but here’s to the hope that we’re overreacting and this will all fizzle out. :beer:


To me if you take down your flag, which is a symbol of freedom, is the same as giving up your liberties.