St. Louis Couple Use Guns to Deter Rioters

Y’all are going to see this all over the news. They need training (Especially the woman), but it’s good to have guns!


It proved what every gun owner already accepted. Guns deter crime. I don’t know that I would have handled it the same way. However it was effective


I have never heard of these two guys, but they are funny and right on point.


Do these commentators have a YouTube channel to follow?


Conservative Twins


The left is devouring these two on social media. These two also donate to ANTIFA and BLM. They’re registered democrats.
Further proof that the left is self destructive.

Good on the couple for defending themselves. Maybe they will rethink their politics.


I’ve seen a several instances (Tim Pool’s podcast) where he showed tweets from someone praising the rioters… until they showed up in their neighborhoods.


A few tweeted that they’re Democrats although it would be nice to get that info verified. I’d like to believe that what we’re seeing are one of those first-time gun owners who bought guns out of panic—and against their firmly held liberal beliefs :thinking:


The husband mentioned the police had warned them about possible riot. Unclear, if it was from social media intelligence, or merely because the mayor resides in the same neighborhood.
IMO, tactically correct move would be to leave the house for a while. 2 people without evident skills or help from police, versus couple hundred hostiles is not a very good scenario.


Imagine if one of the protesters made a sudden move or a sound that jolted either one of the nervous couple, a shot could’ve been accidentally fired. Utter chaos would’ve ensued.
Would the couple freeze if they saw blood?

However, we should give them credit. It’s easy to make fun of them now. They were on their own and they decided to take a stand.


It is not over, they were doxxed, the gentlemen had to board his office, according to Fox. Lets see if he continues to support the same orgs he had been.


Let’s clear this up - you can be a Democrat and still believe in the Second Amendment.

Just because you vote based on other topics, does not mean that you are not pro-Second Amendment. We all vote based on what matters most to us. That does not mean if you vote for a democratic candidate that you are anti-Second Amendment.

I do not know if they are Democrats or not. I do know that there are a lot of people who vote Democratic here… and they support the Second Amendment. We’re all closer to the middle than the extreme edges of either side.

**One thing from the video and pictures - please keep your finger off the trigger until you’ve made the decision to shoot. (I know it’s one of the basic rules for firearm handling, but we have a lot of new people here who may not know. And a refresher never hurts!)


I actually bought a couple shirts from them to support them. I think they bring a real unique perspective on what’s been going on. Plus they’re comedians :joy::rofl:


The mob doesn’t care who anyone is, and the media continues to support the mob… (I’m not saying this to be hateful. It’s just true. People need to realize this. If the mob comes to your neighborhood, they’re not going to ignore you because of how you identify yourself politically or your race. We’ve seen this over and over again.)
For example,

And I agree with Dawn. It’s not a liberal or conservative thing. However, if you look at what many dem politicians say about guns (especially that good ol Rifle in his hand), you can’t help but find it ironic.


Good analysis by Colin


I’ll get excoriated for my opinion, but here it goes: These two homeowners aren’t heroes at all, they’re dolts who sully responsible gun owners.

In North Carolina, they would be charged with brandishing, and possibly possession of a firearm at a march/rally. Tensions were already high. Introducing two irresponsible gun owners who are obviously poorly trained, and this could have ended badly for everyone.

Lock your doors, place yourself in strategically defendable positions, and if the protesters break in, THEN do what you need to do to keep your family safe. I could be terribly wrong here, but I saw a peaceful protest. I didn’t see violence. The First Amendment is still the First Amendment, even if you don’t agree with the location or the message.


Define violence and tresspass :rofl:

The couple admittedly supports BLM, organization that disturbs peace for other people, destroys property, intimidates, sets fires. People like you and I, but -not this couple. Our houses should burn, not theirs. Our lives destroyed, not theirs. Kids, this has been a lesson in hypocrisy and irony.


I somewhat agree. These people had the tools but not the know how. %100 agree they should not have had their guns pointed at protesters unless they were really threatening there life.

Where I do see value here, is the guns worked. They brought guns out to protect their home. I do think this should be praised as taking action to defend their homes. They were given forewarning about violence, this was not a peaceful group. They smashed their way into their gated community.

I normally would not go outside with my rifle, BUT it worked. If I were to emulate these people, my AR would not be pointed at anyone without life or serious bodily injury. Chances are it would be slung on my body safety on facing outward. With my side arm available where it always is. They had every right to tell them to get lost, but they did not yet have reason to point a deadly weapon at them (if that woman was aiming that gun at me like that I’d have sprinted away, those rioters didn’t realize how much danger they were in.

It was sloppy, they don’t represent the best that the gun community has to offer(a short one day class could have fixed the big issues). BUT they are an example of why everyone should have the right to own guns.

Personally I would have walked out front with a double barrel and shot it in the sky twice like Joe taught me, but this works too (new people on the community, this is a joke… don’t do that).


They should not be arrested as mentioned by some above. The protest came to them and they were trespassing. The gated community is posted, so the protest is automatically in a mob. They did not bring guns to a gathering, the gathering came to them. One final note. The protest DESTROYED the gate in order to get in to the community. The protest as we see it in front of the house “seems” peaceful, but what does that tell you about the intent of the group, that this “peaceful protest” was willing to violently break into an area, to do what? Peacefully protest? Yea, no. There is so much missing information as to the other actions of the crowd. What was being said, what was being done prior to the guns coming out and the cameras starting to roll?

And yes, their gun handling is atrocious and might even be considered dangerous, but notice how quickly it brought reason to the group of protesters.


This is what was very interesting to me. That crowd did stay away. No one had to get hurt. They could clearly see consequences for harmful actions. I think some of them who thought of pushing the boundaries were put in check by other group members :joy:.