What’s in your holster drawer

Most of us have a holster drawer, and if you don’t, you probably will (hint: research and pay good money on a holster the first time :grin:). What’s good, what’s not good, etc.

I’ve got the following:

Vedder light tuck: this is my edc, and will be for the foreseeable future.

Alien gear modular hybrid: I don’t really care for it.

CYA Holster: I have two of these. They are decent for the price. They are comfortable and safe for carry at 3-5 ocklock. I’d recommend them, but they’re are now my back up holster.

Crossbreed reckoning: I hate this holster. There are a few people here that use it. I hate it. Leather + multiple retention screws + a trigger retention device is too much IMO and I could never get it adjusted right. It requires a lot of loctite for all those screws, it scraped my love handles to heck, and there is a small area that doesn’t cover the trigger guard. I think it’s safe, but I like %100 coverage.


A Crossbreed, WTP, Foxx, Galco, Urban Carry LL, Clinger, and a Tier 1.


Most used are my modded Vedder Light Tucks.

OWB Kramer horsehide Belt Scabbard and Vertical Scabbard. I really like them, just not the 3 month wait.

Hawg Holster (only available with the Uticlip). Good if I’m not wearing a belt, which is pretty much never. I haven’t tried the XL Uticlip.

Galco Miami Classic and Lite shoulder holsters. Straps and components are swappable. I’ve been very happy with these, but they print enough on me that I only wear them if I have a bulky jacket.

Galco Fletch. I like it.

Desantis IWB Cozy Partner that I don’t trust the retention on.

Mitch Rosen leather IWB holster (no cant). I like it but the clip is not tuckable and I tuck my shirts most of the time.

Bianchi 3S holsters. They are awesome except for my short barrel one (floppy with the short barrel and high ride)… it could just be my body shape.

Tier 1 Axis Elite. I wanted to try it… Too bulky for my EDC but I like having the option for a FS + spare. I’m not a fan of plastic clips, but they seem to work fine… I’d probably get the belt loops if I didn’t tuck in my shirts most of the time.

Last is an old, (I think discontinued) Blackhawk Spec Ops drop leg holster. It sits higher than other drop legs and has a flap for protecting the pistol that can be secured open. It’s a universal holster for a FS handgun. I don’t regret the purchase but haven’t had the opportunity to use it (just tried it on for fitting). I thought it would work well if I was using one of my camping backpacks with a hip belt that would interfere with AIWB, IWB, OWB, or shoulder holster carry.


Hmmm… Some of them have been in there for a while. It’s the thing about buying online; sometimes you have to buy a lot of crap before you realize what’s right for you. I have 3 Falco leather holsters that work great, they are all belt slide with thumb break, they fit on my Kimber 1911 Tactical Pro, CZ 75B, and S&W 686+ Talo Edition with 5 inch barrel and full length underlug. I have 2 Galco COP Ankle holsters, one for Kimber Stainless Ultra Raptor II and CDP Ultra, and another for Sig P238. I have Barsony pocket holsters for Kimber Ultra and Sig P238. Everything else in there is pretty useless. I moved the holsters I actually use to a different storage area so I don’t have to dig through the junk to find what I need. Wish I could take the useless ones to Goodwill for Guns.

Maybe Goodwill for Guns isn’t a bad idea. Everyone could send me their unwanted gun stuff and I could sell it all at a slight discount! Set up in the back of a gun shop somewhere. Might be a fun way to spend my retirement.

I have holsters for magazines too, 2 speedloaders for 7 shot .357 revolver (686+) and 2 speedloaders for 5 shot .357 revolver, Ruger SP101 Match Champion, CZ 75B and 1911 fits full size and officer size. Don’t have a belt slide for that Ruger. Should get one, maybe, but I think I’d rather carry the Smith and Wesson.


I don’t have a holster drawer. I have them hanging above my reload bench to remind me of your advise. Do some research before you buy.


