Any belt recommendations?

I don’t own a really great gun belt. I carry a subcompact and they hold the weight fine for what I need. But I’d like to be able to use an OWB holster for my full-size gun for the range. Any reasonably priced suggestions?


I have a belt I bought from Alien Gear a few years ago that has a steel core. Works great with my Glock 17 OWB.


5.11 operators belt. Using them for the past 12 years. 1 3/4”width, reinforced, won’t droop. The most solid belt on the market. My personal opinion. On a side note, they are metal detector safe.


I’ve enjoyed this one so far:
I’ve had it almost a year and a half now … $45


I didn’t even think about metal detectors. It would be nice not go into a government building with a belt that’s obviously for carry. They’ve lectured me over having a can 1/3” little can opener blade on my keys before :rofl:


@Gary_H I was about to recommend my Bianchi B-21 contour and still do as I’ve been wearing it for 25 years but alas it is starting to separate and now they don’t make one in a 30" model so I have been looking for a replacement. That looks like the hot ticket. Other than enjoying it can you expound upon it a bit?




I originally bought it for my son. The main thing he didn’t like about it is exactly why I like it, he said it is too stiff.

I also like having the holes spaced out at 3/4" instead of the usual 1". I have not noticed any curvature nor degrading at the rear beltloop nor wear on the tanning from holsters. Regarding the curvature, I am one of those people that rotates wrapping the belt CW vs. CCW every other time around the waist to maintain it straight. Regardless of that, my Desantis belt shows wear at the rear belt loop and has curvature when I take it off at the end of the day… Both belts are about the same age.

The only negative I have found so far is the brass plating on the buckle has worn off revealing a silver base metal. It doesn’t look bad, but since it is held on with Chicago screws it would be easy to replace the buckle if it ever bothers me.


Condition of holes and buckle:


Bigfoot belts
Galco nylon belts
511 operator
The wilderness belt


I really like Hanks Belts. Full grain leather and very well made. I have the 17oz blackout and just ordered a brown belt with bronze hardware.

Works great for IWB and OWB


Bigfoot Gun Belts

I’ve used the 1 I’m wearing over a year, much of that time with 5" 1911’s at 4 o’clock and 8 o’clock. No deformation in leather present. I somehow broke a buckle but 1 email got me a replacement. Great company great product. Steel strap between 2 straps of English bridle leather, strong stitching.

I’ve tried multiple other belts over the years, I intend to stick with these.

That said, CrossBreed Holsters does make a pretty good one. I broke mine at the rivets though.


+1 for Bigfoot Belts. I have tried several well known belt makers. I have worn the Bigfoot longer than the others.


There are a ton of great recommendations here for sure. Any would be good.
But, I prefer Crossbreed products. Made in America with great warranties and quality stuff.

Plus they actually have a sale on right now. I just bought 3 more belts yesterday from them.
I own a handful of 5.11 tac belts as well.


I love my Ruger black 1.5". Ruger gun belt


I second the Hanks Belts. Great quality & no sag. Al leather.


I’ve surprisingly never tried one from Hanks. Just looked at the site and may do so.
Their gun belts look very well made for CC folks. May buy one to have on standby duty. Seems I break everything I get, so a new belt could def be 1 of those things… no solid belt=no solid CC system for me, so…

I kinda wish I lived somewhere that it was typical to wear a loose duster, then I’d readily consider a set of Ruger Vaqueros in a shoulder rig…oh well, around here wearing a duster would scream “hes off his meds” :wink:


I have a Hank’s Gun Belt, a Galco leather SB2 Sport Belt, and a Kore Essentials leather gun belt (X3 buckle). If I were to only have one, I would chose the Kore Essentials, and I’m going to get a second soon (so I have both black and brown).

I’ve been using the Hank’s Gun Belt for a few years, and it has softened up over that time. I purchased the Galco SB2 about a year ago, and it is about the same thickness in leather, but is a little stiffer (might just be because it’s newer). They both have nice hardware which is replaceable, but the Hank’s buckle has a roller, AND is shorter (less to get in the way of belt loops or AIWB loops/clips giving more belt placement and holster appendix carry placement options).

The Kore Essentials Gun Belt is thinner, but has plastic reinforcements to make it stiff. The thinness can be both good and bad. The thicker Hank’s and Galco make it more difficult for tight belt clip accessories to get on and off (my LM Juice/Vic SAK OEM holster won’t fit). This is a bigger issue if you want to mount something where the end of the belt overlaps the rest of the belt. This can also cause issues if your pant’s belt loops are relatively tight around a normal 1 1/2" belt.

On the flip side, I feel that the metal clips on my holster lock in better with the thicker Galco and Hank’s belts. However, I haven’t had an issue so far with the Kore. Another downside of the Kore Essentials belt is limited buckle style options. I’ll add that the newer Kore Essentials belt has two locking screws, which should eliminate the problem in older reviews of the leather outer and plastic core shifting over time and requiring a fresh cut now and then (mine is the newer version with the screws).

A big benefit for the Kore, is that I can make incremental adjustments for my weight fluctuation, my carry options (OWB vs IWB vs IWB firearm holster plus IWB magazine holsters), and for if I need to adjust the belt size when sitting, or having let’s say a huge Thanksgiving meal. :smiley:

I was considering getting a steel core gun belt with 3/4" spacing like these for more stylistic options: Daltech Force Steel Core Belts… also for their 1 1/4" dress belt.

A couple other things… if I wasn’t partial to brown belts (and wanting to try shorter hole spacing), I would have tried Garand Thumb’s collaboration Ciguera Emissary Belt: Emissary Belt.

Here’s GT’s video about it:

Additionally, please remember, as with any belt, you have to take your measurement with a measuring tape around your waist. American manufacturers have been lying to us as our country got fatter… that’s why a store bought 33" pant fits a 37" tape measured waist.


Like @Henry4 said -> KORE :ok_hand:


My favorite is my Bigfoot belt but I do also have a Kore. I like the easy adjustment of the Kore if I am going to be on the road all day, but it is not as solid as the Bigfoot.


Nexbelt EDC line. 1/4 inch click adjustable, and holds even my hunting rig(6 inch GP100, and a Buck 110 Hunter) all day with no trouble. I bought mine through the USCCA store, so, it has a great looking USCCA buckle.