What holster and belt do you recommend?


Currently gearing up for CC. I’ve heard different products are better than other and am trying to demystify the topic.

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I’m a big fellow. Most belts won’t support my pants let alone a firearm. After trying several brands I have found Henry belts are best for me. They’re almost 1/4 inch thick and extremely strong one piece leather. The holster is going to have to be your personal preference. Try a few that hold your weapon securely whether it’s an IWB or an OWB


I am a bigger guy aswell, but I use a 2" wide riggers belt, very stiff… holsters I like level 2 serpa Blackhawk and acc models aswell for own. For IWB I gravitate to alien gear holsters…


The belt that I went with is a trackline style. It looks like a typical dress belt but, is steel reinforced and, adjusts in 1/4 inch increments. As for my holster I tend to stick with a pancake style for my larger frame hand guns and, a pocket holster for my smaller ones. Recluse makes the best pocket holsters I’ve found yet and, for my pancake choice I tend to gravitate to Falcons when available.

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Does the belt come in different colors?


When I ordered mine the color options were the traditional black and, brown

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Right now I have a Crossbreed classic gun belt (want to get a nylon belt for my tac pants. My holster for my Security 9 is from Muddy River Tactical. I like Muddy River. Their products are good and they’re customer service is excellent.
For my XDS I bought myself a We the People holster. Again I’m pleased with it. So it just depends on what brand you like better.


I have been using the crossbreed supertuck deluxe for a long time, I think I have 6 of them for all different guns. It’s a great system for me, they cost about $100.00 and once you place your order with your specifications, each one is hand made for you. Awesome product in my opinion.


I like the Sticky holster but it has issues. Okay, a little TMI, but the way the sticky works is it adheres to your skin under your underwear and or pants. That is a problem when you have to go potty. I always have to carry my purse when I carry my gun so that I have a place to put my gun when I go potty. Otherwise, I have ran on the trail and treadmill with the sticky and it stays! As far as you more hugable guys and belt problems, You are just going to have to break down and take your women ? SO to those craft shows she has been been begging you to go to. Many of them have people that make leather products and they will custom make belts. If you absolutely refuse and still want a belt that is excellent quality, I went with my husband on a trip to Seattle some years back. He was on business, I was on spending! I met this man and he makes fabulous top notch leather products with all American products. I have several of purses and I don’t think even a tornado could ruin them. You could also find a local seamstress if you are looking for fabric belts or try Etsy. I have friends that buy custom garters but I am sure they would be willing to cater to the fellas!



I buy real leather belts from a western outfitter. Their thick and sturdy. No problems with a holster and firearm, even a large magnum revolver. My main holsters are a FlashBang Capone, and a 1791 4 way.


What ever you purchase make sure the holster is made specifically for your weapon and that it covers the trigger completely. I personally use a kydex holster for my M&P Shield. As far as a belt I suggest a strong leather belt.

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I’ve always used kydex for my guns. I don’t like the soft shell holsters that support multiple guns. I wouldn’t want to trust them plus kydex has its own retention system vs a snap clip or something that holds the gun in.

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In the military I learned two valuable things when it comes to carrying a handgun: the belt and the holster have to be up to the job. A carry belt is just as important as the holster. Both have to fit, carry the weight and secure the firearm. I am a thin guy and that means the wrong belt either sags or does not support the draw and moves around. I wear a Bigfoot Gun Belt without the steel core (they also make a steel core option for heavier weapons). It is a strong, heavyweight leather belt that lasts forever. I prefer IWB for carry and while there are a lot of nice holsters out there, I wanted something that gave me the retention I want (and can adjust to my needs) as well as other carry options. For that reason, I went with Alien Gear Holsters; particularly the Shape Shift line. That way I had more platform options that I can use simply by changing the shell to the option I need for that day. It comes out a lot cheaper than my current filing cabinet full of different holsters I no longer wear.


That’s interesting. I’ve thought about maybe someday getting a shapeshift holster but if I ever got another sub compact I would want it to be a backup gun on my ankle so I wouldn’t see the need in a shapeshift holster. Though the idea is very neat I think

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There is a Shape Shift ankle platform if you already have the shell for your subcompact.


I know a lot of people use the Sticky holster for pocket carry and for everyday IWB carry. I find it comfortable - except on hot days, then it is too “sticky”.


Try the Aegis gun belt made by Aeres. I prefer a kydex iwb holster. I ordered mine from tulster.

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I can’t buy just one holster. Everytime I see another one I like I end up buying it. Right now I use the versacarry commander holster. I switch to either the Blackhawk kydex or fobus. I do eventually want an alien gear shape shift platform but I also want the over the shoulder that Alien Gear carries.


Unfortunately there’s no companies that make an ankle holster, at least specifically, for my XDS 4.0 as Springfield no longer makes them. I’ve gone to Crossbreed, AlienGear, and Galco. None make them for my XDS 4.0. So it’s gonna remain a side carry gun for as long as I have it. I’ll probably get another subcompact in the future and use that for a backup gun/ankle carry.


For a temp holster, have you looked at Bare Arms? Before Alien Gear had one for my XD-45 Mod 2 3.3" subcompact, I did at least find an OWB from Bare Arms when nobody was carrying anything to fit right.