The wife and I outgrew a drawer many years ago. We have a spare holster, sling, mag carrier, MOLLE pouch, knife, and spare firearms and accessory parts Plano footlocker. :shushing_face:


I’m embarrassed to answer this question. Someone please tell me it’s not hoarding, if it’s gun stuff.

I have
the sig legion kydex owb belt holster for the 320 x5.
the same for a p938.
one paddle holster each for a Glock 34, sig 938, xdm 5.25 .45 acp.
an alien gear shapeshift holster for a sig 938 right now set up for the belt owb.
an older alien gear adjustable-retention kydex IWB for a sig 938
A belly band that I use with my 938 when out for a walk or wearing athletic apparel. It uses the above mentioned IWB holster and has attachments for extra mags and a phone.
A kydex ankle holster, which I don’t use often because it would take me too long to retrieve my gun from it, but it works very well.
An alien gear pocket holster (plastic) for a 938
A vedder kydex pocket holster for a 938

I picked up a lot of these used during the 5 months I was waiting for my CCL to arrive.


Those are ROOKIE stats. Don’t sweat it. :rofl:


More than I care to admit.
But I don’t have them in a drawer, they’re staged near the different firearms that they fit.
As others have said, most serve as a reminder of how hard it is to get a good holster.
But some are there to give me different carry options.

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I’ve been lucky. I bought the alien gear shapeshift kit to try different carry locations. Settled on Aiwb and bought a tier1 concealed axis slim and love it. I sold my alien gear kit to a friend. I kept 1 alien gear setup from the kit to be a spare/house holster.


So I am relatively new to CC. I have a total of 2 holsters.

1 is the kydex OWB that came with my gun when I purchased it.

The other is an Aliengear Cloak tuck 3.5.

Love my Aliengear and don’t see a need for anything else right now.


In daily rotation:
JM Custom Kydex “Wingclaw 2.0”
Tier1 Concealed “Axis Elite”

In the holster drawer: (anyone want to give these a new home?)
Vedder “LightTuck”
Aliengear “Cloak Tuck 3.0”
Aliengear “Cloak Mod OWB”
T.Rex Arms “Raptor”
T.Rex Arms “Sidecar”
Stealthgear “Appendix Plus Ventcore”


So I’m not going to knock the manufacturers of the 3-4 holsters I don’t use. They just didn’t work for me.

For my CPX-2, a Sticky Holster. Works IWB, in the car, on the dresser. (no kids at home) I also have a custom-made Kydex for OWB. Kydex is equally as comfortable, not as concealable.

For my G2C, a Mission Tactical Minimalist low-profile IWB. My favorite. Great positive retention, ultimate concealability.


Plus a few more


Love that leather :sunglasses:

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I have multiple Tier ones, a few Tuctites, Bravo concealment, and a couple T Rex arms, these are my EDC holsters and I have a whole box of other duty and competition holsters, my wife says I have a problem, lol


Forgot to add I have a new Tier one Axis Elite for my new G43x MOS coming tomorrow, I’ll snap some pics of the Tier One family I have growing, I seriously think my wife might replace me someday. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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My go-to holster is BlackArch Protos M Dual Clip (using ulticlips). This is a hybrid holster but they make it where the triggerguard is enclosed on both sides by kydex.
But, getting to this point took a bit of a journey.
My holster experience and thoughts on each is at this link.

Some ladies have a closet full of shoes… my vice seems to be holsters :laughing:


Several Blackpoint Tactical and Vedder IWBs and OWBs for my EDC. There are a couple of bravo concealments and C&Gs for a Glock 19s and P320s I have to take when I teach classes.

I have a Crossbreed Reckoning on the way I purchased to see what I think. I’m a 100% Kydex person but I get asked a lot about Hybrids, particularly Crossbreed, so I’m going to give it a thorough eval so I can give an honest impression instead of an “I can’t really answer that…”.

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