Your Level of Preparedness ~ Tim Schmidt

“I’ve never been more afraid for the future of the United States of America.” -USCCA President Tim Schmidt

As rioting and looting erupt across our nation, it’s critical that you evaluate — right now — your level of preparedness.

Tim shares his thoughts on the troubling current state of unrest in our country in this MUST-SEE video.

The FREE resources to help you keep your family safe which Tim mentions can be found here (click here).


I just ran across this meme, and I think it is appropriate


That helped me a lot! I knew I was never alone in this fight, that’s the type of speech I really need to hear from our president.
So, I’m making a motion that Tim Schmidt run for president in 2024! That’s when we will really need someone to keep America great.


Everything he says seems so reasonable; why are there so many people (especially elected officials) who can’t say the same thing? What are they so afraid of?


Bravo! Well said!


From the heart. Needed to be said. Well done Tim.

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That speech by Tim really hit home for me coming from law enforcement. I was a proud LEO in NYC and I too am disgusted with the actions of that officer. Please don’t let his actions tarnish every uniform out there in this country. Me and my wife also pray for the family of George Floyd and may justice prevail. God bless the USA and all of the world.


Yes, Does my heart good to see the leadership here has the heart and mind it does. I too have never been more afraid for my country, and it’s future. It’s truly stunning to me to see how many people do not learn or think for them selves, and just go with what their friends are doing, even if they have no idea why!

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@Scott52, I will vote for Tim Schmidt for president in 2024


I really appreciate the views of Mr. Tim Schmidt. I will be turning 65 next month and I’ve never seen anything like what we are seeing now. In the midst of a global pandemic we are seeing the violence all over the world. I remember the time where a man’s handshake was as good as his word. You could leave your home unlocked…the keys in your car overnight, safely. The Bible talks about the very things we are seeing played out in front of us today. The Bible calls it perilous times. Thank God for the training and vital information that we are receiving from USCCA. I along with many others would definitely vote for Tim Schmidt in 2024. Thanks to USCCA and all their staff who are helping us to stay safe during these uncertain timrs


Tim you feel differently after watching the new video that was released?

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