With all the protesting

With all the protesting and looting going on around the country where do we draw the line when it comes defending ourselves and our families? I just watched a video of a bypasser in a car getting his window smashed out. Is it at that point when we consider it a life threatening event before drawing our weapon??


At that point your vehicle IS your weapon! Use it defensively. Save your sidearm for anyone who tries to get inside at you.


Took the family from wi to Indianapolis to see their dying grandmother today. Wife said take whatever we need to be able to get home. She carried couple ammo cans to the van. Lol. But on side note I drive semi and trucks are now being targeted and fed ex drivers pulled from trucks. This reminds me of a man named Reginald Danny. He stopped for protesters and was beat to death a few years ago. Guess what. My truck wieghs 80000 lbs I will not even slow to the line of protesters. Horns blowing and shifting gears. You threaten my life I will not hesitate. Me and my family come first … period.


Things are getting crazier and more complicated. However, if you are in gravely imminent danger, the use of deadly force is authorized depending on your states statues. In addition as stated by @Spence, your car is your best weapon at that moment. If you can leave the scene safely, GO!
If 12 (just a number it could be 2, 12, 212) zombie like malicious vandals try to enter your vehicle, you don’t want to end up like the truck driver during the Rodney King incident. So make sure you carry extra mags. Mob mentality is difficult to predict, but one thing I know for sure is they will act as one.


With what I have been hearing on the headlines lately it may become a little more complicated with current affairs as the backdrop. I would expect a prosecuting attorney to not only look at the ‘immediate’ threat but also to challenge why you were there in the first place… Are you culpable because you had no immediate need to be in the area, should have reasonably known the threat, and could have circumvented it???


Strange thing is everyone agrees, no matter their political affiliation. So I too will first make the standard “default” narrative statement that… protesting is an American right and a large part of our history, but vandalism and destruction is wrong… and in this case has zero to do with the tragic death of a fellow human being. There, that is out of the way.

This all feeds on and is organized and powered by opportunists. This has “well organized” written all over it. And it has a name… Antifa. The U.S. government must declare Antifa a Domestic Terrorist Organization so the full brunt and resources of the Justice Department and military crush the group. These are not young progressive students leading this organization, but brutal anarchists bent on destroying our democracy and freedoms. Antifa is as dangerous as Al Qaeda and ISIS, perhaps more because we do nothing to stop them. They lurk in the dark waiting for opportunity… and they found it. They must be targeted and pay the price of trying to destroy this great country. Left unchecked this will happen again and again. Read a history book if you need to.

Dear President Trump,
Stop tweeting the standard narrative here and declare that Antifa and it’s ruthless and Godless underbelly associations, individuals, and financiers are terrorists. And crush them. We have the power, technology, laws, and resources to do this. So do it!


I agree with EVERYTHING you just said @TexasEskimo!


I do not agree with the vandalism & willful destruction of property. I understand the frustrations. I am beyond disheartened by what I’ve seen out of this nation the past few months. I showed my wife last night how Mr. Floyd’s criminal record was the #3 most searched thing on Google. What? Why? How?
BUT… I hope that the professional agitators & rioters stay clear of NC; though I can see Charlotte & Raleigh being targets. I am saddened by what I see by way of video & the allegations of organization. I haven’t heard much about COVID19 in awhile though… :thinking:

:boom: Let’s keep an eye on the government & Federal Reserve, for all those who know a MASS DISTRACTION when they see one! :v:t5:


Organized passtime like this requires $$$. The cash flow is hardest to conceal, and FBI excels in tracking any kind of financing. If only they wanted to act… I guess all hands busy raiding Roger Stone’s house.


the chant the chant lock them up works for me, preferably in a confined space.


Funny coincidence, this just showed up on this forum in the “Favorite Gun Meme” thread today…


So, a question I’ve been wondering… I’m from a concealed carry only state. With all the rioting and looting, at what point does the law “go out the window’”? I assume the legal standard for deadly force is always in play, but I see responsible gun owners openly defending shops with their rifles. Normally this wouldn’t be legal would it? Asking too because, in FL we are susceptible to hurricanes and was wondering should a Katrina situation happen.


I guess the op-ed I wrote early in the morning was read by someone…
In all honesty I was told Saturday by an ex “coworker” this was a potential announcement.


@tomdoughtyjr your question is being answered…


And… for the government to “lock down” the citizens of the United States for the “crime” of wanting to live their lives… did that fuel some of this? Were bored and angry people lead towords violent acts by organizationed hate groups?
Just look at prisons… there are no crimes committed when you lock people up… right?


I have witnessed a lot of riots in my live… but never seen Flag burnt out by own citizens… :pensive:

Chicago, May 30th, 2020


Unfortunately this is the country we live in today!


It shouldn’t be this way😡


At the point you feel you, your life, your families lives are in jeopardy.

If that is as they climb on your vehicle, that is when it is. If it is when they start smashing the windows, that is the point.

If you feel your life is in jeopardy, and can express that clearly, defend yourself.


Hopefully justice will be served.
I’ve just watched ABC Chicago News. They showed live burglary from Furniture store. :astonished:
Two guys have been dragging mattress from the store through broken window… no reaction, no police… weird…