Threats of Arson and Violence in the wake of the election

There is a post on Facebook allegedly from someone in Florida. It is a picture of a note left on their car.

It basically reads … You have been identified as a Trump supporter.

Then it goes on to threaten, that they will attack if Trump does not concede the election. Suggesting they have adequate coverage for fire damage.

Blah, blah, blah…

It is probably a fake, but it makes one think, how does one defend against someone throwing Molotov Cocktails toward your home.


Well I have an AR pistol for exactly that kind of attack👍


If you really have an AR pistol you had better have plenty of practice with it to be able to hit what you are shooting at.


And as you said on another thread I have a laser on it :+1::grin: point shoot!


Sometimes we have to repeat our selves and then in our old age we just plain forget what we have said before.


Y’all gonna shoot at the burning gasoline? Good luck. It’s not my preferred fire suppression strategy, but whatever floats your boat.

The best way to win a fight is not to be in a fight. Anyone who still has stuff like Punisher skulls and Thin Blue Line flags on their vehicle this late into 2020 and is wringing their hands about property damage, should invest a few more brain cells into critical thinking skills. There’s a two and a two to put together there.

I’ve said it elsewhere but I believe it bears repeating.
An angry mob does not care about your first amendment rights, and anything you can do to prevent yourself from looking like a target is something you should do. I would start by removing all bumper stickers from your vehicle and especially any election signs from your lawn. I promise you, you’re not changing anyone’s mind at this point. You shouldn’t have them anyway, especially not stickers that advertise you own guns to someone who might see your vehicle and write your address down to wait until you’re not home.
Your right to declare unpopular opinions should never come above your responsibility to your family’s safety. In a perfect world we could all say whatever we wanted, and then people would simply form their opinions about us, good or bad, and move on with their lives. But the imperfection of the world we actually live in does not absolve us of the responsibility to adapt.

If you live in a community where you believe violence may happen, there’s still time to organize watches, surveillance, and flood lights.


Yes, we are all armed. I just have a 12 gauge.

I am asking about how to legally protect ourselves. The situation with the McCloskeys facing charges for defending themselves, I dont know what to do.

In my state ( People’s Republic of Massachusetts ), they have draconian laws, prohibiting shooting outside the home.

Im not sure what I can do… leagally.


So, you are saying that we should cave to their terror? Isn’t that letting them silence you?

We talk about protecting the second amendment, but what about the 1st!

While I agree, that discretion is the better part of valor, I also believe that we should be able to show our support for anyone we so choose.


Sigh. How far we have fallen.
When I was young, my dad taught me this phrase, “I may not like what you have to say, but I’ll fight to the death for your right to say it.” Seems like it’s the exact opposite now.
I’ve tried to hold to that saying as an adult, and have managed pretty well, I think. Say what you want, we’re good as long as you don’t try to stop me from saying what I want, although to be painfully honest, I don’t know about the ‘fight to the death for your right to say it’ part. I’d like to think I would, however the gap between the sides was starting to grow even back then, and is vast indeed these days, and bloody violence is just a wrong word away.
Please note that I’m not saying that one side is prone to violence over the other; if you choose to reply, I would take it very kindly if we could keep to that, so as to minimize misunderstandings.


@FunCycle This was the question. You bet I’d engage.

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I know this is not for this thread, but has anyone else seen the video on trying to get a moving company to move the families out of Cali?

Do you have a Link?

To me it’s a lethal threat and deserves equal force to stop said threat. I have an AK47 and a 9mm handgun that would come in useful for that situation. I also have a large fire extinguisher.

This is just my uneducated opinion. I have no specialized training in this sort of thing. The extent of my training is basic marksmanship with the m9, mossberg 590, and the m16 while in the Navy.


No, I do not know how to do that.

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Here is the thing. Self defense is not as simple as “If they have a Molotov cocktail, I get to shoot”, or other check the box scenarios. Of course your state laws will be the best guide, but generally being able to answer yes to the following question will help guide you:

Are you in imminent danger of suffering serious bodily injury or death?

Now there are more variables and nuances involved, but it is a simpler way of assessing than the “if they do this, do I get to do that?” approach.

Or even better yet, check out USCCA’s “7 Rules For The Justified Use Of Force Checklist” under the Digital Guides and Checklists.


I don’t think we have any misunderstanding at all. Or disagreement, for that matter. That’s how I was raised as well.


I have always believed that discretion is the better part of valor.

Again, an angry mob does not care about your first amendment rights, and I believe it is utterly foolish to martyr yourself over a punisher skull.
This is not kowtowing to an agenda. This is just being a gray man.

How strongly we live up to our convictions will always matter more than how loudly we shout about them.


The people in the video just had Trump signs in their yard, showing support for a political candidate.

Threats made against that is simply terrorism.

I can see your point if it was someone who was antagonizing someone else, but a sign, or showing support for the police?


Yeah, but it’s a little more than that, isn’t it?

They were showing support for a political candidate during the most egregiously contentious election cycle in our lifetimes, knowing full well that the sign is changing nobody’s mind, that people who agree probably won’t notice or care, and that people who disagree have been programmed to believe that Trump wants to end them, just like Trump supporters have been programmed to believe that Kamala Harris will end democracy in the country.

I will not entertain the suggestion that anyone in the country who isn’t senile or afflicted with some kind of severe learning disability doesn’t understand that this election cycle is different. Showing any election signs is antagonizing someone. And the fringes have come a lot closer to the center than they usually do.

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