With all the of the riots

With all the talk of riots, do you folks have a plan? In or around your hood, what where when and how?
WHAT: what are your plans
WHEN: they come, how close
WHERE: across your boundary
line, do you have one
HOW: will you defend your
family, property, self


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Dial 911, lock and load and chill. If neighborhood is under violent siege, I plan to do what any other REASONABLE PERSON would do! SURVIVAL!
How close, my home is my fortress and built as such for natural disasters!
My boundary line is my front door, back door, side door, any point entry!
I will defend as necessary, if those boundary points are breached by felonious intent to harm my family or myself! Don’t breach my boundaries!
Dial USCCA and chill!
If that plan fails, everything is being left to my kids and grandkids!


brother i pray it never comes to this.


pray it never come to this but if it does, God well be done.

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It’s already at our doorstep! In order to survive, I consider myself dead already!
Nothing has moved so fast in my life as the destruction of our country! It’s over there is no one to save us, but us!


i hear you brother but i just pray it all end soon, we have to do what we have to do.


Walther just put out an ad that boils down to “Be Ready.” Plan, Train, Pray. That is what I’m doing.

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Do not imitate failure: the McCloskeys, Kyle Rittenhouse. Don’t fall for it.
At the same time, do not blatantly disregard own life - “are my car windows breached, or just cracked?” is not a question to ask when you want to survive.


Not sure our little town will be targeted although we’re in the vicinity of the state capitol. Thugs know we’re a working class neighborhood. We work. We find dignity in work.

My concern is if I’m caught on the road. Worse, if my wife or my kids encounter the mob.

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I live in a strong 2A small town of 18,000. Rioters know better than to drive all the way out here.



Hmmm I guess you above all know it will not end soon. That said for now I have no concerns, I do what I do, not a victim. Only fear God, let him decide who passes…deut 31 6


all have the right to protect self, all i am saying is i pray that it will end soon. Life is really to short for anyone to live in so much heart ache.


My neighborhood has entry/exit for vehicles. In the rather unlikely event rioters would come to my neighborhood, I’d do what some of the others have said. Hole up and call 911. Turn off the lights and keep people from entering. Stay on the lookout for those who would do serious harm (i.e. arsonists). Take as much video as possible while staying safe.

I’ve talked with a couple of my neighbors who wanted to band together to drive people out. I’m glad they’re at least thinking about it, but I think it’s a bad idea. Riots are horrifying; they’re the real life version of a zombie attack. Even large, trained police forces can be overwhelmed. And in my neighborhood, rioters could scatter in all directions on foot; there’s no way to canalize them to the road and push them out. I think the best we can do as neighbors is help each other out if needed. That means if one house becomes unsafe, they can call me and let me know they’re making a run for my back door, and I’ll be there to lock the door behind them. Bring your firearms and we’ll defend my house together. Yes, that means my house could potentially become a target, but I couldn’t sleep at night knowing I let my neighbors get eaten by zombies.

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A matter I find concerning… perhaps one of the attorneys can answer it???

a fire bomb? you see in many of the video’s the rioters are setting things on fire…

so here is a thing… your looking outside and see one of them trying to light a flaming bottle or some such…

and they are looking at your home… so…

IMHO it should be acceptable to shoot said arsonist on the spot… but???

course once you start where do you stop…

do you watch with finger on the trigger for someone close by to try to pick up said device???

probably be wise to film/video it all???

maybe this one should be in ask an attorney area?

but IMHO defending your home and family should be very acceptable in a court of law…

thing is if the left has it’s way how long will that be acceptable in a court of law…

right now SEEMS like it’s catch and release with rioters and throw the book at self defenders…

this IMHO is where the local votes gets real important!!! who ya putting in charge of such?

OK copied this over in legal and waiting…

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Craig, great question.
Where I live, not so much. Where I work (the hood)–I have to rethink my plan.
First and foremost, when I see a group of people, I"m not hanging around–I’m gonna boogie. I am forbidden from carrying “weapons” at work, so I just need to get to my truck, head south 1 mile to the freeway (opposite direction from where the trouble will most likely be).
If I can get to my truck I have what I need, but the last thing I want to do is have to hoof it (20 miles to home). I have considered putting a bike in the truck. Again, not the means of transportation I want to rely in when the SHTF. Big picture–it’s one against a mob. I don’t see that going well.
I don’t see this ending any time soon. I’m tired of the opportunistic criminals turning civil rights issues into looting.


Primarily not to leave anything outside the house that can be used to get inside the house.

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In Florida, law considers fire both self-propagating (so fire can trap you in your dwelling) and a threat to life. In other states, the laws of physics may differ. Molotov cocktail proved effective against tanks, and will without a doubt be effective against a private home.
If course it could be gasoline-fueled vigil candle lit by a peaceful protester.

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Amen to that! I left my SCUBA gear out to dry inside the screen enclosure for my pool in a gated community. A guy took that opportunity to use my own stuff to pop my bedroom sliding glass door open. Fortunately he was terrified and ran out the way he came in when he encountered my 85 pound burglar alarm :rofl:

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Yes, once again it’s up to us to know our own state and local laws.
I don’t think too many juries will convict you for shooting an arsonist.
As @OldDude49 said, though, you’d better find a way to document that. Otherwise, it’s your word against every one of the rioters, plus the news companies and their ridiculous headlines. People expect video, these days.

And also, be prepared for the immediate aftermath. Once the rioters find out someone is shooting back at them, how will they react? Will they flee the neighborhood, or will they start burning cars? What if they find out where the shots came from? Can you defend or escape your home if 50 rioters smash through your front door? Can you defend yourself if they all whip out their phones and start telling everyone on TikTok how you are shooting peaceful protesters for no reason?


I’d caution everyone to remember this is a public forum and anything you say here, CAN AND WILL BE USED AGAINST YOU. Just a friendly public service announcement. I’d hate for someone to say they’d do something only to have police and the DA use it against you if something DID happen. Always back the blue but remember their job is to collect evidence. :slight_smile: