With all the of the riots

You don’t have to do anything for this to happen. Hoaxes, lies, anything to attack law-abiding citizens, because they can.

Also, expect human shield tactics used against US military by the Islamist terrorists and insurgents in the Middle East

I hope and pray everyone there will be ok


This may have been discussed on the forum before. I appreciate any advice.

I am in Wisconsin. Per the USCCA on Wisconsin castle doctrine…An important triggering condition for Wisconsin’s Castle Doctrine is that the criminal must have broken into or be in the process of breaking into your home, business or vehicle.

Wisconsin Castle Doctrine | Ask a Self-Defense Attorney - USCCA

But then there are possible exclusions. In the case of a riot or “peaceful protest” where your home is in fact broken into, and you are attacked, and you then exercise your castle doctrine rights, would the following USCCA exclusion still apply? Who draws the line between riots, civil unrest, and insurrection or rebellion?

Section I A.2.g(3) – Insurrection, rebellion, revolution, usurped power, or action taken by governmental authority in hindering or defending against any of these.



@Kevin1776 We have discussed this at great length and the only answer we got was "each case will be reviewed on an individual basis by a USCCA Crisis Team. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Has anyone rioted in any neighborhood? If they have, I haven’t seen the stories. Let’s remember rioting is NOT protesting.


Nobody rioted. Looted Footlocker, looted Xfinity store, busted a couple of police cars with rocks. Mostly peaceful.


I know things seem mostly peaceful right now, but don’t worry, we have members of Congress stirring things up. :roll_eyes:

Republicans slam Maxine Waters for telling protesters to ‘get more confrontational’ over Chauvin trial | Fox News


In my opinion, the best time to prepare is before anything bad happens.

We live in a section of town that is not likely to be affected or breached by mobs. We know every neighbor in our neighborhood. Our neighborhood gets together once a year for a block party. It’s a good time. This topic has come up during some of these events and I am glad to see that we are a united front. Our neighborhood will act as a cohesive unit in a bad situation, just like many neighborhoods did during the worst part of Katrina. We have each other’s backs and know our way around these parts. We know who is weaker and who is stronger in this neighborhood and we look after those who aren’t as well equipped to look after themselves. We helped each other out during this pandemic. It was good to see. I feel lucky to be in a situation like this.

Outside of here, I do my level best to practice situational awareness and give trouble spots a wide berth.


Not calling for insurrection, no?
Maybe Mad Maxine will get her wish with prisons opened, courts and police abolished.

My grandmother hated Maxine Waters. She said she always stirred up trouble, and once other people were arguing about what she said, she’d sit back and chuckle. So, I am not surprised that she said what she said. It fits her pattern.


She who sows wind

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